What does your pony say about you?

18 Apr

The ponytail is not for kids. It’s back with a vengeance and it’s our go-to style for the summer.

But this isn’t just about yanking your hair back to get it out of your face. This is a style that’s all about saying who you are and that you mean business.

If you’re desperate to wear a pony but your hair isn’t quite long enough then have a look in Dream Girl’s online store for the hair extension pony, either with drawstring or a clip so you can elongate your style in seconds. Match it to your natural shade so it bends in that pick the look to reflect your mood.


What it says – I’m on the go, always moving and I’m a picture of health

Think – Blake Lively

Want that “I just did the best workout ever” look? The slicked back sporty pony gives added bounce and verve. It screams tanned and healthy glow, with shiny hair that’s full of life, just like you. To recreate tie hair back in a ponytail on the crown of the head. Use a serum to smooth away any flyaway ends and fringe. The pony itslef should curl just enough at the ends for that all american feel.

Rex Features

Rex Features

Glam pony

What it says – I can make any style glamourous

Think – Penelope Cruz

When you’re a true glamour puss you can even make a ponytail look like it just stepped out of a glossy magazine. This is all about big volume, healthy hair that radiates confidence and style. Make sure hair is extra volumised at the crown before you tie it back. Don’t worry about your fringe but take extra care to make sure that not even a strand is out of place. Tie hair back ensuring you don’t lose any of the root lift and spray. Ensure the pony itself is full and coiffed with gentle bouncing curls. Take a section from the underside of the pony and wrap around the bobble to finish.

Geek chic

What it says – What, this old thing?

Think – Zooey Deschanel

Slightly messy, a bit kooky this is a style that deliberately looks as though you’ve just thrown it together. But there’s method in your madness – it might be messy on the outside but you’re perfectly together on the inside. Backcomb hair for extra lift and part hair on the side. Ensure the pony is high on the crown and let bits of fringe fall down the side. Match with black rimmed glasses if you have them.

Rex Features

Rex Features

The Power Pony

What it says – Don’t mess with me

Think – Cheryl Cole

We often think of the pony as being a Saturday style, or one just for the playground. But wear this right and it looks just as good in the boardroom. Style hair as normal when you want it glossy and smooth, whether you have waves and curls or it’s poker straight. Part at the side and slick hair down so it’s flat. This is an ideal time to nod to the wet look style. Tie the pony and again, use a section from underneath to hide the bobble.

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How to choose your wedding hairstyle

11 Apr

Being a bride can be stressful. Not the day itself, that’s largely wonderful. But the run up is certainly a time of high emotion. You want to look your best, to be stylish, beautiful and radiant. Of course you do.

How you wear your hair is a huge part of that. You have to feel confident. Some brides go for a big change, others re-vamp their natural look. The key is to practice and explore a style that suits not just your face but your dress and can last the whole day.



Here are Dream Girl’s tips for a stress-free bridal hair experience.

1. What style are you going for?

Your hairstyle along with your dress will work together to convey an overall style. It might be vintage, classic or glamorous. Whatever style you’re going for do your research. Find pictures and images that inspire you and you might want to emulate.

2. Book in a salon consultation

Once you have a few ideas then meet with your stylist. It’s vital you get advice on how to recreate the hairstyle. If your hair is fine or short, for example you might need hair extensions to add length and volume to ensure the style works. You might prefer to have these glued or sewn in, or just use clip-on hair extensions on the day itself. You’ll need to match the right shade and ensure you’re comfortable.

3. Up-do or down-do?

People always assume a wedding hairstyle means an up-do. Yes, that’s incredibly popular but it might not be right for you. You have to wear a style you’re comfortable with. Hair extensions can be incredibly useful for just adding that temporary lift to your natural hair, and to help it stay in place. The style you choose will depend on your dress as each will need to compliment the other. The seasons will affect what style you choose as well – when it’s hot you might prefer an up-do to help you feel cool (wedding dresses are heavy!) and in winter you might prefer it loose.

4. This is not a day to go crazy

Always wanted short hair? Brilliant. Always seen yourself as a redhead, not a blonde? That’s great. But this is not the hairstyle to do either of those drastic changes. Experimenting with your hair is one thing, doing it on the eve of your wedding is something else. These pictures will last a lifetime and you don’t want to feel regrets when you look at them. Your hair should look natural and glossy without too much product and effortless. You’ll be wearing the style all day so it needs to be comfortable. You feeling confident is the most important part.

5. Be you

No one else is going to be the bride at your wedding. You don’t have to copy anyone else or pretend to be anyone else. This is about you creating an image of how you want to look and no one else. A good stylist will help you with that, in advising you on the practicalities of recreating a style. If you feel confident then it will shine through and just make you an even more beautiful bride.

Read about Dream Girl’s hair extensions and products as well as our How-To videos here 





Simple changes to update your style

4 Apr

We know how you feel when you’ve got long hair.

Whether it’s you long and natural locks, or you’ve got a little help with some of Dream Girl’s hair extensions we know that sometimes you get a bit, well, bored.

ELLE's 17th Annual Women In Hollywood Tribute - ArrivalsIt’s not that you don’t love having long hair. You do! But styling your hair in the same way everyday can get a little tedious. You want a change, but not enough to chop off your locks.

So this week we thought we’d share a few tips, tricks and ideas for when you want to refresh your long hairstyle without reaching for the scissors!

Go long and straight

Think Gwyneth Paltrow and Cat Deeley for this. If you’re feeling a little low-maintenance then a simple straight style with no fuss is exactly what you’re looking for. Go for a middle parting and tuck your hair behind your ears.

Ensure your hair looks shiny and healthy by having a regular trim every six to eight weeks and stay away from the heat to minimise split ends.

Switch your part

Sometimes the simplest thing can make you re-evaluate your whole style.

We often get stuck in a rut of wearing the same parting day in and day out. Try switching it up to see hwat you think. Always go centre part? Switch to the side and vice versa. A super side parting can help add volume and lift at the roots and is bang on trend.

Mess it up

Your hair doesn’t have to be soft and sleek all the time.

If you fancy a quick change then mess it up like Cara Delevigne. Hair shouldn’t look too groomed and it will help your style seem a bit more edgy.

Wear over one shoulder

If your hair feels fine or like it needs a little lift then that’s exactly what you should do. Start with a super side parting to add a lift at the roots and create extra volume. Next coax those waves using old fashioned curlers for a no heat solution that will add just the right curl.

Once hair is unfurled add a little spray and simply sweep it over one shoulder for a glam style that’s ultra feminine. It also has the benefit of making your hair seem thicker.

Add a fringe

A strong fringe is one of the easiest ways to revamp your style. It will frame your face and make people do a double take. If your hair is thick then try a fringe that’s just below the eyebrows to really make your eyes pop.

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The colour of spring

28 Mar

It isn’t simply hairstyles that get updated each season. You can change your hair colour to make sure it’s equally on trend.

Dream Girl stocks over 80 different shades of hair extensions so you can always find the exact right colour you’re looking for.

So this season how can you reinvent your shade to ensure you’ve got the right colour for spring?




Think about adding warmth and depth to your blonde locks. A subtle contrast will add texture and will brighten your face with a warm glow, as well as making hair look thicker.

If you have very pale yellow hair then opt for golden tones. Honey blonde and choose a light caramel to add a reddish hue. Ombre might feel a bit too strong of a contrast but these more subtle additions will ensure your blonde locks are bang on trend.


The key shades for redheads this season are a spicy cinnamon and a champagne shade of red. Think Amy Adams and the almost strawberry blonde hints in her hair. For those who prefer a fiery and eye-catching style then you can’t go wrong with emulating Christina Hendricks. Adding a little copper to a vibrant red will lift it and lighten it, perfect for this season as it warms up.




Brunettes cover a spectrum of brown from very light to almost black. As the season gets warmer and lighter, so too should your hair. Add caramel highlights for a subtle contrast to brown hair and even very dark to freshen it up. Chestnut has a hint of red and will add the perfect contrast to very dark hair. Think Kim Kardashian who is incredible at adding variety and a lift to her dark hair with contrast highlights.

Check out Dream Girl’s range of shades with our Colour Guide and Colour Comparator to find the exact right fit for you and your style.

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Be bang on trend this spring

21 Mar

At Dream Girl we’re used to taking our inspiration from the catwalk.

But sometimes we can find it hard to successfully take a style we’ve seen in a show and recreate in our bedroom. Let’s be honest, the average woman doesn’t have her own team of stylists helping her out!

The Spring/Summer shows always give us ideas about how we’ll be wearing our hair for the warmer months. But you don’t need to follow them religiously. Nod to a style or take a few hints and tips and work them in a way that’s easy for you to do.

We’ve looked at the hottest trends from this seasons shows and developed them into hairstyles that are simple to recreate, and make your long locks look bang on trend this spring.





Plaited braids have been on trend for a couple of years now and plenty of us have tried the crown style where you take two plaits and fix them on your head like a hairband. To revamp the style why not try this look we spotted on the catwalks? Wearing your hair extensions style your locks in a simple half up-do. Plait hair behind the ears and fix with a sea-though plastic bobble at the end.





A sleek low pony

A sleek and chic style is all the rage this spring and summer and it translates perfectly from work to play. Those with long hair extensions will benefit from having a high impact look here. Those without may need to add a ponytail hair extension to provide that added length. Style hair in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Ensure hair is smooth and flat, no lumps and bumps. Hair will need to be well-conditioned and use serum to make the style shiny and frizz free.





Messy volume

For those of us who can’t do sleek then embrace the mess this spring. Not every style was slicked back, thankfully. A volumised messy do adds a little edge to an outfit while also ensuring you’re bang on trend. Recreate this style by back-combing the hair starting at the front of the hairline to make a quiff and then continuing down to the nape of the neck. Fix your long hair into a classic plait or french braid and wear over the shoulder. Use texturing spray to tease your locks at the roots to ensure you have texture but don’t lose any of the lift. Spray to secure.

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Strengthen your hair with a spring clean

14 Mar

Spring is here (just) and there’s a reason why this is the time of year when we say out with the old and in with the new. It’s starting to get warmer, we feel lighter and brighter.



This is probably the time of year your start thinking about your spring clean. You toss the things you don’t need and whittle everything down to the bare minimum. This isn’t just a good idea for your home, it’s also great for your hair and beauty routine. Throw out old beauty brushes, chuck the makeup that is grotty and you don’t need anymore.

More importantly take stock with how you treat your hair. Do you want it to be stronger, healthier and shinier? Of course you do. So here are Dream Girl’s tips for you hair spring clean.

Less is more

Use less product to make your hair lighter, shinier and less damaged. It seems counter intuitive but your hair, whether it’s natural locks or hair extensions, doesn’t do well when it’s loaded with shampoo, conditioner and serum. Use a little for styling but only a drop. For shampoo and conditioner you only need a pea-sized amount.

Turn off the heat. At Dream Girl how many times have you heard us say turn down the heat. It damages hair extensions and your natural locks. Hair is like wax, the heat softens it but it also makes it easier to stretch and then break. If you don’t want split ends (and when you hair extensions split ends can be a costly bit of damage) then turn off the heat.

Have a regular trim

Hair will also need looking after. it grows so quickly, especially when it’s healthy. So make sure you have a regular trim every six weeks or so. We don’t mean a big chop, just an inch or so off the ends. Think of the combing and styling you do with your hair on a daily basis. The trim just ensures it’s only healthy locks from root to tip.

bUse a comb with a wide tooth

Stop us when this sounds familiar; you’re rushing to get ready in the morning. You jump out of the shower and start combing your hair, it’s knotty so you pull and yank at it. All you’re doing it stretching and splitting your hair. Your causing it to look frizzy and damaged. That’s the last thing you want. A wide toothed comb used gently will de-tangle your hair without pulling it. And remember, start at the bottom and work your way up.

Drink lots of water

Water is great for both your skin and hair. It makes it cleaner, clearer and shinier. How? Your body builds up lots of toxins and chemicals throughout the day. Water helps to flush your system meaning you get rid of them faster. So drink lots of water through the day and you’ll notice a difference.

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A modern twist on Sixties style

7 Mar

The beehive, bob, moptop and the Twiggy crop; the swinging sixties heralded a revolution in hairstyles. So it’s no wonder that when asked which decade was the best for hair, we chose the Sixties.

But recreating a vintage style doesn’t mean you have to have one foot in the past. It’s easy to add a modern twist to retro styles.

If you want to wear a sixties style but you have very fine hair then don’t worry. Yes this is a decade that’s all about high volume but just add clip on extensions and you can add volume and length. Here are our favourite sixties looks and how you can update them for right now.



Volumised half-do

This style can look dated if you work it wrong (and a bit too bridesmaid). But add a twist and the finish is fabulous.

This is a great style for those with a natural wave. For those without try our Waves and Curls range of hair extensions or add a no heat curl.

Start by putting a finger behind each ear and draw a line across the back of the head. Gather the hair above the line and backcomb from root to tip. You want extra volume.  Twist and pin the hair in place to secure the beehive. Spray and allow the length at the back to cascade down. Style your fringe to the side and add a little eye liner to the top lid for a fully retro look.



The Beehive

The full beehive is an iconic sixties style and it’s easy to do a modern twist matching this style to the current fondness for up-dos. Get ready with your comb as this style take s a lot of backcombing. Begin at the crown and work your way down the back of your head and down towards your ears, leaving about and inch towards the hairline.

Once hair is fully backcombed then gather it towards the nape of the neck. Twist it into a low bun and pin into place. Comb over the top layer of hair and spray.



Audrey Hepburn bun

This is an iconic style that’s easy to recreate and is perfect for a special night out or occasion like a wedding. Start with your natural hair pulled back in a ponytail on the crown of the head. Twist the hair into a bun. Then take a Dream Girl pony extension in the exact same shade as your own hair. Clip it over your natural hair. Twist the ponytail and pin in place until every strand is secured. Spray.

Thischicksgotstyle Blog

Thischicksgotstyle Blog

The messy ponytail

This is a great style for when your hair might need a wash but you’ve only got time for a dry shampoo. Side part and backcomb the hair at the crown. Tie in a ponytail at the back of the head. Take a section of hair from underneath the pony and twist around the bobble, pinning in place underneath the ponytail.

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Dream Girl’s Oscars hairstyle

28 Feb

It’s the Oscars this weekend. When it comes to glamour and style that red carpet is probably the most watched catwalk in the world for a few hours every spring. The world’s most famous stars are dressed to the nines and whether they’re nominated or not they know they can wow with the right look.



OK, so we probably don’t have many Oscars moments in our own lives. But that doesn’t stop Dream Girl daydreaming about how we might style our hair if we were up for Best Actress.

Our look would be simple; we’d opt for a long off the shoulder dress with a figure hugging curve and full skirt. To top off the retro style we’d opt for a retro glam look that was Veronica Lake through and through. Retro glam waves would allow us to wear our hair loose but looked styled and coiffed. We could also channel the Hollywood stars of the past, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Here’s how to do it.

You need long and glossy hair for this style. It won’t work on short and medium length locks. So if you need a little extra length you’ll have to opt for hair extensions. Even long hair in this style will ride up because you’re creating curls so you need the added length to make it work. You want locks that match your natural shade so choose something that is as close as you can get.



The next step is a deep side parting. This style needs this and it doesn’t look the same with a middle parting. Comb hair over, you might need a little spray to keep it in place if your hair isn’t used to it. Next you need to begin curling. You need to create tight curls. Whether you do this using curling irons or a twist and marcel wave option that pins curls in place is up to you. Heat is not good for hair, nor hair extensions and we wouldn’t recommend using it on your Dream Girl products.

You want tight curls that are even across your head. To achieve this with pins, divide hair into sections, twist around your finger and pin in place. Spray and leave for half an hour at least.

Uncurl and you’ll see a mass of curls around your head. Spray again. Then take the fine end of your comb and begin combing through the curls. You’ll see as you do it the curl pattern starting to join together to create a wave effect. The pattern will form if you’ve created the curls evenly.

One last spray and finishing serum on the tips to curl them under and you’re done.

Match with a red lip and a flick of mascara.

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The guide to lazy hairstyles

21 Feb

This week while we at Dream Girl were flicking through pictures of the hair and beauty on the Bafta’s red carpet we stumbled across another blog. Sat alongside a gallery of pictures of A list celebrities groomed to the max on one of the biggest nights of the UK calendar was a post about the girl’s guide to a lazy winter.

You couldn’t find two things more diametrically opposed. One was a celebration of how to look as coiffed and styled as possible. The other how to roll out of bed on cold mornings and get ready as quickly as possible without embarrassing yourself on the way to work.

At Dream Girl we had to feel intrigued. We’re all about helping you look as fabulous as you possibly can. Whether you’re looking for permanent 100% human hair extensions, a pony tail extension or Clip’n Go for a five minute fix we feel we’ve got it covered. And because a lot of the time we’re focused on beauty and styling we’ll often give you ideas about how to look as glam as possible.

It never crossed our minds you might look to us for simple styles that you can recreate in a heartbeat and still look fabulous.

So if you’ve got long and luscious hair which, frankly, sometimes you simply can’t be bothered styling, shaping and tweaking this is for you! There’s no heat, no fuss and no stress. Simple easy styles.

Get easy-peasy waves

Spray your hair with dry shampoo (it helps your hair set like nothing else). Start at the temple and twist your hair. Twist like it’s a pigtail and go behind your ears and to the nape of your neck. Pin in place. Then do the other side. Leave for the whole day if you like or overnight and then untwist and uncurl. Easy waves and you’ve barely lifted a finger.

Getty Images

Getty Images

A simple up-do

Ok so you want up-dos to look as undone as possible, right, while still being chic and stylish? This one is pretty easy and it looks great. Gather hair at the nape of the neck like you’re going to tie a ponytail. Twist and fold the ends underneath your hair. Pin in place. Done.

The wet-look

What better excuse to try an edgy look that’s been on the catwalks. Comb your hair back from your face using a little gel. Add some spray. Yes, you’re done.

Invest in a cute beany

Ok so sometimes nothing but a hat is going to cut it. Plait your long locks into two pigtails, one on either side of the head. Cover the roots with a beany. Leave the house safe in the knowledge you look fabulous with the minimum of fuss.

There you have it. Four styles you can create in under five minutes. Happy styling!

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Make a quick change

14 Feb

This week celebrity column inches have been filled with news of Jennifer Aniston’s hair.

Rex Features

Rex Features

It began with shots taken showing the Hollywood star with long and luscious locks. Not too strange you might think, but Aniston chopped her hair into a bob last year. The reason was given that she’d tired of her short hair and wanted her longer locks back. Next she was snapped with the bob again, suggesting another change of heart.

Now at Dream Girl we’re firm believers that a woman can do what she likes with her hair and doesn’t need to offer an explanation to anyone. Jennifer Aniston has long been one of our favourite sweethearts and as we see it she’s doing the same as a lot of women who want to chop and change their style.

The bob style is great for variety, but sometimes you want a little length and volume. The friends star opted for the longer look for a party. Who hasn’t wanted to do that?

The simple truth is that clip on hair extensions are the perfect solution for those of us who want to add instant variety to our day to day look.

Dream Girl’s Clip’N Go Extensions are easy to use. Simply choose 100% human hair extensions in one of our 80+ shades and they’re easy to fit. The clips come in sections so there are wider strands for your crown and the back of the head with narrower two clip strands for the side and temples. This helps to create a more natural finish and style.

Clip on hair extensions are temporary. They can be a different colour to your natural hair and cover it easily, or simply add length and volume for a special night out. You can use them to add highlights or lowlights, whatever suits you.

You can read our Step by Step guide to wearing clip on hair extensions and see how easy it is to try them yourself.

Who knows? Jennifer Aniston might love her bob hairstyle and might have just decided to wear clip on hair extensions for a party because she wanted a glam look or fancied a change in style. We know exactly what that’s like and that’s why we make products that make it easier for you to experiment with your own style.

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