Blonde versus brunette

17 Apr

We always like to lighten our hair for spring and it got us thinking; are you blond or brunette?

Light Caramel

Light Caramel

It’s the season where we like to change our hair, perhaps add a few lighter and warmer tones. Yet there are things to think about before you take the plunge. There are alternatives to reaching for the bleach bottle. You can change your hair colour in ways that won’t damage your locks.

The old adage is that blondes have more fun and it’s easy to find out. First, you have to think about what suits you.

Skin colour is no barrier to the colour of hair you want. Even if you have dark skin tones you can opt for a lighter shade, or highlights. What you want is warmth. Choose a shade that’s too white blonde and it’ll make you look washed out and tired. However choose something like Honey Blonde, Light Caramel or SnowWhiteeven Medium Brown and it’ll add warmth while lightening your hair.

If you have paler skin and you want to be blonde you can experiment with the much lighter shades, Snow White, even or Light Golden Blonde to brighten your hair. If you have olive skin tones you can still go for lighter shades but opt for those warmer ones again, Light Caramel or Dark Blonde that will add a lighter look while suiting your skin tone.

The good thing is you don’t have to dye your hair. Using hair extensions, especially clip ons, you can easily add shades and a fresh colour to your hair. Use Dream Girl’s Colour Guide to find the exact right shade you want. You can then DarkBrownhead to the online shop and use the right colour code to find the hair extensions you’re looking for.

You might already have blonde hair but that doesn’t mean you can’t go lighter for spring. You can take a look at some of Dream Girl’s combos which bring two complimenting shades together; like Light Honey Blonde and Lightest Blonde to add contrast.

What if you’re a brunette and you have absolutely no intention of going blonde

for spring? Well, your raven locks can add a healthy looking shine and a rich shade to the spring palette.

Ranging from Medium Ash Brown right through to Jet Black, we offer a wide

Ash Blonde and Bleached Blonde

Ash Blonde and Bleached Blonde

range of shades to add depth and warmth to brunette locks. Dark Brown will add contrast to even the darkest shades while those with lighter brown hair could choose a warmer Chestnut brown for lowlights.

Brunettes go great with reds. For those who want a much bolder spring style an Auburn or a Red will offer a vibrant season update.

Changing your hair with the season doesn’t mean turning to a bottle of hair dye. Hair extensions can help you change your colour without damaging your hair. With over 80 shades, a Colour Guide and a Colour Comparator, Dream Girl can help you find the exact right colour to update your look and put a real spring in your step.

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Rich girl hair is Spring’s biggest trend

10 Apr
Getty Images

Getty Images

There’s an old beauty adage that says the style that takes the longest to achieve is the one that looks like you’ve done nothing.

Here at Dream Girl we can’t be the only ones who’ve agonised for far longer than we’d care to admit in front of the mirror trying to achieve that, slightly tousled, “hey, I woke up like this look”.

Rich Girl Hair might sound like your worst nightmare, hair-wise. Who has the energy (or good genes for that matter) to look as effortless as Solange Knowles or Cara Delevingne when they leave the house? Who’s got the money to spend on making hair look as though you’ve done nothing with it?

The truth is as crazy as it sounds, Rich Girl Hair is actually fairly intuitive. If you take take of your hair with regular masks, trims and stay hydrated to keep it healthy chances are you’re not far off. Rich Girl Hair is, ultimately, hair that looks taken care of.

Yet if your hair is unruly or frizzy you might think this style is going too much of a challenge. It needn’t be.

Here’s Dream Girl’s guide to Rich Girl Hair:

First you want to work with a strong foundation. You might be opting for hair extension to add length or volume but first make your natural hair as strong as you can. There are three key ingredients to take care of your locks; water, conditioner and trimming. Drink plenty of water and not only will it help to keep your skin clear but it’ll keep hair strong and shiny. Dehydrated bodies have dry and brittle hair. Condition your hair and make sure you’re using a product that suits your hair and its specific needs. Trim every six weeks. Ends get split and brittle and this will damage your hair from tip to root.

Next choose the right hair extensions for your if you need added length and volume. Dream Girl uses 100% human hair extensions that will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. With over 80 shades to choose from it’s easy to pick a colour that matches your own.

Dream Girl stocks different kind of hair extensions based on the texture of your hair. Super straight options come in Euro Weft and Remi Weft. Meanwhile for those with deep curls or waves French Deep Curls and French Jerry Curls come in a range of colours and lengths. Super and Bulk Yaki offer a thicker texture.

The slightly undone style needs to have a few kinks. Do this without heat as it’ll damage your hair extensions and shorten their lifespan, which is the last thing you want. The simplest way is to twist hair into a  bun while you’re getting ready. Once you’re ready to leave undo the bun and use a little serum to smooth the ends and hairspray to keep the shape. For those with curly hair achieve the look by reducing frizz but ensuring hair isn’t too perfect. Scrunch and spray to define shape.

There you have it. An easy way to achieve this season’s most sought after style.

Let your natural hair shine

3 Apr

We all want something different from our hair and everyone’s hair comes with its own challenges. Natural hair is often seen as something we need to tame and control when in in fact that couldn’t be further from the truth.

At Dream Girl we believe in making every woman feels as beautiful as she can, that’s why we create products that enhance beauty, rather than define it. Our hair extensions come in many shapes and sizes from long and straight to deep curls. With over 80 different shades it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, whatever your style is.

From high puffs to fab ‘fros natural hair is more visible than it has been. There hasn’t been the same kind of variety on offer, not the same flexibility in beauty styling. That’s changing and for Dream Girl it’s all about offering the same kind of flexibility and creativity when it comes to hair styling, no matter what kind of hair you have or hairstyle you want.

Via Dream Girl’s online store you can buy 13 different kinds of hair extensions, that includes traditional styles like Euro Weft and Remi Silky but it also includes Yaki, French Deep Curls, French Jerry Curls, Super and Bulk Yaki. Whether you want to wear your hair long and add thickness or volume, or you want straighter hair for braids, Dream Girl’s range is all about adding choice.

European hair is often finer, thinner and adding volume and length is about making hair appear thicker. Strand by strand natural hair is thicker and can be coarser in terms of texture. Frizziness, tangles, teasing; natural hair faces far more diverse challenges and so needs different solutions and styles to choose from.

But at the end of the day what every woman wants is to look natural. We want to embrace our curls while enjoying a longer length if we feel like it. We want to wear a short style some days and clip in hair extensions on a weekend. We don’t want to have to relax our hair but instead wear our hair puffed up or slightly frizzy or even a full ‘fro if that’s how we feel.

Hair extensions should be a tool to help us get there, not a way of defining how we all style our hair. Hair should be happy and healthy, extensions should help locks look real and beautiful. extensions should blend with any texture and experimenting with colour should be something open to everyone.

Beauty is never one size fits all, and that’s why Dream Girl’s hair extension aren’t either.

Spring Style has definitely sprung

27 Mar

The weather is certainly hotting up. One of the things we love about spring is that you can start to experiment with new looks for the new season.

So how are you going to update your look? At Dream Girl we’ve scoured for our favourite trends and given you an idea of how you can wear them, to make sure you’re bang on trend for the new season’s style.


Messy undone Lob

The Lob is a long bob, essentially and it’s where hair sits just below the shoulders. You might think that a shorter do would have nothing to do with hair extensions, and if your hair is long it won’t. But if your hair is short then it will. You can wear hair extensions with just two inches of growth. You can get added length and volume and then work with your stylist to develop a hairstyle that suits you.

Wearing your mid-length style slightly messy and undone is one that works whatever your length of hair. Achieve the look but dividing dry hair into one inch sections and then twist and pin in place. Use hairspray and leave for up to half an hour. Once you unpin hair will fall into rough waves and curls. Simply scrunch with spray and you’re done….. or undone.

A set wave

While waves can look decidedly messy this spring you can also go bang on trend by making them go the other way. A sculptured wave looks great with an up-do. It provides a textured fringe like this we’ve spotted on January Jones. Dream Girl has hair extensions in our Waves and Curls range that will give you a structured and styled wave to achieve this look.

Natural, loose, waves

For several years, natural hair has relied on a set style of regulated curls. Not so this season. If you’ve boosted your style with our hair extensions designed especially for curly dos then explore this look seen on Solange Knowles. Loose waves provide a bit more freedom and movement. A middle parting adds maximum shape and impact. A great hairstyle to celebrate natural hair.

Deep side parts

With all those waves how are you going to stand out from the crowd? With a sleek and straight do, of course. Wear Euro Weft or Remi Silky hair extensions and you’ll know you get an uber straight and sleek finish that adds both length and volume to your own locks. Mix it up by styling a deep side parting which adds a bang on trend textured style. Make ends look as blunt as possible with a little serum.

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Five tips for spring cleaning your hair and beauty

20 Mar

dreamgirlhairpicAs spring is officially here we turn our attention to the new season.

There’s a reason it’s tradition to have a big clean at this time of year; winter has finally left us and the days are longer, weather warmer and the long stretch to summer starts here.

Yet the spring clean shouldn’t be simply focused on our bedrooms, living rooms or clutter cupboard. Instead, we can take the principle of “out with the old, in with the new” to extend to every corner of our lives, especially our hair and beauty regimes.

Let’s face it, we’ve each probably got hair habits and beauty products that not only outlive the last winter but possibly several Christmases.

So our spring resolution at Dream Girl is to follow these five hair and beauty tips to head into the new season feeling lighter;

  1. Have a beauty audit

Got an old mascara that’s been in your makeup bag longer than you’d care to admit? What about that hair serum that’s seen better days? You might want beauty products to last forever but the truth is they have a relatively short shelf life. A mascara that’s over three months old could damage your eyes while old foundations and eye shadows could cause you skin complaints. Tip your make up bag upside out and throw away everything that’s over a year old.

  1. Wash all your hair brushes and makeup brushes

It makes complete sense when you think about it; imagine all the grease and dirt that gets no your hair brush. Your make up brushes, if you don’t rinse them regularly, can be full of bacteria that you’re spreading on your skin every day. Gross, eh? You should clean your brushes once a week. Just soak them in warm soapy water and then dry them thoroughly.

  1. Give everything a once over

How are your hair extensions looking? Need a trim, a little touch up? What about your glue or thread? A good workman is only as good as his or her tools so make sure everything is in working order. Catch up on all those little jobs that you’ve been putting off.

  1. Get a hair trim

You’ll often find that people will cut their hair or give it a good trim in the spring. The longer you leave it between stylist visits, the more damage you can do to your hair. Whether you wear hair extensions or not, split ends can make hair look dull and lifeless. A regular trim will cut away those dead ends and leave hair looking lighter and shinier.

  1. Treat your hair

OK, so if one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to take better care of your hair and you’ve let it slide, then take spring as an excuse to revisit the new habit. A deep and nourishing conditioner and hair mask will give your hair a new lease of life. This will help you feel prepared for the new season and rid yourself of all the damage wrought by the cold winter months.

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Give your hair extensions new life

13 Mar

We’re feeling that change of season lull. Winter is going but spring isn’t quite here. And, we have to be honest, our hair looks as tired as we feel.

Our hair is dry, it’s kind of wispy and it needs some, well, love.

If you have 100% hair extensions you’ll notice that they and your natural locks are feeling the strain. 

In the same way weather affects your skin if you don’t protect it the same happens to your hair. Hair gets too dry and it becomes brittle. There isn’t enough moisture in it so when you comb or style it it’s more likely to snap, break or split.

Here are Dream Girl’s tips for three things to do tonight to bring your hair extensions back to their former glory.

First add water. When it’s hot there’s more dust and dirt in the air. It clings to your skin and your hair weighing it down and making it greasy. Natural oils are important for keeping your hair luscious but too much and it looks lank. Give your hair extensions a deep wash. Make sure the water isn’t too hot. Use special shampoo that’s gentler on hair extensions. Rinse carefully to remove all the dirt and grime from the hot summer streets.

Treat your hair. What you need to do is add some moisture to give hair back its bounce. Choose a special conditioner that is designed to lock moisture into hair extensions. Usually you leave it on for a few extra minutes, in the same way you would a face mask. Rinse through carefully combing with your fingers. Don’t undo all your good work by styling your hair with heat. Give it a break and let it dry naturally if you can.

Use products with SPF. Everyone knows that if you want to protect your skin from harmful rays you need to wear an SPF. It’s exactly the same with your hair. You can buy conditioners or serums to add to your hair that protect it from the sun. It’s a worthwhile investment in spring months as well as summer ones as the sun causes damage no matter what time of year. If you don’t protect your hair from UV rays then hair is drier, it’s more brittle and it will split more easily.

You want your hair extensions to last as long as they can. Weather damage can dry out your hair making it more brittle. Once you get split ends it’s only a matter of time before you need to replace your hair extensions. Dream Girl uses 100% human hair that’s of the highest quality but it still needs a little protection. Look after your locks and you’ll keep them for longer.


Want to Kim K your hair?

6 Mar
Getty Images

Getty Images

So we’ve all seen THAT style transformation.

Kim Kardashian going from dark brunette tresses to platinum blonde in one go is a big shift. She can carry it off and looks incredible. But such a huge change isn’t for everyone. Bleach, as all those non-natural blondes no, does hair no favours. Dry hair, split ends, frizzy locks that need more treatment to just look smooth; it can be expensive, time consuming and no one really wants to damage their hair that much.

There is a simply way to completely change your hairstyle in minutes that won’t damage a single hair. A wig will let you try a new style and colour and will sit over your natural hair meaning you don’t have to risk it with bleach or dye.

You can buy a wig from our Chic Collection directly from Dream Girl’s online store.

A Lace Wig is made using a sheer lace base where either real human hair or synthetic hair is then sewn into. This creates a more natural finish.  Hair will sit and part in a more natural way. You’ll also be able to style it easily, wear it in a ponytail or an up-do.

Choose the style of wig you want but always remember you can talk to a stylist so that once you have it fitted they can trim and style it for you if you want it shorter or a different framing option for the face.

Next think about colour. If you opt, for example, for Dream Girl’s Cindie human hair lace wig you’ll see it comes in 12 different colours. If you are a dark brunette like Kim Kardashian and you want to try a blond look go for shade 613 or 24. These a re much lighter, platinum shades that will give you that striking change.

To fit a wig wear a cap to cover your own hair and flatten it. You want the base to be as smooth as possible; any bumps or lumps will show in the wig and the hair won’t sit correctly. Once the cap is fitted you’ll need to fit the wig on top. Start at the forehead and fit the wig slowly over your scalp. Most wigs come with adjusters at the nape of the neck allowing you to fit it snugly and securely to your head.

If you want your wig to be styled, the first time you fit it go to your stylist and ask for their advice. They can work with you to create a style you both like and is comfortable to wear.

Care for your wig as you would your hair extensions with regular washing with appropriate shampoo and conditioner and allowing it to dry to keep its shape. If you pull or damage the lace base it will affect how the hair looks. It might make sense for you to buy a stand to house your wig when you’re not wearing it and help to keep it in shape.

We love Kim K for going all out with a new style. You can do the same, but you can achieve it without damaging your natural locks with bleach.


Slicked back style

27 Feb
Getty Images

Getty Images

We know that wet look hair has been an edgy catwalk style for a couple of years now. However  it hasn’t felt like a truly accessible style. Until now, that is.

This month we’ve spotted more and more celebs wearing their hair slicked back, showing that actually this could be a hairstyle we see plenty of this spring and summer.

Taylor Swift was spotted with the gelled style using it as a great way to control her fringe and create a cute quiff. At the BRITS, Paloma Faith also wore her hair gelled back. Meanwhile Mollie King has also been spotted with a full-bodied slicked back style on the red carpet.

It might look like the easiest hairstyle in the world to recreate – what could be simpler than coming gel through your hair? – but in fact there are some rules to follow.

Getty Images

Getty Images

First, you don’t have to have long hair for this style to work but you do need body. If your hair is very fine then chances are it might look too flat. Instead what makes each of these hairstyles work is the body at the roots. This extra volume makes the style edgier and less drab (tip, you don’t want it to look like you simply haven’t washed your hair!).

If you do need to add volume at the roots, Clip’N Go hair extensions are the easiest way to do it. Choose from over 80 shades to find a colour that closely matches your own natural shade. As well as adding length, clip on hair extensions will add much needed volume at the roots, ensuring this style doesn’t go limp.

Another way this hairstyle is really working is when there is plenty of texture. Mollie King gives a masterclass here with her style that almost looks like she’s stepped right out of the shower. It starts by blow-drying the style or using rollers to add plenty of volume at the roots. Hair is then slicked up, rather than down, with plenty of attention given to the ends to offer lots of shape.

Getty Images

Getty Images

If you’re wearing your hair slicked back then you also have to pay attention to the rest of your look. Having the hair away from the face means you can really draw attention to the eyes and make them pop. Taylor Swift uses a smoky eye effect to do that as did Rita Ora who debuted a much shorter slicked style at the BRITS this week. Nude lips and very dark eyes created almost a retro Hollywood glamour style, making you think of Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich, goddesses of silver screen style.

The secret to this style is to make sure it doesn’t look like there’s too much product; a light gel that creates lift and control but without the wet effect is how this edgy look is being worn this spring.

Have your red carpet moment

20 Feb

Imagine what it’s like two days before the Oscars and you’re getting ready for the red carpet.

We’re not ashamed to admit that at Dream Girl we’ve daydreamed about that moment from time to time.

But even if you’re not an actress who’s likely to be nominated for your role in a movie, chances are you have moments in your own life when you want your hair to shine.

It might be a job interview, a family wedding, a party where you want to impress. Heck, it might even be that it’s a Monday morning in February and you want to look your best to cheer yourself out of the wintry gloom.

So here are Dream Girl’s tips for getting ready for your own red carpet moment, whatever the occasion.

83rd Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 27 Feb 2011Be honest about your hair

One of the things we’re bad at is looking at pictures and coveting the style so much we forget it won’t actually suit our own hair or face. When we look our most beautiful it’s because we look our most, well, like ourselves. Being honest about your hair means looking at yourself squarely in the mirror and thinking about the style you want and the tips and techniques you might need to get yourself there. Never be limited by styles that don’t work with short hair or fine hair. You only need two inches of growth to wear hair extensions and they’ll add length and volume.

Up or down

Some people think a red carpet style is all about glamorous flowing locks. Others believe you can’t possibly be stylish unless your hair is up. The truth is everyone’s face shape is different and everyone suits a different style. Reese Witherspoon looked gorgeous when she wore a full-bodied ponytail on the red carpet. If you’re wearing your hair up remember a ponytail extension will add volume as well as length so you can wear a longer pony or a bigger bun that will have a bigger impact.

79th Annual Academy Awards Vanity Fair Party, Los Angeles, America - 25 Feb 2007Making hair healthy

Whether you’re wearing hair extensions or not you want your natural hair to be as healthy and shiny as possible. Healthy hair is glossy, smooth and has plenty of movement.  Whether she’s wearing it up or down, Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair always oozes health and vitality. If you’re wearing 100% human hair extensions that are glossy and shiny it won’t blend seamlessly with your natural hair if your own locks aren’t up to scratch. Treat your hair with nourishing masks once a week and drink plenty of water to keep hair hydrated. Your hair is a reflection on your health and diet. It’s especially important in winter when the cold and wind will ravage your hair. Regular trims are vital to cut away damaged ends.

Style without heat

It can be tempting if you want to add texture or smooth hair to turn to heated products like tongs or straighteners. You should never use these products on hair extensions. It’ll damage the hair and reduce their lifespan. So if heat is doing that to hair extensions what is it doing to your own locks? Using curlers or twist and pin your hair in sections to create waves and curls. Or look at Dream Girl’s hair extensions range in Waves and Curls to add texture without damaging your hair.

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Hair Undone

13 Feb
Alexa Chung's slightly messy style is on trend

Alexa Chung’s slightly messy style is on trend

This spring your hair shouldn’t be too “done”.

Gone are the days of big blow drys; not only can they damage your hair making it drier but they’re not part of the current fashion for hair that doesn’t look too styled.

Except, as hair lovers will know, it isn’t as simple as that.

Whether you wear hair extensions to add length or volume, use Clip Ons to change your hairstyle in five minutes, or even wear a wig for a fashion shift you know there’s a fine line between hair that’s “undone” and hair that’s messy. And we don’t want messy hair.

At Dream Girl we think you can still look fashionable and bang on trend without looking too grunge. Here’s our guide to tapping into spring’s trickiest trend; how to style your hair but make it look like you haven’t styled it.

1. Only style the front

If you’re wearing your hair long and loose, whatever the length, keep it edgy by just styling the front sections. Whether you’re blow-drying on a  cool setting to smooth hair, or twisting to create a wave then just do it at the fringe and front. Leave the back. This will ensure hair still looks edgy but still neat at the front.

2. Use texture

The simplest way to add texture to your hair is via waves. Dream Girl has a range of hair extensions especially for Waves and Curls. This gives hair shape  and movement. It’s help you move away from straighteners – simply the most damage you can do to hair extensions as the heat can cause extensions to split and create split ends, shortening the life of the extensions – and let you explore styles where you don’t worry about hair being smooth.

3. Add volume at the roots

One of the best ways to make sure your hair looks funky and textured, rather than flat and messy is to add volume to the roots. This can be done with mousse. If hair is very fine using Clip N’Go hair extensions will add instant thickness. A hair piece at the crown can also add a little lift. This will help your hair look volumised and with plenty of shape and movement, without looking too styled.

4. Scrunch and Go

Scrunching your hair with a little mousse or hairspray will help you achieve that slightly messy, undone look. Don’t go overboard, we’re not going for “dragged through a hedge” here; think more Kate Moss. Use too much mousse and hair can get sticky so only use it sparingly.

5. Wear it up

Remember your “undone” look doesn’t just mean loose hair; you can also take the trend to up-dos. Don’t go for a style that’s too sleek. Instead use back-comb to add texture, once you’ve finished styling pull out a few strands here and there so that your up-do isn’t too glossy.

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