Slicked back style

27 Feb
Getty Images

Getty Images

We know that wet look hair has been an edgy catwalk style for a couple of years now. However  it hasn’t felt like a truly accessible style. Until now, that is.

This month we’ve spotted more and more celebs wearing their hair slicked back, showing that actually this could be a hairstyle we see plenty of this spring and summer.

Taylor Swift was spotted with the gelled style using it as a great way to control her fringe and create a cute quiff. At the BRITS, Paloma Faith also wore her hair gelled back. Meanwhile Mollie King has also been spotted with a full-bodied slicked back style on the red carpet.

It might look like the easiest hairstyle in the world to recreate – what could be simpler than coming gel through your hair? – but in fact there are some rules to follow.

Getty Images

Getty Images

First, you don’t have to have long hair for this style to work but you do need body. If your hair is very fine then chances are it might look too flat. Instead what makes each of these hairstyles work is the body at the roots. This extra volume makes the style edgier and less drab (tip, you don’t want it to look like you simply haven’t washed your hair!).

If you do need to add volume at the roots, Clip’N Go hair extensions are the easiest way to do it. Choose from over 80 shades to find a colour that closely matches your own natural shade. As well as adding length, clip on hair extensions will add much needed volume at the roots, ensuring this style doesn’t go limp.

Another way this hairstyle is really working is when there is plenty of texture. Mollie King gives a masterclass here with her style that almost looks like she’s stepped right out of the shower. It starts by blow-drying the style or using rollers to add plenty of volume at the roots. Hair is then slicked up, rather than down, with plenty of attention given to the ends to offer lots of shape.

Getty Images

Getty Images

If you’re wearing your hair slicked back then you also have to pay attention to the rest of your look. Having the hair away from the face means you can really draw attention to the eyes and make them pop. Taylor Swift uses a smoky eye effect to do that as did Rita Ora who debuted a much shorter slicked style at the BRITS this week. Nude lips and very dark eyes created almost a retro Hollywood glamour style, making you think of Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich, goddesses of silver screen style.

The secret to this style is to make sure it doesn’t look like there’s too much product; a light gel that creates lift and control but without the wet effect is how this edgy look is being worn this spring.

Have your red carpet moment

20 Feb

Imagine what it’s like two days before the Oscars and you’re getting ready for the red carpet.

We’re not ashamed to admit that at Dream Girl we’ve daydreamed about that moment from time to time.

But even if you’re not an actress who’s likely to be nominated for your role in a movie, chances are you have moments in your own life when you want your hair to shine.

It might be a job interview, a family wedding, a party where you want to impress. Heck, it might even be that it’s a Monday morning in February and you want to look your best to cheer yourself out of the wintry gloom.

So here are Dream Girl’s tips for getting ready for your own red carpet moment, whatever the occasion.

83rd Annual Academy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 27 Feb 2011Be honest about your hair

One of the things we’re bad at is looking at pictures and coveting the style so much we forget it won’t actually suit our own hair or face. When we look our most beautiful it’s because we look our most, well, like ourselves. Being honest about your hair means looking at yourself squarely in the mirror and thinking about the style you want and the tips and techniques you might need to get yourself there. Never be limited by styles that don’t work with short hair or fine hair. You only need two inches of growth to wear hair extensions and they’ll add length and volume.

Up or down

Some people think a red carpet style is all about glamorous flowing locks. Others believe you can’t possibly be stylish unless your hair is up. The truth is everyone’s face shape is different and everyone suits a different style. Reese Witherspoon looked gorgeous when she wore a full-bodied ponytail on the red carpet. If you’re wearing your hair up remember a ponytail extension will add volume as well as length so you can wear a longer pony or a bigger bun that will have a bigger impact.

79th Annual Academy Awards Vanity Fair Party, Los Angeles, America - 25 Feb 2007Making hair healthy

Whether you’re wearing hair extensions or not you want your natural hair to be as healthy and shiny as possible. Healthy hair is glossy, smooth and has plenty of movement.  Whether she’s wearing it up or down, Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair always oozes health and vitality. If you’re wearing 100% human hair extensions that are glossy and shiny it won’t blend seamlessly with your natural hair if your own locks aren’t up to scratch. Treat your hair with nourishing masks once a week and drink plenty of water to keep hair hydrated. Your hair is a reflection on your health and diet. It’s especially important in winter when the cold and wind will ravage your hair. Regular trims are vital to cut away damaged ends.

Style without heat

It can be tempting if you want to add texture or smooth hair to turn to heated products like tongs or straighteners. You should never use these products on hair extensions. It’ll damage the hair and reduce their lifespan. So if heat is doing that to hair extensions what is it doing to your own locks? Using curlers or twist and pin your hair in sections to create waves and curls. Or look at Dream Girl’s hair extensions range in Waves and Curls to add texture without damaging your hair.

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Hair Undone

13 Feb
Alexa Chung's slightly messy style is on trend

Alexa Chung’s slightly messy style is on trend

This spring your hair shouldn’t be too “done”.

Gone are the days of big blow drys; not only can they damage your hair making it drier but they’re not part of the current fashion for hair that doesn’t look too styled.

Except, as hair lovers will know, it isn’t as simple as that.

Whether you wear hair extensions to add length or volume, use Clip Ons to change your hairstyle in five minutes, or even wear a wig for a fashion shift you know there’s a fine line between hair that’s “undone” and hair that’s messy. And we don’t want messy hair.

At Dream Girl we think you can still look fashionable and bang on trend without looking too grunge. Here’s our guide to tapping into spring’s trickiest trend; how to style your hair but make it look like you haven’t styled it.

1. Only style the front

If you’re wearing your hair long and loose, whatever the length, keep it edgy by just styling the front sections. Whether you’re blow-drying on a  cool setting to smooth hair, or twisting to create a wave then just do it at the fringe and front. Leave the back. This will ensure hair still looks edgy but still neat at the front.

2. Use texture

The simplest way to add texture to your hair is via waves. Dream Girl has a range of hair extensions especially for Waves and Curls. This gives hair shape  and movement. It’s help you move away from straighteners – simply the most damage you can do to hair extensions as the heat can cause extensions to split and create split ends, shortening the life of the extensions – and let you explore styles where you don’t worry about hair being smooth.

3. Add volume at the roots

One of the best ways to make sure your hair looks funky and textured, rather than flat and messy is to add volume to the roots. This can be done with mousse. If hair is very fine using Clip N’Go hair extensions will add instant thickness. A hair piece at the crown can also add a little lift. This will help your hair look volumised and with plenty of shape and movement, without looking too styled.

4. Scrunch and Go

Scrunching your hair with a little mousse or hairspray will help you achieve that slightly messy, undone look. Don’t go overboard, we’re not going for “dragged through a hedge” here; think more Kate Moss. Use too much mousse and hair can get sticky so only use it sparingly.

5. Wear it up

Remember your “undone” look doesn’t just mean loose hair; you can also take the trend to up-dos. Don’t go for a style that’s too sleek. Instead use back-comb to add texture, once you’ve finished styling pull out a few strands here and there so that your up-do isn’t too glossy.

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3 steps to a Valentine’s style

6 Feb


Want to look your best on Valentine’s Day?

Stupid question, of course you do. Whether you’re going on a date or you’ve got a night out with the girls planned this Valentine’s Day we want to take the stress out of your style.

This wavy style has been one of our favourites in recent weeks. Emma Stone wore it with aplomb at the Golden Globes and it’s a fresh, feminine and fun way of wearing your hair that isn’t too “done”.

Step 1

You want a style that you can work in minutes and this is the easiest way to do it. Wear Dream Girl Clip’N Go hair extensions as they’ll add length and volume in the quickest time possible. You can choose from 80+ shades so choose one that’s as close to your natural shade as possible. This will help the hair blend in.

These hair extensions come as 100% human hair meaning it’s a natural and shiny finish. You get different numbers of clips in each weft so wear the widest sections on the crown and towards the nape of your neck. The narrower ones are for your temples and to fill volume at the sides of the head.

You can wear hair extensions when your hair is just a few inches long.

Step 2

Once hair extensions are fitted divide hair into sections. Start at the bottom of the scalp, around two inches above the nape of the neck. Divide hair into one inch section. Using your fingers twist the hair around and then pin in place. The next section should go up to just below the crown. The final section will be the hair on the top of your head.

When you’re done your hair will look like a series of buns across your scalp. Use hairspray to fix and leave for as long as possible, at least half an hour. The longer you leave hair in pins the more defined your curls will be. For waves go for half an hour, deeper curls for longer.

Step 3

Unpin your buns and let them unfurl.

Use your fingers to comb and separate the hair.

Scrunch and spray to fix the curls and waves. Use serum to separate and neaten the ends.

And it’s that simple. From poker straight to longer, thicker and wavy hair in minutes.

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Clare Danes’ high volume style – how to achieve it

30 Jan

At Dream Girl we love big hair. The bigger the better, we say!

So we were delighted when we were looking at the red carpet styles from the SAG Awards and we spotted Claire Danes. The actor went for a full bodied style that was high on impact and glam.

You might think you’d need an army of stylists to recreate the hairstyle, but in fact it couldn’t be easier to do. In these winter months we need something to shake us out of our hibernation, and a great hairstyle is probably the best way to do it.

Start by styling your hair as normal. If you hair is fine you’ll know that hair extensions will help add volume as well as length. This is important as you’ll want plenty of lift at the roots. Hair extensions that blend seamlessly into your natural hair will work best. Alternatively, you could opt for a hair piece that you wear at the crown. This clips just under your own hair but provides lift at the roots and can create added volume.

Once your hair is dry, start work.

A little backcombing at the roots will help you achieve even more volume. You’re going to need your hair in sections. Using a clip divide your hair into three sections; so start at the bottom by drawing a line with your finger under one ear and tracing it to the other side. Backbomb at the roots. Unclip hair and start at the next section, this time drawing a line from over the ears. Backcomb. The last section should be just under the top layer of hair.

When you’ve finished backcombing unclip your hair so that it falls back into place.

To emphasise the volume you want to add a little curl to the ends of your hair. You also want to add lift at the roots. The easiest way to do this is with big-roll rollers. This is easy to achieve without using heat. We’d never recommend using heat on your hair from curling irons or straighteners when you wear hair extensions. It can leave your hair damaged, dry and increase the risk of split ends.

Instead, use either velcro or pin rollers. Start by diving your hair into three sections again. At each section split hair into 1.5 inch sections and roll around a roller. Spray each with hairspray and move onto the next.

Once you’ve finished rolling up all your hair leave for as long as you can. The longer you leave your hair the better it’ll stay in the style for longer and you’ll have a more defined curl at the tips.

When you’re ready to uncurl do it gently so that you don’t flatten hair. Use a little wax to smotthe hair and separate the ends slightly and shake hair into the right style. You want each curl to blend seamlessly into the next. A little texture is great but too much can look too”done”. What’s great about Claire’s style is that it looks completely natural.

A final blast of hairspray will help hair keep it’s style. That’s it, you’re ready to go.

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Don’t let your hair do Dry January

23 Jan

Have you been doing Dry January? Let’s hope it doesn’t extend to your hair!

Dry hair is one of the consequences of all this cold weather and it doesn’t help with the Winter blues. You may think if you wear hair extensions that you don’t need to worry about your hair getting dry. In fact, if you wear 100% human hair extensions, like Remi Silky or Euro Weft from Dream Girl then you definitely do: Just like your natural hair, hair extensions can become dry in the cold.

Why, or how, does cold do this to our hair? You know the effect it has on your skin. The cold wind makes it chapped and cold. The freezing temperatures and moisture clings to your skin and your hair. It stretches the hair follicles causing them to split. A lack of warmth can also make hair frizzy.

That’s just one side of it. Going from freezing cold outdoors to air conditioned warmth and central heating inside means the air is just as dry in your house. Without that much needed warm moisture your hair becomes even drier.

Dry hair isn’t just frizzy. It can stretch and become more brittle. That’s really bad news for hair extensions. If hair extensions split then you lose the wear in them and have to replace them much more often. We know as well as you, you want your hair extensions to last as long as you possibly can.

So keep them looking fresh and shiny for longer by banishing the effect of dry and cold air on your hair. We know about keeping hair covered in the Summer to protect it from UV rays. Do the same in Winter. Cover your hair with a hat or scarf when you’re out and about to reduce damage from the cold. Be careful when you’re combing your hair. Especially with hair extensions use a wide toothed comb when your hair is damp. This will reduce any pulling or tugging on any knots and tangles (dry hair can get knotted much more easily). Going from extreme damages will damage your hair. You can reduce that by turning down the heat. If you blow dry your hair then don’t use the hottest setting. Never use hair straighteners on hair extensions; it’ll damage your hair too much and will mean they don’t last as long.

Treat your hair once a week to a deep conditioning mask. This will help restore moisture and keep your hair glossy and shiny. If you don’t want to use a mask then try a conditioner designed especially for hair extensions. Simply leave it on for an extra minute or so, paying particular attention to the ends of your hair.

And drink plenty of water! The best way to get moisture back into your body and skin is by drinking water. This will help your natural locks and not your hair extensions, obviously, but it’s a good habit and it means you’ll be ready to take on Spring.

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The best red carpet hairstyles this week

16 Jan

Awards season is officially under way and that means we can go back to obsessing about one of our first loves; red carpet style.

At Dream Girl we pore over pictures of stars and take inspiration from their hairstyles and make-up.

With the Golden Globes last week, the Critics’ Choice Awards and the Oscars and the Baftas approaching we have plenty to look out for.

We’ll keep you up to date on our favourite styles and show you how to recreate them throughout awards season. First, here are a few of our top hairstyles this week.

Jessica Chastain’s old school glamour



Two red-headed stars opted for old school Hollywood style on the red carpet this week; Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams. There’s something incredibly chic about these over the shoulder styles with big, soft waves. It’s very feminine and can be styled in a more relaxed way with plenty of movement for a more modern take.

You’ll need longer locks for this so opt for Clip’N Go hair extensions to add length and volume. Make sure you choose extensions that closely match your own hair colour and can blend in seamlessly.

Hair needs to be sleek and shiny so use a shampoo that reduces any frizz and style with big volume curlers. You want plenty of volume at the roots. Create a side parting and then divide hair into 1.5 inch sections and fix into curlers. Use a little hairspray and leave hair for as long as you can; with curlers the longer you leave it, the longer the curls will last.

Once you uncurl use serum to smooth ends and lengths and use a little extra spray to set.

Emma Stone’s tousled waves



This is the ideal style when you know you have to look smart but you don’t want to look too “done”.

Emma’s hair is mid-length but this also works for those with longer styles. It’s a great way to add texture. Dry hair as normal and then divide hair into one inch section. Take each section and twist it around your finger and then pin in place. Use hairspray to fix. Leave hair for half an hour while you finish your make-up and then unpin. Brush through the sections with your fingers to divide the waves and then scrunch and fix with some hairspray.

Arrange hair in a slight side parting and you’re ready to go.

Felicity Jones sleek up-do



Sometimes, instead of wearing hair loose you want an up-do that looks chic and elegant. We’ve seen a lot of messier styles dominating over the last year but this is sleeker and use a side parting to full effect.

The secret here is serum to reduce frizz. Use a deep conditioning shampoo when you wash hair to keep it smooth. Comb into a deep side parting while damp and then dry as normal. Comb flat. For an up-do either opt for a bun or twist. Ensure your side parting remains smooth and flat. Once you’ve pinned your twist or bun in place use serum to add shine to the front section. Make sure hair is as smooth as it can be and this will be a high impact look.

Match with a smoky eye for full effect.

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10 tips for fine hair

9 Jan

For those with fine or flyaway hair we often turn to hair extensions to add volume more than length. We want thicker hair that looks vibrant and has plenty of movement from root to tip. Fine hair might be manageable and can hold its shape but it can also look lifeless.

To boost fine hair extensions can be the ideal solution. But to add even more volume we have a few tips that can help you make the most of your locks.

  1. If you want to make hair look thicker use waves and curls to add texture. Dream Girl has a range of waves and curls hair extensions that will add bounce and shape to your hair.
  2. A fringe might seem like a good way to revamp your style but even if you wear hair extensions this can be a problem. You fine fringe will seem quite wispy and might not be the blunt shape you were after. Instead opt for a side swept style to have a longer fringe that covers part of the forehead.
  3. Rex Features

    Rex Features

    Good fringes that work really well on fine hair are those with slightly longer sections on the sides, like feathering. You can wear hair extensions or a hairpiece to add volume to the roots and use a fringe and side sections to add a more romantic style, like Alexa Chung.

  4. If you’re opting for waves then part in the middle. It will emphasize the texture of the waves and make your hair look thicker.
  5. A deep side parting is not only totally on trend it will also make you look as though you hair more hair. Simply style hair as normal and ten part from the back and side. Leave hair to look slightly messy. Ultimate grunge look for fashionistas.
  6. If you like to wear your hair straight then opt for a blunter cut to make hair look thick. Blunt styles are a keytrend for Spring/Summer 2015.
  7. If you’re wearing hair extensions but want hair to look as thick as possible as your stylist to create “hidden layers” These will shape your hair around your face and will give it plenty of movement.
  8. Rachel-McAdams-2

    A half-up do is your friend if you have fine hair. Mix it up and add a hairpiece to add extra volume at the crown. Push hair up slightly to create a Bardot effect, like Rachel McAdams.

  9. Fine hair can take plenty of styling and is workable in different styles but remember to think about the ends. If you’re adding texture or waves then do so at the mid-lengths but not at the ends, leave them straighter. This will create an optical illusion where your hair has more texture but looks longer and thicker.
  10. An up-do can always make your hair look thicker. Plenty of backcombing along with some cleverly placed Clip’N Go hair extensions can add extra volume at the crown and sides for a high-impact style.

Dream Girl’s hair stars of 2014 – Part 2

31 Dec

Over Christmas and New Year while our online store is closed we’re taking the chance to reflect on the last year. Last week we shared the first part of our Top 10 best celebrity hairstyles of 2014. Now we share our top 5.

Emma Watson

Rex Features

Rex Features

Up or down, Emma Watson’s wavy style has grown into a feminine and sleek finish, just like her. Having grown up in the spotlight, the star has often used her hair to tell a story – think about when she cut in that pixie crop when Harry Potter finished. Yet right now her hair is gloriously just right. Mid-length with plenty of volume and gentle waves Emma Watson knows that hair is the perfect finish to any outfit, up or loose.

Kim Kardashian

Kim’s signature look is sexy, wavy dark locks and it’s a beautiful style. Bags of shine, a rich and deep colour it’s an easy look to recreate. Hair extensions can offer added volume and length while big curlers can add more lift at the roots and a little curl.

Jennifer Lawrence

The Mockingbird Star has spent much of this year growing out a pixie crop and has confessed she got a little help. When she appeared on TV with a bob in autumn, Lawrence admitted she had a little help from hair extensions. It’s the ideal way to deal with an awkward style grow-out. It also shows you don’t have to settle for a hairstyle you don’t like! Jennifer Lawrence is confident and beautiful and her hairstyle shows that she feels it right to her tips.

Kim Kardashian, Elle

Kim Kardashian, Elle

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj chops and changes her hair as often as she does her outfits and that’s why she’s on our list. At Dream Girl we believe in having the freedom to change your style whatever your mood. Inject a little colour, wear a wig to go long and experiment with a new style. Take inspiration from Nicki Minaj and just go for it!

Taylor Swift

A champion for girls with fine hair (and girls everywhere!) Taylor Swift has fun with her hair. That’s right; hair is fun! Go for a retro style with vintage rolls, girly waves or go sleek and straight. Whatever you feel and whatever style you want to go for just do it!

Dream Girl is back open on Tuesday 6 January 2015

Dream Girl’s hair stars of 2014 – Part 1

24 Dec

We’ve had some great styles to swoon over in 2014. From Beyonce’s long locks to Nicky Minaj’s flashes of colour and love of wigs our hair has been long, short and everywhere in between.

So who has won 2014 in terms of hair?

Over Christmas and New Year, at Dream Girl we thought we’d run down the best styles of the year to offer you a little inspiration for the festive season. See you in 2015!


beyonce-2014OK, so there was that super short fringe that nodded to a rockabilly style this year that we felt didn’t work. But then we spotted this shot of Beyonce at a charity gig earlier this eyar and we remembered why she’s one of our style icons. Minimal make up, soft waves and her natural beauty just shines through. Beyonce proves the rule that when it comes to beauty be yourself and your natural style shines through.

Kendall Jenner

Hair was kept simple and slick this year and no-one shows it to better effect than Kendall Jenner. Her sultry and smoky eye pops because your hair is straight and sleek. Hair is shiny and super healthy with a middle parting, Serum helps to keep it smooth. A great style that is minimum effort but maximum impact.

Gwyneth Paltrow

In spring 2014 a lot of celebs went for short cropped styles. By autumn many were wearing hair extensions

Our hair crush Blake Lively,

Our hair crush Blake Lively,

while they grew them out. But for some it was about embracing a soft, medium length style that oozed health and beauty. Gwyneth Paltrow summed this up for us at Dream Girl this year. Sitting just below the shoulder these gentle waves and styled with plenty of volume at the roots. The lengths at the front are slightly longer than those at the back which adds a little lift for those with fine hair.

Blake Lively

You can’t beat a little Blake Lively. Long, luscious, soft and gentle waves Blake’s simply one of our hair gurus. We’d kill for just one day with her stylist. This style is all about the volume. Invest in big hair rollers so if your long locks are boosted with hair extensions to add volume you can have a little more plus curls at the tips.

Katie Holmes

When you want a simple no-fuss up-do, Katie Holmes is your go-to girl for inspiration. This bun is just the right side of messy. It’s stylish and not too “done”. A perfect style from day to night.

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year from everyone at Dream Girl!



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