How we’re wearing our hair this autumn

28 Aug

This time next week it will be September. That means a new season is soon to start and with it fresh looks, styles and fashions.

For Autumn 2015 if we look at the runways in the fashion world we can see that this season hairstyles are a little more relaxed. Gone are the structured, glossy styles of the past; this season we’re more chilled out, we’re not worrying as much if a strand is out of place.

Here Dream Girl chooses the best hairstyles for those with long locks, if you have hair extensions these will add both length and volume, making these styles look even better!

Low ponytails

erin fethersonimaxtree


Messy ponytails were a popular style at both Michael Kors and Dior. Keep it low, so at the nape of the neck or below, adding fringes and wisps of hair to frame the face. At Dior, long ponytails were worn slicked back with very long and straight hair. If you can’t quite achieve this with your own locks then use a ponytail hair extensions which clips over your natural hair and adds length.

You can dress up or dress down your pony. Add a twist or a clip like those at Caroline Herrera.

Side Partings

There was a brief flirtation with side partings a few seasons ago but with the 70s revival in full swing they’re back. A side partings, as those in the know will tell you, is an easy way to add edge, lift, volume and texture. This season it also looks really cool! Go as deep as you like  and use a comb to ensure your parting is straight.



It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, a side parting will work with anything and offer a fresh silhouette for the new season.

Wavy hair

There’s a return of the boho style of the 90s this autumn. The style has also reached our locks so this season opt for bohemian waves. If you have thick hair this is the style you’ve dreamt of; you want plenty of texture and shape but don’t make it too neat. You want it to look like you’ve worn your hair up all day and then let it loose. Use a little spray and serum to counteract dryness. Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls hair extensions will help add length for those who want a little more.


The Hun is the hottest summer trend

21 Aug


Calling all those with long locks who want to try a new summer style.

OK, it might not feel much like summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a hairstyle that makes us think of summer evenings, beach living and sunny days.

To be honest, you probably already have this style in your armoury. It’s ideal if you want to tie your hair back from your face, especially if it’s the day before a wash. It’s perfect for when you need to style your hair quickly before you head into the office or college. Now it’s reached the catwalk.

The Hun, or half bun is being sported by stars across their Instagram pages and premieres so we thought at Dream Girl, we’d give you a guide to styling it.

*It’s a real bo-ho style so if your hair is long and wavy this is going to look the best for you.

*If you’ve just washed your locks they might be too silky to style this easily. Use a little oil or serum to control hair to get this right.

*For those with hair extensions, the added lift at the roots and extra length will help you achieve a bigger bun. Clip on extensions are ideal for those who want a little extra hair at the crown.

*You can start by taking hair from either above your ears and pinning to the top of your head above the crown. Or you can start from the temples and the side of your head, leaving around of inch of hair at the sides to cover your ears. Not everyone wants to show their ears off!

*Tie the section of hair just on the top of the crown, right on the top of the head (where we wear wearing messy buns last summer). Twist the section into a bun and secure either with a tie or with grips.

*Pull a few strands to loosen the bun and create a more relaxed style.

*For the lengths of your hair, keep loose and wavy. Just a little serum to keep ends looking shiny and healthy is all you need.

Long hair? Do care

14 Aug

If you wear hair extensions then chances are you like your long hair. You want those thick and luscious locks to flow down your back.

Yet even if you wear 100% human hair extensions that are sewn or glued in or clip-ons it doesn’t mean you have to wear your hair in the same style forever.

Long hair is getting a seasonal update so here are a few ways you can wear it to get ready for Autumn.

Bouncy thick curls


Think Beyonce and her thick, volumised locks. Bey is known for changing her style whenever she wants and this long style is easily achieved with clip-on hair extensions in a wave or curl. Choose the colour you want and then the length. These extensions will clip in easily adding instant length and volume with bouncy curls.

Beyonce’s gone for a slightly lighter shade here and you can do the same if your hair is very dark. Dream Girl has over 80 shades to choose from so check out our Colour Comparator for inspiration.

70s waves


With flares and bootleg jeans making a comeback it was only a matter of time before a 70s revival made it up to our hairstyles.

A middle parting matched with soft, gentle waves will give you a retro style like Cara Delevingne. You can either choose something from Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range or, alternatively, create the soft waves yourself with pin curls. Simply divide hair into sections. Twist each section around your finger and pin it in place, adding a little spray to fix it in place. Leave hair for around 20 minutes to half an hour, unpin and scrunch and spray.

Sleek and straight


If you often wear your hair wavy then a sleek and straight style can offer the wow factor.

Lily James adopt a simple do that lets her eyes and lips do all the talking in the style stakes.

Part hair in the middle and comb. Hair extensions like Remi Silky will offer this ultra straight style or you can go for a wig if you need to flatten your natural hair.

Keep the length tucked behind your ears for a no-nonsense do.

Rapunzel hair

laura bailey

Long hair doesn’t need to be loose. Create a Rapunzel style plait by diving hair into two and plaiting down two thirds of the length. Tie off and leave a length of hair loose at the ends.

If you’ve started with a middle parting, tie back your fringe to give a slightly layered look, like Laura Bailey has here.

A slick of simple red lipstick will make this look like an effortless, understated style.


Adding a little colour

7 Aug
Jenny McCarthy Instagram

Jenny McCarthy Instagram

Colour is this season’s best accessory. Don’t believe us? Check our Cara Delevingne, Jenny McCarthy and Geordie Jagger who have all been snapped with bright pink hair in the past weeks.

What’s it about? New trend or summer fancy? Are you going to make the leap yourself?

One thing Dream Girl knows for sure is that it takes a lot of confidence to go for brightly coloured hair. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from doing it. A bright hair colour can be just what you need whatever the season.

Yet it’s also true that you might not want it to be a permanent shift. Permanent colour can damage your hair and while pink hair might be great if you’re a celebrity or model who can get away with it, those of us who have to go to school/work/college might not have the same freedom.

What you want, then is a halfway house. You want to be able to enjoy the freedom and fun of experimenting with hair colour without making a full time commitment.

Dream Girl has hair extensions in over 80 colours and this includes Fancies, our range of shades in brighter hues from pink to turquoise. With ten shades it’s easy to choose a colourful style and it can change as often as your mood.

Choose, first, the style of hair extension you want so a sew in or glued hair extension in perhaps a Remi Weft or Remi Silky.Or you can opt for a clip-on style. This allows you to change your hair in minutes and clip the hair extensions over you natural locks.

Next choose the colour. If you go for Fancies pick the bright shade that you want and then choose the length.

If you do pick a clip on style then remember you don’t have to go for a full head transformation. Instead you could pick a few strands of a streak of colour to nod to the fashion without having to commit too much and maintaining your natural style.

If you want to try the latest fashion for pink hair, or any colour, but don’t want to reach for the hair dye then opt for hair extensions instead. It means you can follow the summer’s latest trend without doing any damage to your locks and you can try it for the night and not feel you’re committing to it.


Five hair habits you need to break

31 Jul

Everyone wants to be healthier. We want to regularly drink 8 glasses a water to keep ourselves hydrated, we aim (we do, honestly) to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. But we fall into bad habits. We all do. And nowhere more than with our hair.

When it comes to hair we often think that because it grows back we’ll always get a second chance. Yet that’s not necessarily the case. Our hair is very much a reflection of what you put in, you get out. Our bad habits can even extend to how we look after our hair extensions. Whether clip ons, weaves, sew ins or wigs, 100% human hair needs to be looked after because if you don’t it ends up the same way as your own hair does if you mistreat it; split ends, dry, brittle and no shine.

What are the bad habits you need to break. Here we list them and tell you exactly why they’re bad for your locks, whether you wear hair extensions or it’s all natural.

1. Straighteners

Heat is bad for your hair. There’s a protective band around each strand of hair, even on 100% human hair extensions, which is what gives it that shine and bounce. The problem with straighteners is that they gradually rub off that coat and expose the delicate strand underneath. You might think you’re making your hair straighter and taking care of it by using a heat protecting spray but actually you could be making it direr, brittle and frizzier. At Dream Girl we always say never use hair straighteners on hair extensions; you’ve made an investment and why would you want to shorten the life of a product you’ve bought. But if you shouldn’t use them on hair extensions, why would you then use them on your natural hair?

2. Too much brushing

There’s an old saying that you should brush your hair 100 times a day until your hear the “squeak”. The reality couldn’t further from the truth. Brushing is actually fairly stressful for hair. All you need to do is de-tangle it. Pulling and brushing strips hair of natural oils making it dry and brittle. You could be reducing your hair’s natural shine by brushing it too much. It’s the same with hair extensions. Ever brushed so much hair becomes static? That means you’ve created too much kinetic energy in your hair and you could make it frizzier.

3. Too much shampoo

We wash our hair too often. The truth is hair doesn’t need to be washed every day with shampoo and conditioner. The grease we have on our hair is a build up of natural oils, but you’re getting yourself into a vicious cycle when you shampoo too often. You’re stripping back oils and then your body needs to restore them. You can stimulate over production as your body is trying to keep up with the shampoo-ing. Instead, wash your hair every few days rather than every day. Use a dry shampoo on your fringe if it needs a quick refresh but after a couple of weeks your hair will reduce the amount of oil it’s producing. If you wear hair extensions always use a suitable shampoo and conditioner designed especially for processed hair as normal shampoo might be too harsh and do permanent damage.

4. Towel-drying

We know; you shouldn’t use a hair dryer and now you shouldn’t towel-dry? How are you meant to dry your hair. It’s all about being gentle. Vigorous towel drying will pull and yank on your hair follicles and cuticles which will in turn damage it from root to tip. You also don’t want to comb or brush hair while it’s too wet. Instead, use your towel to squeeze out the excess water but don’t rub the hair or the scalp. Comb while it’s still damp and then dry. If you use a dryer then make sure it’s on a cool setting. No heat!

5. Not drinking enough water

This is where a healthy lifestyle and healthy hair come together. Drinking plenty of water and eating a diet that’s rich in vitamins and nutrients will result in healthy and shiny hair. If you’re regularly dehydrated or you’re not getting the vitamins you need your hair will be dry, lank and dull.

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Vintage beauty hacks that work

24 Jul

marilynWhen we think of Hollywood stars like Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly we think of one thing;glamour. Stars with a timeless beauty and style that we wish we could emulate.

Well now that’s not as hard as it looks. This week we were fascinated by a piece in Femail about vintage beauty tips and how they could be updated. We did some digging of our own and found our top 4 vintage beauty hacks especially for hair and how they work for the modern woman.

Using perfume on your hairbrush

An old beauty hack designed to give you a waft of scent every time you flick your hair. While this sounds like a great idea could it do any damage? If you were using a lot of alcohol then you might dry out your hair and strip off natural oils. Even hair extensions that have been treated won’t respond well to being brushed with alcohol.

So it makes sense that if you’re going to do this use a natural oil perfume; like vanilla or a white musk. This natural oil should contain no alcohol and won’t damage your hair. OK, it’s only a tiny amount but who wants to take the risk?

Olive oil on your hair

The story goes that Hollywood legend Rita Hayworth would use use a kitchen staple to keep her locks clean and shiny. When hair was washed she’d rub olive oil on the ends and wrap in a towel for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

This makes complete sense. As we all know the ends of our hair get dry and brittle. Not looking after the tips of hair extensions can be one of the main causes of them having a shorter lifespan. Oil can help to keep ends hydrated and prevent breakage which prevents split ends. It doesn’t have to be olive oil, any oil will work from Argan to Coconut.

Homemade rollers

The fashion in the fifties was for bouncy, curly hair around shoulder length. If your hair was straight, or too curly, you’d need to use rollers to add lift. The problem was heated rollers were expensive. Therefore women used a simple lifestyle hack to style their hair without the expense. You’d simply roll a section of hair around a scrap of fabric while it was damp then tie the ends together and sleep overnight.

The idea was probably better for hair than heated rollers as well. Heat damages hair like nothing else, risking brittle and dry locks that break easily. Even straighteners and modern curling irons can do damage to hair. The fabric hack is a great idea from that perspective but it doesn’t create uniform curls. Hair can become too frizzy and messy. However if you use pins and coil hair around, pinning sections in place then you’ll create more uniform waves and still not need any heat.

Beer shampoo

Every girl has tried this trick, or if she’s not tried it she’s heard about it. The idea is that beer gets your hair bouncy, shiny and healthy looking.

Actually, there’s science behind this. The malt and hops in beer are full to the brim with protein. That adds moisture to your hair that’s probably dehydrated. Vitamin B in the beer adds shine.
The only problem is the smell. Go back to hack number 1 and add a dash of natural perfume on your brush and it’ll cover the smell, or add a little of that coconut or Argan oil into the beer shampoo for a more pleasing scent.

What’s your hair secret?

17 Jul

Are you one of those women who is always changing their hair? Bright colour, long locks, short pixie styles, high ponytails; change your shoes, change your hairstyle?

gwen-stefani-orange-hair-photoGwen Stefani is exactly one of those women. The lead singer of No Doubt, judge on the US version of The Voice, designer, perfume maker and style icon is known for chopping and changing her locks. Whether it’s blonde, pink or even blue she will – and has – worn anything from tight buns, high ponytails, super-long, straight locks and tight curls.

She’s not the only one. Think of Nicki Minaj or Beyonce. Hair is seen as a continuation of your outfit and it doesn’t need to look the same way all the time.

OK, you might be thinking, that sounds fairly expensive. These are all hugely famous women with huge bank balances. How can we possibly compete with their spending budget?

It’s simple, choose a few key items and know where to look. At Dream Girl if you opt for clip-on hair extensions, with a range of fancies as well as your natural hair colour, a wig or two and a ponytail hair extension you too can experiment with your style.

Hair Extensions

Clip-on hair extensions allow you to change your style in minutes. Choose you length and your colour. If you use Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator you can choose a colour closely matching your own natural shade. This is the easiest way for you to add long locks and transform your style.

Alternatively opt for a shade from our range of fancies; bright colours like turquoise, red or orange so you can add a shock of colour and go for something with a higher impact.


A wig is the fastest way to change your style. Perhaps you have long hair and want to try something short, or you’ve got shorter locks (too short for hair extensions which need two inches of growth) and you want a longer look. Explore Dream Girl’s Chic Collection to find the style and shape of wig you like.

Whether blonde, brunette or black all you need with a wig is a skull cap to ensure your hair underneath is smooth and flat. Once you fit your wig you can work with your hair stylist to trim and style the wig to suit your face shape and get the hair the way you want it.

Ponytail Hair Extension

Gwen Stefani wears high ponytails that leave the long pony either sitting on the shoulder or falling down the back. It’s the perfect summer style as it’s cheerful and bouncy.

However if you’ve not got long hair your might find this a difficult style to recreate. What a ponytail extension does is clip over your natural hair and provide that extra length. Choose an extensions that matches your own natural shade so that it will blend in seamlessly. Either choose a tie or a clip style. Tie back your own hair, using spray or pins for sections that might need a little help. Then simply clip the hair extension over your natural hair.

Watch that hair interview with Gwen Stefani on E Online here.

Fight the summer frizz

10 Jul

frizzSummer is here and you know what that means? Right, humidity. Your hair is frizzy, dry and quite frankly you just want to wear a scarf and have done.

Fear not. Here is Dream Girl’s guide to summer hair and fighting that frizz!

1. Don’t wash your hair everyday

If you’ve an afro chances are you don’t wash your hair daily anyway, cos you don’t need to. But if you do wash your hair daily then stop. As much as you might have a shampoo that promises to put natural oils back in your hair chances are it doesn’t. Go a day between washes and use dry shampoo on any fringes that need it. It will help you protect hair and keep it moisturised.

2. Don’t over brush

You know when you brush hair too much and it gets static? That’s not good. Hair can get frizzier and brittle when you over brush. Instead to de-tangle use your finger with a little bit of hair oil on them to separate ends.

3. Don’t towel rub too much

Again the added friction of towel drying can damage your hair, making it more prone to frizziness. Instead comb with your fingers and let hair dry as naturally as you can. Squeeze excess moisture out of the ends of hair but don’t rub.

4. Keep hair moisturised

Whether it’s hair oil, butter, conditioner, hair masks you name it try it! Everyone’s hair is different so you might need to try a few different products that will help keep your own hair soft and supple. If you wear hair extensions use a product specifically formulated for those to help keep them protected.

5. Embrace the frizz

There are some days when you can’t fight it so you know what we advise? Embrace it! Embrace the added volume and use hairspray to create a big puffed do. Smooth down the top and secure with a pin or add a few twists but allow the frizziness to run free. After all, it’s summer. Anyone who says they aren’t battling frizz is lying!

We LOVE Brandy’s afro

3 Jul

brandy-98_336x397_68How perfect was Brandy’s hair at the BET Awards?

We’ve been looking at it all week and all we can say is WOW! We know that Brandy likes to change up her hair, going from long locks with waves and braids but this afro is just pouff perfect.

So how can you get your hair to look like that? If you have a weave or hair extensions it’s just as easy to follow these style tips to recreate the style yourself.

First it’s about an upward stretch and what AnnisaLiMara describes in her wash-n-go tutorial. When hair is wet comb it, add a deep cleanse stage to de-tangle. Wash the hair mask off and then use either gel or butter to comb through hair to help it keep its shape once you start styling. Black hair can get dry so if you add plenty of moistening products to prevent breakage. It also to helps keep hair soft.

To stretch you have to think about shape. The majority of volume is up at the top by the crown, not as much on the sides or at the back so focus stretching right on the top of the head. Section hair into one at the front, at the sides and top.

Finger coil sections once you’ve added a little hair oil to define your afro a little bit more. Take the section at the front and tie in a little pony. Then take a brush and start to brush and section hair on the crown once you’ve finger coiled. Clip the hair at the back down.

Use a diffuser to help you stretch your hair and help it to dry. Pull while you’re drying gently to help stretch and add lift and volume. After diffusing use an afro comb to stretch hair up at the crown. Add a little lift and the back and sides but you want it to look at its biggest right at the crown.

Hair should be full of bounce, fluffy and soft. This style can stay in place for up to a week and you can run a little extra butter or oil through it to keep the ends healthy and soft.

The Faux Bob

26 Jun

Kim Kardashain rocked a bob!

Want to keep your long hair but also experiment with a bob? Fake it! 

We’ve seen plenty of celebrities showcase their new shorter locks. It’s no wonder you want to try it but you might not want to cut off all those lovely long strands.

Yet the truth is a bob hairstyle takes a lot of work. It’s not quite long enough to tie back so you have to style your hair every day. That’s great if your hair is smooth and thick (and you have plenty of time every morning) but let’s be honest, a lot of us don’t. Yes we love it when our hair is lush but sometimes we want to twist it into an up-do or shake our hair into a low maintenance style.

A bob doesn’t give you that freedom.

So how can you try this in vogue style without resorting to scissors?

It’s easy, fake it. 

If you’re wearing your Dream Girl hair extensions you know you’ve got lovely long, thick and healthy hair.

This is how to create a Faux Bob. 

Start by taking a section of hair at the back of the head reaching up to the crown. Back comb it gently adding lift so simply focus on the roots. Continue to the sides until all your hair around the crown is backcombed. It shouldn’t be too overt, it should be natural, just with added volume.

The next step is to create the bob itself. What you’re doing is creating an inverted bun. Gather your hair as if you’re tying it in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Twist until your reach the ends and then roll it up and fold underneath your hair. Do this in front of a mirror; you’ll want to keep hair fairly loose to get the bob effect. Use grips to pin in place and secure any loose strands. It should be smooth at the back. If you have layers at the front it will add to that bob feel and add shape and texture.

Use spray to secure into place and there you have it, it’s a great style for summer keeping the hair off your neck, while looking bang on trend!


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