Wear the perfect ponytail

9 Oct

High and bouncy, low and sleek; how do you wear your perfect ponytail? This season there’s plenty of inspiration to help you find your ideal style.

Why do we love ponytails so much? They’re versatile, easy to do yourself, not fiddly and they can work ideally for day through to night.

This season ponytails look best with plenty of volume and length so if you need a little bit of help then use a Dream Girl ponytail hair extensions. Choose the shade that’s the closest match to your natural hair colour and either use a band or a clip to fasten it over your own hair.



Low Ponytails

Low and messy ponytails probably aren’t the best style for work but they look edgy at night or relaxed for a day off. The low style works well with a sleek pony too. For messy, style your hair as normal, adding extra texture with scrunching and spray. Gather hair below the nape of the neck, so that from the front it almost looks as though you have a loose bob style.

Sleek ponytails

For a sleek and low ponytail use a little serum to keep hair as smooth as possible. Even if there’s a wave in the body you want no flyaway ends and hair should be securely fastened at the nape of the neck.

Herve Leger

Herve Leger

A simple twist

This twist on the chignon is a great way to update a ponytail. Divide hair into two section with a middle parting. Begin to twist one side from the temple and twist until you reach the nape of the neck. Pin to secure. Then twist the other side, checking to make sure both sides look even from the front. Pin to secure. Check in the mirror to make sure the back looks smooth and use a bobble to secure the ponytail and the bottom of the twist.

Full of volume

There’s two ways to keep your ponytail full. First, opt for Eva Longoria’s style and use a quiff to add lift above the crown. Back-comb your fringe and through to the crown and secure with pins and spray. Tie a high ponytail and let it cascade down the neck. The perfect style to add a little edge into your daily look, or match with a smoky eye for a night out.

The headband is back!

2 Oct

If, like us at Dream Girl, you haven’t really worn a headband since the early 00’s then get ready. The trend is back. But forget the bandana style of the noughties, or even the padded style of the 90s. This season headbands are grown-up, far cooler and are the perfect companion to autumnal style.



It was on the Fashion Week catwalks from New York to Milan that the humble headband has made a comeback. Some are bejewelled and have intricate detailing, others are lace and are styled almost like hat, others are completely tiny and just have the barest strip of fabric.

What do you need to know? Here are our top 10 tips for mastering this season’s edgiest look.

Keep hair slicked back and wear a headband right on the hairline. To stop it looking too 90s, match with a feline flick.

Use a strip of lace to wear a home made headband. Tie it underneath the hair at the nape of the neck and keep the fabric wide to cover a couple of inches from the hairline to almost the crown.

Want a fancier look? Take inspiration from Philip Lim and use a little mesh fabric to provide a slight lid on the headband for a 20s style.


Don’t just wear a headband with it tucked under your hair. Instead, wear at over the hair, so the front covers just above the hairline while the back sits above the hair on the nape of the neck (you might need pins to keep it in place).

A headband isn’t just for lose hair. Wear a chignon or twist and use the style above to add a dressier edge by wearing a headband over your up-do.

Think accessories so flowers, jewels and adornments for your headband but be careful you don’t look too girly. Keep the rest of your look simple if you’re going big on headwear.

Play with shape and texture by using a scarf as a headband. Tie in a bow or knot towards the side of the head.

For a simpler style use a thin strip of fabric. This looks the best when matched with a big voluminous style or natural curls.

Boho is a big look for the autumn, as is the 70s throwback, so think waves with a scarf headband. Whether up or down use fringe wave sections to add softness.

Volumise at the crown for the simplest style. A headband can make your hair look flat, whether long or short, so back comb and add lift.

Simple ideas for Autumn hair

25 Sep
Alexa Chung's slightly messy style is on trend

Alexa Chung’s loose waves are on trend

You don’t need to radically change your hairstyle, like Rita Ora, to embrace a new season. Sometimes it’s just the tiniest of changes that you need to make to update your look.

So whether you wear your hair long with hair extensions, or you use clip-ons to transform your style in minutes, or you’re a lover of wigs and want to refresh your style, here are Dream Girl’s tips to making the simplest changes to update your style.

Add texture

Whether long or short this season remember to add texture into your hair. The blunter cut is a thing of the past so edges should be more layered. Make your style looser, more natural and don’t straighten – you shouldn’t use hair straighteners on hair extensions anyway! Add mouse to damp hair and scrunch and dry to let your natural waves come through.

Loose waves

For those with wavy hair who’ve struggled to keep it straight then you’ll welcome this season’s wavy style. Don’t let waves be too styled and too finished, instead make them scrunched, slightly undone and not too perfect to achieve this season’s look.

Try a fringe

The last year has seen fringes take a back seat but they’re back again for autumn. You can wear a wig if you don’t want to cut in a permanent fringe and play with it that way, or opt for longer fringe sections in the front so you can nod to it without having a blunt cut. The fringe should blend effortlessly into your locks. If you need to add thickness and texture add clip on hair extensions to the side for added shape.

Autumnal colours

In the autumn, colours tend to shift from blondes tor eds and brunettes. Use a wig from Dream Girl’s Chic Collection to experiment with a new shade or use hair extensions to change your colour. With over 80 shades to choose from you’re bound to find the exact colour you want.

How hair extensions can contour your hair

18 Sep


Contouring, as far as makeup goes, is most certainly “a thing”. It was Kim Kardashian who first taught us how to use different shades of colour on our face to highlight different aspects and elements; make your nose look smaller, for example, or highlight cheekbones more prominently.

For a while, though, contouring, as far as beauty was concerned, has been focused purely on skin. Not for much longer. Contouring has officially spread to the hair and Dream Girl knows how you can make it easier.

The basic idea is simple; use highlights to put the focus on different elements of your face. We know the basic premise of this already. A) Different shape hairstyles work for different faces because they compliment our bone structure and features and B) Highlights offer light, adding contrast and shade so you can focus attention onto different features on your face.

How does it work? Essentially it’s layering; highlights or lighter bits attract attention, darker bits act as shadow.

The easiest way to achieve it, if you want to try it out and don’t want to pay for a dye job is with clip on hair extensions.

With over 80 shades of hair extensions, Dream Girl offers a wide range of colours and hues ensuring whatever colour your natural style, you can find the exact right colour you’re looking for. It also means, if you’re looking for shadow or highlights you can use clip on hair extensions in a shade slightly different from your own to add contrast and contouring.

Say you’re natural hair is blonde but you want to add a few highlights to focus on your face, adding light or brightness? Simply head to Dream Girl’s online shop, select Remi Clip On hair extensions and then choose your colour. In blondes there are 15 different shades from light caramel to lightest blonde so you can choose the shade that matches the lighter colour you want.

Then choose the length and you’re ready to go.

You can work with a stylist to fit your hair extensions in the way that is most flattering to your face. Obviously you’ll have a few hair extensions spare in the pack but you can use the one, two and three clip hair extensions to add contrast.

The easiest way to try hair contouring is by using clip on hair extensions, it’ll allow you to add highlights or shadow to your hair in minutes allowing a subtle contrast that will let your hair compliment your features and style.

Prepare your hair for autumn

11 Sep

curly-hair-1A new season always feels like time for a change. Autumn is one of the best months for colour; rich brunettes and reds come to the fore this season. Yet if you want your hair to look its best this Fall then you need to do the groundwork and get it prepared.

Get a trim

Even if you wear hair extensions you shouldn’t forego a regular trim, especially if you have long locks. Everyday wear and tear tires our hair out. It gets stretched, pulled, yanked, goes hot and cold and that’s just when you get ready every morning. All that hassle inevitably takes its toll. Even if you look after your hair you’ll need a regular trim just to take the ends off. You might not have split ends but you’ll find the very ends might be less blunt than they used to be, a little frayed. A trim will get rid of this and keep hair looking thicker, shiner and healthier.

Wear a mask

Summer heat is lovely but it does damage your hair, drying it out. You’ll often find hair needs much more moisture when it comes to autumn as all that sun and swimming has left it feeling dull and brittle. A weekly hair mask, usually oil based, will offer a deep moisture treatment for your hair and help to replace the natural oils you’ve stripped away in the sun. If you wear hair extensions then use a hair mask that’s suitable for treated hair and won’t damage it. You can create homemade hair masks using coconut oil or avocado and banana that offer a natural alternative.

Add thickness and volume

You’ll often find you prefer to wear your hair in up-dos during the summer as it’s hotter and it’s cooler to keep the hair off the back of your neck. However as it gets to autumn and the temperatures start to cool you might find yourself wearing your hair long and loose more often. Yet you might not feel confident with your locks. Those with fine and flyaway hair often wish their hair was thicker or fuller. Using 100% human hair extensions will help to boost your confidence. Either sewn or glued in you can choose a shade that exactly matches your own natural hair colour. This ensures hair will blend in. You can talk to your stylist about what you’re looking for and what style you want to wear once you have hair extensions.

Use our Dream Girl map to find one of our stockists nearest to you

Know the season

There are two things you need to look out for this season; snuffles and heating. Autumn is often the time we start to get colds as the temperature drops. It’s also when we usually start to put the central heating on to warm us up in the morning. What impact does that have on your hair? Well just in the same way your skin might look dull when you’re feeling under the weather so will your hair. A vitamin C supplement (you can drop them in a glass of water and drink like juice) or an extra piece of fruit of veg will help boost your immune system and keep you looking and feeling healthy. Central heating can dry your hair out, especially if you go from cold to warm surroundings. Drink plenty of water and turn to hair care products that offer a moisture care rather than anything else to replace vital nutrients.

A 50s style that’s real glamour

4 Sep

kyliejennerKylie Jenner’s new hairstyle at the VMA’s last weekend screamed 50s style.

The model’s shiny black locks were long, below the shoulder, and curled under at the ends. Hair was full, thick and full of life with a blunt cut fringe. The eyes were kept smoky with a nude lip. It was a powerful new style that was a real 50s bombshell look.

We know Kylie is one of those women who loves to experiment with her style. Since those snaps on the red carpet at the VMA’s she’s already been snapped with a much lighter, blond hairstyle. Usually pictured with her dark wavy locks, the style from last week is easily recreated.

The quickest way to do it is to buy a wig. A weave or hair extensions can offer a new, thicker and longer look in minutes. You can cut in a fringe to recreate the style but if you don’t want to do that then a wig may offer the simplest solution.

Dream Girl’s Chic Collection offers a new look everyday. IN either synthetic or human hair you can choose from a range of lengths, textures and colours. Each wig is fully wefted meaning the locks of hair will sit more smoothly and fit along your scalp, ensuring a more natural finish and movement.

The first thing to do is choose a colour. With over 30 shades Dream Girl will help you find the exact right shade to match your skin tone. With her gorgeous coffee coloured skin tone, Kylie Jenner can take very dark hair (this fringe look seems even blacker then her natural very dark brown locks so she may have gone a shade darker with it). Know what shade suits your colouring. If you have very pale skin then a dark shade without any warmth might make you look washed out. If you have very dark skin a sheer blond without any contrast may look too stark. From Apricot Blond to Dark Chocolate, Dream Girl has a range of colours designed to suit every skin tone.

Next choose the kind of wig you want. With different lengths on offer you can choose the right style you want and will suit you. This style has the ends curled under so go for a wavy style and check the length – waves will take off around an inch and a half so take that into account when you make your choice.

Remember when you fit your wig you can go to a stylist and ask them to refine it for you. They can cut in a fringe or can adjust the layers or length to ensure the wig frame your face. If you do do this remember to talk with your stylist about exactly what you want. Obviously the wig won’t grow back!

The 50s bombshell look is the perfect style if you’ve got a glam do or want to look extra special for a night out. Match it with Kylie’s smoky eye look and you’re ready to go.

How we’re wearing our hair this autumn

28 Aug

This time next week it will be September. That means a new season is soon to start and with it fresh looks, styles and fashions.

For Autumn 2015 if we look at the runways in the fashion world we can see that this season hairstyles are a little more relaxed. Gone are the structured, glossy styles of the past; this season we’re more chilled out, we’re not worrying as much if a strand is out of place.

Here Dream Girl chooses the best hairstyles for those with long locks, if you have hair extensions these will add both length and volume, making these styles look even better!

Low ponytails

erin fethersonimaxtree


Messy ponytails were a popular style at both Michael Kors and Dior. Keep it low, so at the nape of the neck or below, adding fringes and wisps of hair to frame the face. At Dior, long ponytails were worn slicked back with very long and straight hair. If you can’t quite achieve this with your own locks then use a ponytail hair extensions which clips over your natural hair and adds length.

You can dress up or dress down your pony. Add a twist or a clip like those at Caroline Herrera.

Side Partings

There was a brief flirtation with side partings a few seasons ago but with the 70s revival in full swing they’re back. A side partings, as those in the know will tell you, is an easy way to add edge, lift, volume and texture. This season it also looks really cool! Go as deep as you like  and use a comb to ensure your parting is straight.



It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, a side parting will work with anything and offer a fresh silhouette for the new season.

Wavy hair

There’s a return of the boho style of the 90s this autumn. The style has also reached our locks so this season opt for bohemian waves. If you have thick hair this is the style you’ve dreamt of; you want plenty of texture and shape but don’t make it too neat. You want it to look like you’ve worn your hair up all day and then let it loose. Use a little spray and serum to counteract dryness. Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls hair extensions will help add length for those who want a little more.


The Hun is the hottest summer trend

21 Aug


Calling all those with long locks who want to try a new summer style.

OK, it might not feel much like summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a hairstyle that makes us think of summer evenings, beach living and sunny days.

To be honest, you probably already have this style in your armoury. It’s ideal if you want to tie your hair back from your face, especially if it’s the day before a wash. It’s perfect for when you need to style your hair quickly before you head into the office or college. Now it’s reached the catwalk.

The Hun, or half bun is being sported by stars across their Instagram pages and premieres so we thought at Dream Girl, we’d give you a guide to styling it.

*It’s a real bo-ho style so if your hair is long and wavy this is going to look the best for you.

*If you’ve just washed your locks they might be too silky to style this easily. Use a little oil or serum to control hair to get this right.

*For those with hair extensions, the added lift at the roots and extra length will help you achieve a bigger bun. Clip on extensions are ideal for those who want a little extra hair at the crown.

*You can start by taking hair from either above your ears and pinning to the top of your head above the crown. Or you can start from the temples and the side of your head, leaving around of inch of hair at the sides to cover your ears. Not everyone wants to show their ears off!

*Tie the section of hair just on the top of the crown, right on the top of the head (where we wear wearing messy buns last summer). Twist the section into a bun and secure either with a tie or with grips.

*Pull a few strands to loosen the bun and create a more relaxed style.

*For the lengths of your hair, keep loose and wavy. Just a little serum to keep ends looking shiny and healthy is all you need.

Long hair? Do care

14 Aug

If you wear hair extensions then chances are you like your long hair. You want those thick and luscious locks to flow down your back.

Yet even if you wear 100% human hair extensions that are sewn or glued in or clip-ons it doesn’t mean you have to wear your hair in the same style forever.

Long hair is getting a seasonal update so here are a few ways you can wear it to get ready for Autumn.

Bouncy thick curls


Think Beyonce and her thick, volumised locks. Bey is known for changing her style whenever she wants and this long style is easily achieved with clip-on hair extensions in a wave or curl. Choose the colour you want and then the length. These extensions will clip in easily adding instant length and volume with bouncy curls.

Beyonce’s gone for a slightly lighter shade here and you can do the same if your hair is very dark. Dream Girl has over 80 shades to choose from so check out our Colour Comparator for inspiration.

70s waves


With flares and bootleg jeans making a comeback it was only a matter of time before a 70s revival made it up to our hairstyles.

A middle parting matched with soft, gentle waves will give you a retro style like Cara Delevingne. You can either choose something from Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range or, alternatively, create the soft waves yourself with pin curls. Simply divide hair into sections. Twist each section around your finger and pin it in place, adding a little spray to fix it in place. Leave hair for around 20 minutes to half an hour, unpin and scrunch and spray.

Sleek and straight


If you often wear your hair wavy then a sleek and straight style can offer the wow factor.

Lily James adopt a simple do that lets her eyes and lips do all the talking in the style stakes.

Part hair in the middle and comb. Hair extensions like Remi Silky will offer this ultra straight style or you can go for a wig if you need to flatten your natural hair.

Keep the length tucked behind your ears for a no-nonsense do.

Rapunzel hair

laura bailey

Long hair doesn’t need to be loose. Create a Rapunzel style plait by diving hair into two and plaiting down two thirds of the length. Tie off and leave a length of hair loose at the ends.

If you’ve started with a middle parting, tie back your fringe to give a slightly layered look, like Laura Bailey has here.

A slick of simple red lipstick will make this look like an effortless, understated style.


Adding a little colour

7 Aug
Jenny McCarthy Instagram

Jenny McCarthy Instagram

Colour is this season’s best accessory. Don’t believe us? Check our Cara Delevingne, Jenny McCarthy and Geordie Jagger who have all been snapped with bright pink hair in the past weeks.

What’s it about? New trend or summer fancy? Are you going to make the leap yourself?

One thing Dream Girl knows for sure is that it takes a lot of confidence to go for brightly coloured hair. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from doing it. A bright hair colour can be just what you need whatever the season.

Yet it’s also true that you might not want it to be a permanent shift. Permanent colour can damage your hair and while pink hair might be great if you’re a celebrity or model who can get away with it, those of us who have to go to school/work/college might not have the same freedom.

What you want, then is a halfway house. You want to be able to enjoy the freedom and fun of experimenting with hair colour without making a full time commitment.

Dream Girl has hair extensions in over 80 colours and this includes Fancies, our range of shades in brighter hues from pink to turquoise. With ten shades it’s easy to choose a colourful style and it can change as often as your mood.

Choose, first, the style of hair extension you want so a sew in or glued hair extension in perhaps a Remi Weft or Remi Silky.Or you can opt for a clip-on style. This allows you to change your hair in minutes and clip the hair extensions over you natural locks.

Next choose the colour. If you go for Fancies pick the bright shade that you want and then choose the length.

If you do pick a clip on style then remember you don’t have to go for a full head transformation. Instead you could pick a few strands of a streak of colour to nod to the fashion without having to commit too much and maintaining your natural style.

If you want to try the latest fashion for pink hair, or any colour, but don’t want to reach for the hair dye then opt for hair extensions instead. It means you can follow the summer’s latest trend without doing any damage to your locks and you can try it for the night and not feel you’re committing to it.



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