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10 ways to protect your hair in summer

25 Jul

bWe all know the damage heat can cause to your hair. But we often equate the risk with hairdryers and straighteners rather than thinking about the sun. Even those of us who lather on sunblock everyday can forget that the same UV rays can damage our hair.

In the height of summer we can often find hair is dry and brittle. It can get frizzier thanks to the humidity and because it needs some moisturiser. When you wear hair extensions made using 100% human hair this can be especially frustrating because the damage to your hair extensions can shorten their lifespan.

So to make your hair extensions last longer and to keep hair shiny, healthy and full of life through the whole of the summer follow Dream Girl’s advice.

1. Use a serum or texturing spray on damp hair to protect it and add shape

Instead of using styling products when hair is dry using them while wet will help lock moisture into the hair, preventing it from getting dry. Ends need particular attention as dry hair can lead to split ends which can only be trimmed instead of repaired.

2. Use braids to achieve curls

Curling tongs can damage already dry hair and simply make hair brittle and split. Instead if you want to create curls or nurture waves use braids. Begin with damp hair and use tight braids for curls and bigger plaits for waves. Allow hair to dry naturally or overnight and once you undo the plaits you hair will be glossy and wavy.

3. Use a stay-in conditioner at the end of the day

Many of us only use a conditioner in the morning when we wash our hair. But in the summer your hair might need a double dose. Comb through a sty-in conditioner before you go to bed to add moisture to hair that’s been in the sunshine through the day.

4. When it’s sunny cover your hair

The same advice for your skin follows to your hair. In super strong sunlight the only sure fire way to protect your hair from damaging UV rays is to wear a hat or a scarf. Your scalp can burn just as easily so you might need to add a little sunscreen to your parting. If you don’t want to wear a hat comb through some leave-in conditioner through your hair and wear it slicked back.

5. Spend extra time wearing hair masks and treatments

Your hair needs a little extra help in the heat so spend an extra hour or so wearing a hair mask or using a special moisturising treatment to restore and rejuvenate your locks during the week.

6. Don’t over-shampoo

Shampoo is like soap on your skin; use too much of it and it strips away the nutrients and proteins your hair needs to keep it looking shiny. You only need a pea-sized amount, even on long hair. And don’t skip conditioner in the summer. Your ends really need it.

7. Drink plenty of water

Of course the easiest way to hydrate your hair is the way you hydrate your body. Drink plenty of water when it’s hot. When you start to feel thirsty and have a dry throat it’s because you’re dehydrated and not taking in enough fluids.

8. Regular trims keep hair healthy

Even the most committed hair lover can get split ends and will find the ends of hair getting dry. The simplest way to keep hair healthy through the summer is to go for regular trims. Every two to three months is all you need, even on longer hair, to keep it glossy and healthy.

9. If you’re going swimming, cover up

Chlorine is so damaging for hair and it’s impossible to replenish locks damaged by chemicals. If hair has been chemically treated, as hair extensions have been, then invest in a swimming cap to protect locks while you go for a swim in the pool.

10. Comb gently

While you’re wearing your hair masks, brushing through leave-in conditioner and looking after your hair every day, go gently. Wild brushing and tugging will stretch hair and cause it to break and split. Instead buy a wide toothed comb. Start at the ends and work up to the roots gently.

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Three ponytail ideas for the summer

18 Jul

It’s the classic style for summer and the ponytail has had a revamp this season. Take inspiration from the catwalk, keep cool and stylish with your long locks as we hit the height of summer. Or just play with a simple and easy updo. Your hair, your choice!

Here are three pony hairstyles that have caught Dream Girl’s eye.

1. The no hairband pony

Spotted on the couture catwalk at Valentino this clever hairstyle is cutting edge but also perfect if you have no hairband handy. If you already have long hair, thanks to hair extensions or a natural look then gather hair at the nape of the neck. If you want an extra long pony you can try one of Dream Girl’s ponytail hair extensions which you can match to your natural colour.

Take a section of hair from underneath your ponytail and twist around the hair as you would a hair band. Pin the section in place underneath the pony at the nape of your neck.

2. The side pony

This was a big style a couple of years ago but you can bring it bang up to date with this twist. Gather hair into a pony to the side of the head. Take a small section of the ponytail and wrap it around the base, continuing until you reach around the middle of the ponytail. Fasten the end with a see-through elastic hair band and use a few pins pointing towards the head to secure hair in place.

To continue the boho feel ensure a few strands of hair frame the face so the style doesn’t look too “done”. This is a loose and relaxed style that’s just ideal for hot summer days.

3. Full of body

A voluminous ponytail is bouncy and the perfect compliment to a summer’s day. It’s easy to achieve. Start by back-combing hair at the crown and then adding a little curl. At Dream Girl’s we’d always recommend that you don’t use heat on hair extensions as it can damage your locks. Instead, take hair into one inch sections, twist and pin. This will add a kink and a curl without relying on heat. Use a little hairspray and leave the hair pinned for at last half an hour.

Uncurl and comb hair gently with your fingers. Backcomb a little again at the crown and gather hair into a ponytail at the crown, leaving your fringe or the front sections of hair. Fix with a hair band. Take a section of hair from underneath and twist it around the band to cover it, pinning in place.

Next, backcomb your fringe or the front section of your hair. Pin back and use hairspray to fix.

Remember you can stay in touch with Dream Girl on Facebook and Twitter through the week for hairstyle tips and ideas.


Go long!

11 Jul

Hair extensions allow you to add both length and volume to your natural locks. It’s all about enhancing your own style and beauty.

But what to do when you’ve got long hair, but you’re not sure what to do with it?

Long hair can take just as much styling as short hair. Plus there are plenty of different styles and looks to go for.

So what to choose? Dream Girl has picked it’s top four celebrity long hairstyles that you can try yourself. Get a little hair-spiration.

Rex Features

Rex Features

Emily Rossum

The thing about long hair is that it is easy to go full glam. Emma Rossum here goes for a deep side parting and styles hair in gentle waves. Use a large rolled brush to achieve this, or wear hair in a coiled up-do in the day and unfurl for the evening. We always advise you style without using heat as this can damage hair extensions. Wear hair over one shoulder and then match with a red lip and flicked eyeliner.

Eva Longoria

Rex Features

Rex Features

This Eva style shows that you can use long locks to create and eye-catching up-do that’s sleek and stylish. This fishtail braid is bang on trend but it’s also intricate enough to be dressy for a do. Start by styling hair into a deep side parting. Begin with the braid at the back of the head. For a fishtail you need to divide hair into four sections and crossover instead of three. Sections will be smaller giving that coiled finish. Once you’ve reached the tips use a fine comb to gently pull out a few strands so hair doesn’t look too “done”. Wear over one shoulder and style with smoky eyes and nude lips for a “WOW” finish.

Rex Features

Rex Features

Jessica Biel

A simple look can often be the most effective. Jessica Biel wears her hair in a natural middle parting and keeps it sleek and straight. The secret here is to have shiny and glossy looks that looks as healthy as can be. You can use a serum and hair extension appropriate shampoo and conditioner that won’t dry or damage locks to help with this. Avoid using heat as that will damage your locks and will leave hair looking frizzy.


Natural hair is big, beautiful and shiny and Rihanna shows here how a low-maintenance style can be uber-effective. Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range includes different shape and size curls so you’ll find something that blends in seamlessly with your own natural locks. Keep frizz to a minimum using a serum and a wide toothed comb. Scrunch curls and use a little hairspray to keep in place. Let your natural beauty shine through!

Three holiday hairstyles

4 Jul

If you’re jetting off on holiday we know you’ll face a conundrum. You’ll look at all the gizmos and gadgets you use to style your hair everyday and think, “I can’t fit them into my suitcase”.

Packing is all about compromise. Yet Dream Girl also knows you still want to look your best while you’re on holiday. So how to balance the two out?

It’s all about making sure your beauty routine is as low maintenance as possible. If you have hair extensions, making your hair longer and fuller, you know you can’t leave your hair for a full week. But you also don’t have to wash it and restyle it everyday.

Here are three hairstyles, giving you three days of styling without having to wash, dry and style.

Start first with natural beach waves. 

Fashion shot of beautiful blonde woman on the beach in HawaiiYou don’t want to look too “done” on holiday and this is a simple summer style that oozes laid-back living. Wash your hair and dry your fringe as normal. To achieve the waves instead of using tongs just plait your hair simply and dry it. Either leave it to dry naturally or use a blow dryer on a cool setting.

Once hair is almost dry let it loose and use a mousse or fixing spray and scrunch hair all over.

Next is the braided hairband.

buzzleFor day two the body of your hair will still be perfect and might even look better than it did the day before.

However many of us may often find that the front part of the hair, the fringe and bits that touch the face, might get greasier quicker.

The simple way to sort this is to pin hair back. A braided hairstyle is a cool and on trend way to do this. Start the brain using an inch section of hair just in front your left ear. Braid until your reach the tips. Fix hair across the head just like a hairband and clip in place with grips.

Finally it’s the top knot.

For the third day it’s the last day before you wash and hair might be getting a bit tired. A top knot will keep hair away from your face but still looks cool and stylish.

Use dry shampoo or hairspray to control any wayward strands. Take a third of the hair from the front and the crown and fix into a bun on the upper crown. Turn the ends underneath the bun and fix in place with a grip. With the remaining hair divide it into two. Take one half and twist underneath the bun and around it. Secure in place with grips. Then take the second section and twist that around the bun as well. Pin in place.

Spray to smooth and ensure hair is neat and tidy.

And you’re ready to go. Three easy-peasy holiday styles to take you through your break without the daily wash and style routine.

How to recreate Kim’s voluminous hairdo

27 Jun

Kim Kardashian has gone from reality star to style icon. This week she was snapped at a photoshoot in New York with big mega-volumized hair. Matched with retro style makeup it was a fabulous and glamorous style that’s perfect for a night out.

In fact, the style isn’t that hard to recreate. With a few easy tricks you to and go for a sixties high volume vibe.

Dream Girl hair extensions add both length and volume so if you have fine hair, or hair that is short or medium length, you may need to add a few extra inches to make it easier to get mega hair. With over 80 shades to choose from you can find a shade that perfectly compliments your own hair colour, ensuring it will blend in naturally.

The next step is to tease those locks. You can use mousse when hair is damp to add lift to the roots but teasing is the only sure fire way to add root lift. Backcomb in sections. Clip up the top half of the hair and work from the nape of the neck to the crown. Take one inch sections and backcomb from tip to root. Do it gently as you don’t want to just create a bird’s nest!

For super high volume use a hair piece that clips over the crown. Match to your natural hair colour and this can easily add lots of lift and sits underneath you own hair, just below the crown.

When you get to the crown stop. You want to leave around an inch of hair around the fringe line all the way around. Style this hair as you would normally to achieve a super sleek and glossy finish. Use this front section to cover the back-combed volume underneath. This gives you the benefit of high volume but ensures hair still looks volumized.

Tease the ends with a little serum and apply gently to the roots where there are any stray strands.

For retro makeup ensure foundation finish is matte. Use a white highlighter on the brows and a silver eyeshadow across the lids. A black kohl pencil will give your eyes extra oomph so line right from the centre on both top and bottom. Use a liquid liner to emphasise the upper lash. Draw a cat lick flick up at the edge. Not sure how, here’s an easy guide. Next add lashings of mascara.

And there you have it, a super glam, super retro style that’s worthy of Ms Kardashian herself.

The best 5 festival hairstyles

20 Jun

You might be winging your way to Glastonbury as we speak. Hey, you could be reading this from the middle of Worthy Farm. Or you might be going to a festival later this summer. Perhaps you just want to tap into a little festival style.

It’s a kind of boho style – all about low maintenance. It’s simple easy to do hairstyles that can last a couple of days and will keep hair off the face. You want something that’s bang on trend. Here are Dream Girl’s top 5 festival hairstyle ideas.

The fake undercut

Hands up who’s brave enough to do a Miley and razor an undercut. Yeah, thought so. Fake it with this simple style like Lea Michele here. Simply create a deep side parting and then braid using little strands from roots to tip. Keep going until you reach under the ear and pin in place. Easy peasy.

Fringe be gone!

It can get hot and sweaty at festivals. The last thing you want is your fringe sticking to your forehead. Keep it feminine and stylish by using a braid to tidy it away. Start with a deep side parting and braid hair across the front hairline. Secure with a band once you reach the height of your cheekbone. Tucks the ends underneath the hair and fix with a grip.

A messy chignon

You don’t want to look too coiffed at a festival. This style is just perfect for that “what this old thing” laid back style. First tie hair back into a ponytail. Not too high, just below the crown. Backcomb the ponytail to add a little volume. Grab yourself some kirby grips and fix the ends of the ponytail back towards the base. A simple trick, Twist sections around your finger, scrunch down and pin.

The messy chignon, Elle

The messy chignon, Elle

Side swept plait

For long hair you might want to sweep it off your face. The side braid is an easy style to wear and looks great too. It’s also a great look for those with long hair or hair extensions. Simply sweep hair over one shoulder. Begin the plait a little above the nape of the neck; not quite as high as a braid but underneath the crown. Continue the plait right down to the tips and secure with a band. Allow the fringe and a few stray strands to line the face.

Boho waves

For long wavy hair you can get an extra boost in length from Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range of hair extensions. To tease curls without heat simply use kirby grips and some hairspray before you go to sleep. In one inch sections twist hair around the finger and then pin in place with a grip. Once all the hair is twisted back spray to help it fix. Wake up in the morning, uncurl and gently separate the waves. Beachy, festival waves without using heat.


Quick Fix Hair-spiration

13 Jun

We get it, it’s hot. As summer rolls in you don’t want big and complicated styles to imitate. You want something simple and easy to style.

At Dream Girl we believe we can help you to look your glam and gorgeous best. So if you’ve got your long luscious locks and you’re struggling for ideas for what to do with them, here are some suggestions.

Add a simple twist

You love having long and beautiful hair. Hair extensions give you a little added volume as well as length which is great for those of us with fine hair. Yet you don’t want to wear your hair down throughout the summer. It gets hot and sweaty!

A simple and easy to style up-do is the twist. Just gather hair at the nape of your neck like you’re going to style a pony. Then begin to twist until you get to the ends. Tuck then underneath the twist and pin in place.

What’s great about this style is that if you wear your hair like this in the day, uncurl it in the evening and you’ll have easy summer waves.

Change your parting

Switching your parting from one side to another, or from middle to side, will make your face look different. Seriously, it will. It’s also an easy way to adopt a preppy style to go with your pretty top and shorts. Just because it’s hot, it doesn’t mean you should ignore your style urges.

Add a braided hairband

The braid is a great summer look, but how to weave it into your everyday style? Wear it as a headband. You can either do this with your own locks, or if they’re not quite long enough use a ponytail extension, clip it at the nape of the neck and plait to wear across your crown.

Slick it down

The slicked back look isn’t for the faint hearted but it does have an edgy style. Use gel and comb it through your hair. Wear hair long down the back but with slicked roots you’ll look like you’re straight off the catwalk.

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Your Beauty Essentials

6 Jun

Dream_Girl_natural_beautyWhat can you just not live without?

This week at Dream Girl we’ve been delving into our make-up bags and bathroom cabinets to see what it is we love.

Feel free to share your own examples of the cosmetic and beauty essentials you just couldn’t live without. For us here’s our top 5;


We know how important water is to keep both skin and hair hydrated. Yet finding the right moisturiser is like finding the perfect pair of shoes. Once you do you simply want to buy in bulk and have one in every colour! A moisturiser that suits your skin, sinks in deeply without sitting on the surface is ideal. You don’t want skin to get too dry by the end of the day so you want something that lasts. When the weather heats up you might find you don’t need quite as rich a moisturiser as you do in the summer.


Everyone has bad days and if you’re covering blemishes or just dark spots or circles under your eyes then know what you’re looking for. A green tinged concealer is ideal for covering up red. You want to go a shade lighter than your foundation. A creamy concealer works best and there are great sticks on the market that don’t just offer ideal coverage but also fit snugly in your handbag.


Adding a little depth and coverage to the eyes is just what you need to define them. Yet choosing the right eye-liner depends on what you’re comfortable using, as well as what suits you. A liquid eye-liner is ideal for painting cat wings on your eyes. A Kohl is perfect for drawing around the edge of your eyes. Just make sure whatever you use you invest in a good make-up remover to save those first thing in the morning panda eyes.

Hair extensions

Of course we at Dream Girl were going to tell you about how much we love our hair extensions. But it truly is one of our beauty essentials. Clip-on hair extensions are just the ticket when you need to add just a little volume to your natural look. Or if you want to wear a bun and your hair is a little fine and flyaway. Hair extensions are about enhancing your natural beauty, not masking it.


There’s something just so grown up about mascara. It is still one of our favourite things to do in the morning; make that face in the mirror as you pull down your top lip to brush on your mascara. While some of us never venture away from black others are more experimental. The 80s were all about blue mascara and we’ve seen some gorgeous deep rich browns that add real depth.
Why not share your beauty essentials with us on Twitter and Facebook. What can you not live without in your make-up bag?

Cashmere hair

30 May

At Dream Girl it’s our mission to make you feel like the most beautiful that we can be. So we never come at things from a position of beauty products turning you into someone else, you’re you, and that’s awesome!

Kate Middleton's hair looks naturally voluminous

Kate Middleton’s hair looks naturally voluminous

Hair truly is our crowning glory. You know it yourself; when you’re having a good hair day you feel like you can conquer the world. A bad hair day and even though you’re still you’re awesome self you feel like you could shrink under the duvet.

One of the fastest ways to eliminate bad hair days is to give your natural locks a little nudge. See it as propping yourself up. The hottest style right now is to look like you need no help at all, so it’s all about natural beauty and an ageless quality.

This is where the cashmere hair comes in. It’s used to describe a look and a feel where hair is perfectly styled and groomed. It’s thick, glossy and looks well looked after. It isn’t effortless. As the great Nora Ephron once said it’s all about maintenance and many of us are just 8 hours a month away from looking like a bag lady!

Hair is one of those anti-ageing secrets. As we get older it starts to thin and look less shiny. Truth is you get to 30 and seemingly overnight your hair loses a little sheen. You might spend a lot of time making your skin look dewy, your limbs toned and tanned but neglect your hair and it can give the game away.

Hair extensions don’t just add length they can add thickness and volume. A few well placed 100% human hair extensions can add depth and richness to your locks. Choose a shade that closely and seamlessly blends into your own. Make sure you talk to a stylist to get the exact right style for you; we’d recommend Remi Silky. You only need a few additions to add volume but it can bulk out your hair and make it look healthier. Once fitted have your hair styled and the hair extensions will simply add a lift to your natural look.

To stay healthy the style relies on regular trims to do away with split ends and conditioning treatment to lock in moisture and prevent damage.

At Dream Girl we know that it’s all about building on your natural beauty, rather than turning you into anyone else. This soft and stylish cashmere hair is the perfect way to help you look the best that you can and have a good hair day every day.

How can natural curls get some lift

23 May

This week we tweeted a picture of “Glee’s” Amber Riley and her gorgeous natural curls. Shared from her instagram the shot just goes to show how embracing your natural curls can transform your style.

In the past, Amber says, she’s favoured more sleek and smooth curls. This picture shows, however, she’s also more than happy to embrace her full-bodied natural curls.

We are all guilty of it. We think we should make our hair look like everyone else’s and instead what we should be doing is embracing our own individual style. Natural curls look awesome all year round but especially in summer. OK, you may feel it’s not low on maintenance but it just screams that “what I got up looking like this” effortless kind of elegance and beauty that oozes confidence. It definitely has the wow factor.

Amber has talked in the past about the products she uses to achieve her look. How your curls fall, how well they keep their shape and form are all affected by the condition they are in. Some girls like a frizzy look, others don’t Avoid frizz by using a rich conditioner that prevents hair getting dry.

At Dream Girl we also know that natural curls sometimes need some help with length or volume. Many think hair extensions just mean poler straight sleek and shiny locks. They don’t, of course. We have a range especially designed for natural curls including french deep curls and french jerry curls. You can choose for more long lasting extensions that can be sewn or glued in, or pick clip on hair extensions for a more temporary and immediate fix. We’ve got over 80 shades for you to choose from a five lengths, from 14″ to 24″.

Every girl is different and that means every girl’s hair is different. Not everyone wants the same thing for their hair so if you want to wear your natural curls but need some volume or you fancy super long locks then go for it! Make sure you also invest in a wide-toothed comb. There’s nothing worse for hair extensions – and your own hair while we’re at it – than yanking and pulling at it. This will just cause split ends and reduce the life of your hair extensions.

This summer if you want to embrace your natural curls look no further than Dream Girl. We can help to give your natural beauty a boost.


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