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The Faux Bob

26 Jun

Kim Kardashain rocked a bob!

Want to keep your long hair but also experiment with a bob? Fake it! 

We’ve seen plenty of celebrities showcase their new shorter locks. It’s no wonder you want to try it but you might not want to cut off all those lovely long strands.

Yet the truth is a bob hairstyle takes a lot of work. It’s not quite long enough to tie back so you have to style your hair every day. That’s great if your hair is smooth and thick (and you have plenty of time every morning) but let’s be honest, a lot of us don’t. Yes we love it when our hair is lush but sometimes we want to twist it into an up-do or shake our hair into a low maintenance style.

A bob doesn’t give you that freedom.

So how can you try this in vogue style without resorting to scissors?

It’s easy, fake it. 

If you’re wearing your Dream Girl hair extensions you know you’ve got lovely long, thick and healthy hair.

This is how to create a Faux Bob. 

Start by taking a section of hair at the back of the head reaching up to the crown. Back comb it gently adding lift so simply focus on the roots. Continue to the sides until all your hair around the crown is backcombed. It shouldn’t be too overt, it should be natural, just with added volume.

The next step is to create the bob itself. What you’re doing is creating an inverted bun. Gather your hair as if you’re tying it in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Twist until your reach the ends and then roll it up and fold underneath your hair. Do this in front of a mirror; you’ll want to keep hair fairly loose to get the bob effect. Use grips to pin in place and secure any loose strands. It should be smooth at the back. If you have layers at the front it will add to that bob feel and add shape and texture.

Use spray to secure into place and there you have it, it’s a great style for summer keeping the hair off your neck, while looking bang on trend!

Half-up hair-dos, a summer saviour

19 Jun

Half-up dos have had a bad press in the past. We’ve seen all the prom, bridesmaid styles with too much poof and curls and not enough edge. That could be why women sometimes shy away from the style.

Not this season though. This summer the half-up do is making a play to be our go to style for the warm months. Could the half-up do replace the ponytail?

On the face of it, you can see where the appeal comes from, especially if you have long, or wavy hair that you like to wear loose but want to keep of your face. If you have a weave or afro you know that a half-up do can help keep your hair away from your face while still have the fullness and bounce of your awesome natural hair.

At Dream Girl we’ve picked a few celebs to let you find some inspiration and pick the right hairstyle for you.

Kate Middleton

27fe4ad0f62f6556a9dd9c37ec3b73ceA classic style is ideal if you have very thick and long hair.

First, style your hair into gentle waves. To do this without heat which will damage your hair extensions we suggest creating pin curls. Twist one inch sections of hair into small buns, pin and spray. Leave for around half an hour.

Next start teasing the hair from behind the ears and up to the crown. Smoothe the hair using a tiny drop of serum but be careful not to flatten any of the teased hair. Beginning at the top of the ears, trace fingers along the scalp until you reach the crown. Twist the piece of hair into a bun and pin in place, tucking any ends underneath.

Leave the ends loose with your waves.


downloadThe little half-up pompadour is a great way to make this style work for a night-time look.

Beyonce wears it with straightened hair but in fact it works better with a full ‘fro. Once you’ve styled your hair as normal, as above start with the finger on top of the ear and work back to the crown to separate the hair into two sections.

The top section, twist it and then push forward to create a little lift on the front. Secure with pins to help it stay in place.


Guys like Jake Gyllenhaal and Leo di Caprio aren’t the only ones who can rock this little half up bun. Zoella shows how you can wear it as a perfect daytime or night-time style, even adding a few accessories to make it perfect.

zoella-hair-4-500x750Keep hair long and loose to start with. You don’t need to control it too much.

You want the bun to sit as near the crown of your head as you can, like a top bun. Start by teasing the hair at the crown for extra lift. Next, take the hair from the temples and gather to the top of the head, leaving a long section below falling down your back.

Take the top section and twist it into a bun on the top of your head, pinning the ends underneath.

Wrap a small scarf or scrap of fabric around the bun if you like for an extra summer accessory.

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Inspiration for festival hair

12 Jun
Rex Features

Rex Features

Festival season is upon us again and that means it’s time for one of our favourite hair-spiration moments.

It can be a challenge, figuring out what to do with your hair at a music festival. OK, there are bigger problems in the world but we’re talking hair and we want it to look right. We want cool, but not too cool. easy to manage, not too complicated and able to fight the frizz.

Let’s face it, festivals are often hot and humid. These are rarely two ingredients that you throw into the mix for “effortless” hairstyles. Instead what you can end up with is a frizzy, sweaty, straggly mess. This is not a look anyone is looking to achieve this summer.

So here is Dream Girl’s advice.

1. If in doubt, braid it

Seriously. Do not waste time on products if you know your hair is just going to turn into a frizzy state you will a) hate and b) find it hard to manage. An up-do is an out of sight halfway house that provides you with a sleek and stylish finish without having to worry about what your hair is doing. A twisted up-do or braid is ideal for natural hair and long hair is you want it controllable.

2. Don’t stick with one braid, go for several

If you think your hair doesn’t need to be up, but you want a half up-do then embrace the semi-braid. Add a few plaits into your long style. This will give you a hippy vibe but it will also let you take some of the hair off your face so that it gets less greasy and lank and stays cool and loose.

3. Add a shock of colour

Flashes of colour are bang on trend for this summer. Dream Girl’s clip on hair extensions are ideal to add that bright strip of colour to your look. We have a range called fancies which come in blue, red, plum and even turquoise to add a spark of colour, perfect for festivals.

4. Must haves to carry

Dry shampoo should be one of the first things you pack. It will help reduce grease and will help hair look coiffed. Hair oil is ideal for dry ends. One of the problems in heat is that hair gets dry and stretched. Oil on the tips will help to keep the follicles moisturized and reduce split ends.

5. Don’t forget to accessorize

This summer hair accessories are a big deal. Think feathers and hairbands as well as flower crowns to add a little colour to your crowning glory.

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Summer’s Top 5 hairstyles

5 Jun

It looks like summer might have finally arrived with the weather warming up.

So here are Dream Girl’s Top 5 hairstyles to get you through the warmer months. Whether you wear hair extensions or have long locks of your own, these styles will help you stay cool as well as being bang on trend all season.

A Topknot

There’s nothing like keeping your hair off the back of your neck when it’s warm so when it’s long wrap it up in a top bun to keep it our of your face and help you stay cool. Simply tie hair into a high ponytail above the crown of your head. Split hair into two sections. Take one section and twist it round the ponytail, pinning in place. Take the second section and twist that round as well, using bobby pins to secure it. Twist and tease out a few strands so it doesn’t look too “done”. Finish with a little spray and you’re ready to go!

Roll and Twist!

This is a retro style that will keep you cool, both looks and temperature-wise! Start by combing hair into a side-parting. Begin on one side and begin twisting hair just by the temple. Use bobby pins to secure as you go. Once you get to the nape of the neck twist hair into a bun and roll it under. Pin to secure. Repeat and do the same with the other side, ensuring hair is smooth. Twist the hair at the nape of the neck over the existing bun and roll both underneath before pinning both in place.

An easy Fishtail Braid

A fishtail can look intricate but there’s an easy cheat. Instead of dividing your hair into three for a traditional plait, instead divide it into four. Plait by taking the section on the farthest left and crossing it over the next three sections. Take the farthest section on the right and cross it over the other three sections. And so on. Tie hair with a band at the tips and tease out a few loose strands. If you want your fishtail to be slightly messy just pull at a few sections along the plait.

Audrina Partidge showcases the messy side bun

Audrina Partidge showcases the messy side bun

The messy bun

With long hair you can often wake up with it looking too messy to wear loose. Embrace that by brushing hair over one shoulder. Finger comb it gently and then begin to twist. Start at the bottom and let hair naturally coil up into a bun. Pin the ends and secure in place. Use spray to fix.

A high pony

The ponytail is a classic summer style. Start by backcombing hair at the crown to add as much lift as you can. Then gather hair into a high ponytail right up on the crown, so even longer locks just brush your shoulders. Take a small section of hair from the bottom and twist it to cover the root of the ponytail and add more lift. backcomb the pony for added volume.


Change doesn’t have to be forever

29 May

Emma-Stone-2A hairstyle isn’t something that has to stay the same. Instead it’s all about change. And one of the key trends for summer 2015 seems to be just that; whether it’s Katy Perry going green or Katie Cuoco thinking pink celebrities this season are embracing new styles, new colours and new length.

One of the hottest looks this season is the bob. Whether wavy, shoulder length or just on the chin stars like Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone have shown just how versatile this style can be.

At Dream Girl we’re all for change and we believe it’s your hair and your rules. We’re just here to make it easier. Change doesn’t have to be permanent and our range of hair extensions, weaves and wigs can ensure that you experiment with a style but know it’s only for the night.

Here are our tips for wearing the season’s top looks without making a long term commitment.

Wavy bob

You might not want to go for the chop so instead why not wear a wig to try out the season’s hottest look? Dream Girl’s Chic Collection offers a range of different style meaning you can try a shorter do without cutting your natural locks.

A lace wig in a short, chin length bob hairstyle will fit over your natural hair. Use a skull cap or net to cover and smooth your natural locks to ensure as flat a surface as possible. Fit the wig snugly and securely and have a new hairstyle in minutes.

Dip-dyed locks

With celebs brightening up their hairstyles ready for summer we’re expecting to see plenty more shades on the beach this year.

Yet dyeing your hair can do it real damage. Bleach and even natural dyes can strip hair of nutrients making it dull, lacklustre  and brittle.

To avoid that use clip-on hair extensions to add a bright hue without reaching for the dye bottle.

Dream Girl’s hair extensions can come in a range of colours we call Fancies which cover the most vibrant shades from plum to turquoise. Simply clip the hair extension in and you have a shock of new colour that’s bang on trend.

Beach waves

The thing about all those luscious long wavy styles you see is that often heat has been used to achieve the look.

Using curlers or straighteners on your own hair, never mind hair extensions, will damage it. Hair is like wax, heat styles it by softening the hair and then once it cools it keeps its shape. That bending and melting, though, can leave hair broken and brittle. Split ends are bad for natural hair but they’re worse for hair extensions. Using heat on hair extensions dramatically shortens their lifespan.

Instead if you want natural waves try hair extensions from Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range. From tight curls to gentle waves it’s the easiest way to create a long lasting look without doing damage to your hair.


Perfect is over!

22 May
Getty Images

Getty Images

Who wants to be perfect? It was too much like hard work anyway and, after all, every one is different.

Perfectly coiffed curls, waves of the same prescribed kink and length, slicked back styles to ensure there’s not a strand out of place. Yesterday’s look, we’re delighted to say. And not a moment too soon.

We’ve already written about styles this summer that are slightly “undone” not too perfect and much more relaxed and laid back. Well it seems as though this isn’t just a handful of hairstyles but a key look for the next season. Don’t look too perfect.

So in honour of being “undone” we’ve written a Dream Girl guide for taking your styling back a step or two;

1. Volume is still important but this isn’t blow dried beehive volume; it’s about adding thickness at the roots. Hair extensions can add bulk and depth.

2. Learn the art of the scrunch. It helps you to make the most of your roots and add shape. Spray hairspray and dry shampoo and scrunch hair when it needs a refresh during the day.

3. If you’re wearing hair loose then the wave is your best friend. Dream Girl has a range especially for Waves and Curls but use pins to twist and secure sections of hair before unfurling for a heat-free wave.

4. Undone hair doesn’t mean ignoring an up-do. Style as normal but pull and tease strands so the up-do isn’t too perfect without a flyaway strand.

5. Embrace natural hair. Afros are full and proud this season so less teasing and twisting to “control” hair and more letting it do it’s thing.

6. Don’t brush hair under to create that turn at the bottom. Blunt finishes are key. Instead use fingers to separate ends.

7. For a messy bun use a pony-tail hair extension to add length but only loosely wrap it around the root of the pony. Ballerina buns are out.

8. Hair still needs to be shiny and glossy so don’t think not having to look perfect means you can get away with lanky locks; you can’t!

9. Use your fingers to separate strands and create more volume while you blow dry.

10. Hold products are vital for a messy style to stay all day so invest in a mousse and hairspray instead of oils. Think light hold, not slick shine.

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We love Lea Michele’s new braid

15 May

This summer the braid is back, but it’s a fresh new style.

We could spend ages explaining to you how it should look but instead we’ll just show you this picture of Lea Michele because she has it bang on.

Lea Michele at The Fox network Event

Lea Michele at The Fox network Event

It’s slightly messy, slightly unkempt but just as shiny and lush as it needs to be.

We love this look. It’s perky and stylish, works for day through to night and it shows of healthy, thick locks. What more could you want?

Here’s how to recreate this style.

First you want hair to be as luscious and shiny as possible. Keep your natural hair in tip top condition by drinking plenty of water and using the right conditioner to protect your hair.

If you don’t have the long locks required for this style you might need to use a Dream Girl ponytail hair extension. These either clip or fasten over your own hair adding length and volume.

You want to choose a shade that closely matches your own natural hair colour.

Next tie your hair into a high ponytail on the crown. Don’t worry about making it look too sleek. Instead it can be slightly ruffled as this is the style.

If you’re using a ponytail hair extension add it now.

Plait the hair thickly into a braid and fasten at the ends.

Pull slight strands of hair from the plait. The easiest way to do this is to take sections of the braid on either side and pull them slightly apart. This creates a finished style that has that bedhead “undone” look.

And that’s it. It really is that easy. Either wear with a fringe or have your bangs out in front like Lea Michele here. Use some hairspray to finish and just keep flyaway locks in place.

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Are you caring for your hair extensions?

8 May

Hair is ripe for change. We love to chop and change our hairstyles, whether it’s using sew in hair extensions, clips ons or ponytail extensions. It means we can go from mid length to wavy, super long, thick pony or tight curls. You really can change your hair to suit your mood.

Yet wearing hair extensions doesn’t mean you can stop caring for your hair. The better you care for your hair extensions, the longer they will last. You ideally want extensions to blend seamlessly into your natural hair and if they start to get frizzy, with split ends then it means they need a bit more loving care.

This is what you need to be doing every week;

1. Keep an eye on them. You have to take care of hair extensions and if you have natural hair you’re used to having to manage it daily and the same goes for a weave. You can’t put it in and simply forget about it. If your high quality hair extensions are made of human hair you need to be caring for them in the same way you do your own. Specially formulated shampoos designed for hair extensions help to add moisture and nourish hair to prevent dryness.

2. Don’t neglect your roots. If you have sew in hair extensions you’ll have around 20 rows from the nape of the neck to the hairline to ensure hair lies as flat as possible and doesn’t stick up or out. You need to ensure those roots are protected and cared for as well as ends. Hair needs to be at least 1.5 inches to have hair extensions fitted so those roots are your own hair. Make sure extensions aren’t sewn in too tightly as this will damage root follicles. If moisturising conditioner can’t reach your roots then use a moisturising hair spray created using conditioner and water and spray directly onto roots when washing your hair.

3. Hair extension’s don’t last forever. Your natural hair is continuously replenished. Even if hair extensions are made from 100% human hair the hair is cut so it won’t last indefinitely. Hair extensions last a couple of months but you’ll get used to the signs of wear and tear if you wear them regularly. It’s important for your own hair that you don’t wear hair extensions for too long; not only can they look tired but as your natural hair grows back it can get knotted.

If you’re wearing hair extensions follow our guide to ensure healthy and beautiful locks that are natural looking and blend seamlessly with your own hair.

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Prom hairstyles you should definitely try

1 May

You’ve picked the perfect dress, the shoes you can dance (and walk) in and the date of your prom is getting nearer and nearer. Don’t let your hair be the one thing you forget!

Formal dos like a prom can often leave us heading for the traditional hairstyles; the faux curls, bobby pins, French twists and bridesmaid style tiaras. Isn’t it all just a bit, tired?

This year, Dream Girl wants to inspire a new look for the prom, whatever style of hair you have.

Wear it loose

Whatever your hair type you don’t have to wear an up-do. Think Blake Lively or Solange Knowles for inspiration of how to rock your own hair. If you want a weave or hair extensions to add thickness, volume and length for added WOW! then we can help.

updomessybunStart with Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to pick the right shade. You want hair to blend in seamlessly. If it’s only a one night hairstyle we’d recommend clip-on hair extensions that will have your hair ready in minutes. We offer Remi Clip Ons and Euro Hair Clips ons.

For natural hair we have a wide range of extensions from French Deep Curls to Yaki and Euro Bulk depending on the texture of your hair and how relaxed it is.

A long and loose style will help you stand out from the crowd if everyone else is relying on an up-do.

If you really want to wear your hair up, though, we have some ideas.

If your hair is curly

For curly styles a messy bun will offer just the right amount of glamour with a laid back style that doesn’t look too sculptured. Twist hair at either side below your ears and tie the resulting ponytails with a band. Twist different sections of hair and pin in place, taking care to ensure it isn’t too neat.

The Pompadour

lupitaLupita Nyong’o rocked this look last summer and it’s a classic. It’s a vintage inspired look that adds a modern twist to your prom style. Reduce flyway hair with moisturiser or serum. Pin up at the back to style hair towards the top of the head using a criss cross style. Take one side and create a large roll from roots to tip. Take the remaining loose hair and fold over the remaining section, pinning in pace to secure.

A pouffie pompadour will make you feel like a rock star

Add an accessory

If you want a little hair decoration don’t turn to the tiara but opt for something more contemporary. Feathers or a jewelled hair accessory that simply slots in along your up-do will make you feel like you have had an injection of glamour, but in a modern way.

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How to get Selena Gomez’s beach waves

24 Apr

There are plenty of pictures of our favourite celebrities cutting their hair for spring this year. Yet sometimes you see a longer style that’s just so right it makes you wonder why you’d ever want to get rid of your locks.

Selena Gomez was snapped with the kind of beach waves we dream of having everyday. Thick, wavy hair, rich in colour looking healthy and shiny this is the hair we want for this season and right through until summer.

The good news is that Dream Girl the ingredients for you to recreate this style. Whether you’re a brunette like Gomez or a blonde it’s easy to style yourself.

What makes this style truly eye-catching is that Selena Gomez has seriously thick and long locks. Whether it’s all her own hair or she’s had a little help we don’t know but you can boost your natural locks. Use clip-on or longer lasting hair extensions to add both volume and length.

The first thing you want to do is take a look at Dream Girl’s range for Waves and Curls. From gentle beach waves to French Jerry Curls this is our range of hair extensions designed for all those without super straight hair; and we know there are plenty of you!

Pick the style of waves from Body to Italian Body as the wave and curl gets deeper and more defined. Next choose your colour. You want a shade that closely matches your own so that hair extensions blend seamlessly into your own locks. It doesn’t matter what colour your hair is; go from brunettes to blondes, reds or even funkies for a shock of colour. We’ve over 80 shades to choose from so you’ll find the exact right colour for you.

Once you’ve chosen your colour choose the right length. Going from 12″ to 18″ you can opt for mid length to super-long. Selena Gomez’s hair here is really long, sitting underneath the breastbone. Remember you can have your hair extensions fitted and then go to your stylist if they need to be trimmed or styled so that they are the perfect length for you.

Remember, never use heat to create waves or curls. Heat, like curlers or straighteners, is the fastest way to damage your locks. It’ll dry it out and can cause split ends. If you damage your natural hair you know it will grow back. If you use heat on your hair extensions then the damage will be permanent and you’re reducing the length of time they’ll look healthy and glossy for.

Remember to take care of your hair extensions every day. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner designed especially for extensions and you’ll keep them in shape for longer.

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