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Planned your party look yet?

19 Dec
Braids wil be big again in 2015! Harper's Bazaar

Braids wil be big again in 2015! Harper’s Bazaar

Christmas is the most glamorous time of the year. A little glitz here, some sparkle there as the party invitations start arriving we start planning our look.

This party season will you go for a sleek, styled up-do or glossy waves? How about slicked back hair with a long ponytail hair extension, or a bang on trend braid? Whatever hairstyle you go for remember to check out Dream Girl’s blog for tips, styling ideas and how-to guides to recreate the most fashionable of festive hairstyles.

So whether you’re looking for Remi Silky Hair Extensions to add volume and length to your natural style, whether you want a Ponytail Hair Extension to create a braid, bun or longer pony, Clip In Hair extensions for a fast style fix now is the time to do it.

Alexa Chung's slightly messy style is on trend

Alexa Chung’s slightly messy style is on trend

How are we going to wear our hair for 2015? And what styles can you adopt now to make sure your party look in 2014 is all about next season’s styles?

If the catwalks are anything to go by messy hair is going to a “thing” this spring. We probably won’t go for the full half done ponytail but it’ll be a good way to nod to the style with a little Kate Moss esque scrunched messy, long styles. Simply use mousse to scrunch through straight hair and keep it from being too sleek.

Braids aren’t going anywhere in 2015 but they are changing. Instead of running the braid down your back wear it over your shoulder, like a side ponytail. Dress it up with a scarf braided through the plait or style three braids and tie them together at the ends. Make it fun and playful.

Waves are low-fi in 2015 and it’s all about letting your hair dry naturally. We’ve been banging on about the dangers of heat on hair for ages so this is good news. Just use a little mousse to add lift and then let hair dry on its own.

We’re seeing bold colours on show for lips next spring, reds and plums so keep hair as simple as possible to let the lips pop.

Today, Friday 19 December is the last day you can order from Dream Girl before Christmas so do that today. We’ll be back on Tuesday 6 January 2015.

Have a happy, healthy and most importantly a stylish Christmas and new year!

The celebrity hair secret

12 Dec
Nicki Minaj often wears wigs

Nicki Minaj often wears wigs

Do you know how celebrities change their hairstyles from day to day? Their secret is wigs!

If you look at pictures of celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and supermodel Naomi Campbell you’ll often notice their styles will change drastically from one day to the next. They’ll be spotted with long hair on stage then at an event with short hair the very next day. But scissors aren’t involved as you’ll then see them a few days later and hey presto – not only will their long locks be back but they’ll have a new streak of colour.

Like trying a new lip colour or experimenting with a new nail varnish, wigs offer versatility and a chance to chop and change your style as quick as you like. Dream Girl’s Chic Collection offers a range of lace and elastic wigs that fit snugly over your natural hair and can help you transform your style in seconds. It’s perfect for the festive season when you’ve got plenty of glamorous nights to prepare for.

First you have to choose whether you want a wig made from 100% human hair or synthetic. Human hair looks more natural as it falls gently and keeps its style for longer. A synthetic wig will be less expensive and will look very natural, ideal for a one off occasion.

You need to choose the hairstyle or look you want to go for, it might be a short pixie crop or a longer length. You can also choose from a wide range of colours so you can select a style that closely matches your own colour or opt for a wig that’s in a bright or different shade for maximum impact.

Next you need to fit your wig. You can either do this at home or you might want to see a stylist and they can do it for you. You need to start by flattening your own natural hair. Any bums will affect how the hair on the wig sits and you want it to have as smooth a base as possible.

Comb your natural hair back and tie it. Use a wig cap as this with flatten your hair down. It will also help to keep the wig in place. Begin with the wig at the forehead and continue to fit to the nape of the neck. Arrange the hair strands so they’re falling correctly and you’re ready to go!

If you want your wig to stay in good shape then make sure you gently comb it without harsh over brushing. Over-brush your natural hair and it will break but grow back. That doesn’t happen with a wig. Use a stand to ensure the wig keeps its shape and doesn’t become distorted. Wash in warm water and use gentle products to clean any dirt and grease from your locks. Allow hair to dry completely before you make any attempt to style it. This isn’t your natural hair, you will damage the wig if you use heat while it;s wet.

Whether you want an afro, a bob or super long style a wig allows you to change your look in seconds. You can order directly from Dream Girl’s online store. Remember our shop closes down from Friday 19 December until Monday 5 January.

100 years of hairstyles

5 Dec

Our favourite video of the week is one that shows how much our hairstyles have changed in 100 years. The minute film depicts the Edwardian style of 1910 through the the 20s bob, 60s beehive, back-combed 80s and right up to our relaxed style of today.

There’s a feeling in the Dream Girl office that we might be using this films as inspiration for our party season style!

Women’s hairstyles have changed a huge amount and it shows how the position and power of women has shifted. In the 1910s with little political sway women’s hair was severe as style was dictated by the (male) social norms. The 20s chop reflects women taking control and then hairstyles become more relaxed and chilled as women decide what they want to do with their hair, rather than get told by someone else.

At Dream Girl we love dressing up and dressing down, chopping and changing our hair and we use hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs to do just that. It adds to your choice and lets you experiment with your own style.


We love the 20s faux bob. It’s easy to recreate as well. If you have long hair thanks to hair extensions or natural growth then just add plenty of volume to the roots with big curlers. Spray and then uncurl. Backcomb the ends to reduce length and then twist and curl hair under, pinning it in place. The heart shaped lip colour and just a flick of mascara finishes the 20s look.

70shairThe 70s flyaway look is also easy to reproduce yourself. This looks perfect with longer locks so for those with medium length hair use Clip’N Go Hair extensions. They easily clip over your natural hair adding instant volume and length. Use those big curlers again to add volume in the roots. Spray and leave for half an hour. Simply uncurl and separate strands with your fingers. Hair should be styled away from the face provide a billowing cushion of hair. Match with a natural finish and go for wide legged trousers to complete the look.

2010shairBut it’s the modern look of today that we do really love. Experimenting with retro styles is great but the look of the 2010s is relaxed, carefree and effortless beauty. Longer locks are ideal and hair extensions can help you do just that. For those simple curls don’t use heat as it will damage your hair. Instead once you’ve dried your hair separate into one inch sections. Twist each section around your forefinger and then pin in place. Once you’ve pinned up all your hair spray and then finish your makeup.

Remove all the pins and comb with your fingers to separate the waves. Scrunch and spray to fix in place. You could opt for Dream Girl’s range of Waves and Curls if you’ve already got wavy or curly hair. Then pose for your best selfie face and you’re good to go.

At Dream Girl we love that women can explore their own style and have the freedom to wear their hair however they like. This season embrace your own style and wear your hair how you want to wear it.

Watch the full film here.

How to rock medium length hair

28 Nov

Hair extensions don’t mean super long hair – with lengths starting at 14 inches you can opt for a medium length hairstyle like Keira Knightley, Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift.

alexa chung

Rex Features

Medium length hair is having a moment. Sitting just below the shoulders it’s versatile and easy to wear. You can still style an updo and mix it up with a fringe for texture but it’s light enough to have plenty of volume.

Don’t think, though, if you’re looking to hair extensions that a medium length hairstyle it out of the question. At Dream Girl, hair extensions lengths start at 14 inches meaning you can have  a medium length style that’s ideal for you if you’re growing out a short cut. You only need two inches of growth to wear hair extensions so a style to just below the shoulders can ensure you don’t need that awkward growing out stage to knock your confidence, plus you can have a style that’s bang on trend.


Rex Features

There are plenty of ways to wear a medium length hairstyle as well. Go for Keira Knightley’s style and wear it with a middle parting and opt for a super sleek style. Ends should be blunt cut and use a serum and de-frizz before style to ensure hair has a smooth finish. Or mix it up like Alexa Chung who opts for a shaggy style with plenty of texture. You can add waves without heat by twisting hair into one inch sections and pinning in place. Use a little hairspray and allow to set for half an hour. Unpin and separate sections with your fingers. Scrunch and spray to fix the style in place. Taylor Swift wears her medium length hairstyle with a side fringe.

Remember, a medium length style can work light a long bob but it’s refreshingly low maintenance. Head to Dream Girl’s online store and select hair extensions. You can choose to go for Remi Silky or Euro Weft, weaving 100% human hair extensions depending on your budget. With over 80 shades on offer you can find a colour that closely matches your own natural shade. This is so important if you are growing out a shorter style; you’ll find that your natural hair can be tricky to control as it’s growing out. You’ll want to mask it as much as you can and hair extensions the same colour will help with that.

Changes styles doesn’t have to be a long process, or one that needs plenty of management. The range of lengths on offer for hair extensions means you can opt for a medium length instead of super long and style it out.

We’ve still got limited edition special offers on selected ranges of hair extensions over in our online store. Shop there now.

Slick it back

21 Nov

Could wet look style be the simplest day to night style for this year’s Christmas do?

Every year we think we’re going to manage to get from desk to dance floor and somehow turn into a supermodel on route. Pro-tip, it doesn’t quite work out like that. Inevitably some email or other pings into our inbox exactly when we’d planned to hotfoot it into the bathroom and transform ourselves. Or, instead, we simply haven’t got the tools to hand to dedicate our usual crimping, primping and backcombing in the shared toilets in the office (let’s be honest, who really wants to show all their beauty secrets to their colleagues? It sort of ruins the illusion).

This year, however, we think we might have cracked it. Whether we have super-long hair or mid length locks then we think the super-slick wet look might be the one that makes us look just the right amount of high-fashion and edgy.

The danger with the wet-look, obviously, is that it can look as though you’ve simply decided to let your hair dry au naturel. Put the extra work in, however and you can recreate this style that’s been spotted on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Rita Ora and suits you whether you have a centre parting, side-parting or tie it back into a  ponytail.

Add a hair piece

You want you hair to look lifted and voluminous at the roots for this look to work when your hair is loose. This can be achieved either through backcombing or by using a hairpiece. Simply clip on at the crown and comb over your own hair to cover. With 100% human hair and with a variety of shades helping you choose the one closest to your own colour this adds volume at the crown. Hair can then be slicked and styled creative an edgy look.

Wear a long pony

The slicked back look doesn’t have to focus solely on loose hair. You can slick back your locks and wear a high ponytail. If your hair is a little shorter and you want a long pony buy one of Dream Girl’s ponytail extensions. These either tie or clip over your natural hair and can be matched as closely as possible to your own hair colour.

Don’t forget, for a limited period only there are offers on Dream Girl hair extensions in our online store. Head over to our store to find out more.


Restore your hair extensions this winter

14 Nov

Winter is not kind to hair. This we know. Going from cold wind and rain outside to central heating inside causes frizz, dryness and split ends. Just as you need to treat your hair in the summer to protect it from heat, you need to do the same in winter to protect from cold.

It’s just as important to protect your hair extensions as well, especially if you have 100% human hair extensions. Your extensions are exposed to the exact same conditions as your natural locks. Damaged hair extensions don’t last as long.

So here are Dream Girl’s tips for protecting both your natural hair and your hair extensions from the cold weather.

  • Add water

When it’s cold and windy all the dust and dirt in the street gets blown around. You get caught in the rain and your hair is drenched. Keeping your hair clean and shiny is a vital way to restore it. Your hair creates natural oils that help to keep it strong. What happens when hair is blown about and run ragged by the weather is that these natural oils are washed away. You don’t have to wash hair daily, every other day works fine (sneaky tip, if you have a fringe you can wash that everyday to keep it shiny).

  • Treat your hair

Give your hair a festive treat to keep it looking healthy and luscious. When hair is dry what it needs is extra moisture. There are special conditioners designed just for hair extensions. Leave it on a few extra minutes and gently comb through. Make sure you treat your hair once a week in the winter to reduce damage from cold and central heating. Dryness stretches and snaps hair causing split ends which reduce the lifespan of your hair extensions.

  • Turn the heat off

Using heat like straighteners and a hot blow dry or curling tongs will only damage your hair further. As we’ve said before, hair is like wax. When you heat it it melts slightly and becomes more pliable so you can style it. The problem is that the heat then damages your hair causing it to stretch and snap. Never use heat on hair extensions if you want them to last.

  • Use SPF, even in the winter

It might seem counterproductive when you think there isn’t much sun about but winter rays can be just as harmful as summer ones. While you should protect your skin you should always protect your hair as well. Always use products with an SPF to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny and to reduce damage.

We want your hair extensions to look as luscious as possible for as long as possible. Follow Dream Girl’s winter tips and keep your hair looking as healthy as you can throughout the festive season and beyond.

Five tips for planning party hair

7 Nov

winter-wonder1The season to be glam is almost upon us. Parties, shindigs and a chance to let our hair down and dance the night away – Yes, we love the festive season.

If party planning is your thing then don’t forget to start with your hair. There’s only one problem with it and that’s that your hair has to work really hard. Taking you from day to night, dealing with all that freezing cold outside and central heating inside while still looking sleek and stylish can take a real toll.

That’s why it makes sense to start planning your party hair now. Remember, you’re not alone and you can always ask for help.

So here is Dream Girl’s five tips for making sure your hair gets through the festive season;

  1. Clip-on hair extensions transform your style in minutes

Work doesn’t stop just because the festive season is approaching. If you know there are going to be days when you go straight from your desk to the dance floor be prepared. Clip-on hair extensions allow you to change your style in minutes. Use Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to choose a shade that closely matches your own. All you need to is clip in the hair extensions and you can have a longer and fuller style that feels a little bit more glamorous.

  1. A Ponytail hair extension is ideal for a ballerina bun

You’re not looking for hairstyles that take hours to create. Instead you want something simple that has maximum impact. How’s this? Tie your hair into a high ponytail on the crown of the head. Twist the ponytail into a bun and pin in place. Use hairspray to smooth any loose strands. Next, clip a ponytail hair extension over your bun. Twist and coil to create a bun and pin in place. You’ll have a glam style that you’ve created, literally, in minutes.

  1. Invest in a  handbag size hairspray and dry shampoo

You can’t bring your whole makeup bag with you into work. Instead make sure you have smaller sized essentials. Dry shampoo can revamp your fringe and help shake off some of the day’s grease. Hairspray is a must have whether you’re opting for an up-do or loose style. It will help you control wayward ends and will help hair look neater.

  1. Want to try something new? Practice

Being locked in the loo at work trying to master the perfect quiff while your female colleagues bang on the door is not the way to get yourself ready for any kind of party. Party season can often be a great time to experiment with a new look or style but remember this, practice it. If you fancy trying a wetlook, slicked back style – which is both edgy and simple – that’s great but have a go at home to see a) how it looks and b) how easy it is to do yourself. There’s nothing worse than starting a style and halfway through realising you hate it but there’s no going back. This is about you feeling awesome about yourself.

  1. Get a trim before party season kicks off

One of the main causes of frizzy hair is split ends. Going from cold weather outdoors to heated rooms doesn’t help; it dries hair out making it more brittle and likely to break. The best way to tackle it is head on. Before party season gets underway have a trim and rid yourself of any split ends. Hair will be healthier, stronger and in a much better position to take the styling of the festive season.

Don’t forget, for a limited period only there are offers on Dream girl hair extensions in our online store. Head over to our store to find out more.

Five ways we’re wearing our hair this week

31 Oct

dreamgirlhairpicLong, short, up, down, curled or loose waves; at Dream Girl we’re firm believers in experimenting with your style. Here are five hairstyles we’ll be wearing  this week.

Sleek and straight

A simple middle parting, healthy looking shiny long locks, this is a hairstyle that is ideal for an elegant finish. If you want longer hair, or just an added volume, use super straight Euro Weft hair extensions (currently available with a special discount offer in our online store). Choose from over 80 shades to find the colour that closely matches your natural shade. We have a how-to video showing how you can fit hair extensions yourself, or find a stockist near to you who can style them for you.

A ballerina bun

There’s no easier style than tying your hair back in a ponytail and then twisting it into a simple bun. It’s a smooth, no-fuss hairstyle that might take minimum effort but still has high impact. If your hair isn’t quite long enough to tie into a bun then use a Dream Girl ponytail hair extension. It either ties or clips over your own hair adding extra length. You can choose from 100% human hair or synthetic hair.

Beach waves

Just because summer is well and truly over it doesn’t mean you should pack away your beach waves along with your bikinis. In fact a little summer sparkle can lift our mood in the depths of cold weather. Opt for hair extensions from our Waves and Curls range if you want longer or fuller locks. Alternatively choose a no-heat solution to create curls; simply divide hair into one inch sections, twist and pin in place. Spray with hairspray and leave for up to half an hour. Unfurl, comb with your fingers to separate and add a little bit more spray.

Pin back half up-do

If you have natural waves and curls a great style to emphasise the texture of your hair is the simple pin-back. Tease locks for a little extra volume and then twist and pin back the sides. Use a side parting to make it an edgier style and make sure you get plenty of lift in the roots.

The classic braid

Plaits are in vogue right now and it’s easy to see why; the braid is a classic style that creates and elegant silhouette. Fishtail plaits are also very in, but a little bit more intricate to create on your own. For the classic French braid start with a section of hair above the crown towards the front of the head. Divide into three and plait. Take sections of hair from the temples and sides as you work your way down, incorporating the extra lengths into your plait as you work. Once you get to the nape of the neck simply plait and fasten at the ends. For a modern finish pull the curls of the plait slightly for a messier finish.

Don’t forget for a limited time only you can get discounts on a range of Dream Girl’s hair extensions. Shop here

The style for spring 2015

24 Oct

With autumn and winter upon us, spring feels like a long way away. As we celebrate Diwali and with Christmas is just around the corner so we have plenty of fun and cheer to look forward to before then, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be excited about next year.

The latest fashion shows offered a glimpse of the new styles for spring 2015. There’s one thing that unifies all the myriad hairstyles we spotted for next year; long hair. So if you opted for a bob or lob in 2014 either pick your hair extensions for instant length or start growing your hair over the winter months. In 2015 long hair is back in vogue.

imax tree

imax tree

Boho Waves

One of the most popular styles for long locks, Boho Waves offer the opportunity to show your healthy long locks to best effect. For healthy hair make sure you get regular trims and drink plenty of water; hair needs lots of rehydration. The gentle waves are easily achieved simply by scrunching hair or coiling around the finger as you dry. Opt for a middle or side parting and just ruffle hair with a little styling wax to separate the ends for that “just done” finish.

Super long ponytails

Ponytails certainly had a moment in 2014 and looked fresh from spring to summer and autumn. This twist for spring 2015 is added length. Sleek, but long and loose it’s the easiest way to look styled with the minimum of effort in the morning. Either opt for a low pony at the nape of the neck, add a little volume at the crown by back-combing or adding clip-in extensions or a hair piece for added lift. If you haven’t got the length required for the long pony use one of Dream Girl’s clip in ponytail hair extensions. You can choose from a  range of colours to find the right one for you.

imax tree

imax tree

Sumo knots

The top bun was the must-have style for 2014. In 2015 it’s the “sumo knot”. Buns are big next year and they’re full of volume. If your hair is fine, hair extensions will help to add that volume as well as length to give you the lift you need. Backcomb the ponytail and twist underneath for a sleek style, plait and twist into a tight bun or just twist and pin for a simple style.

Remember Dream Girl has a limited offer on a range of hair extensions. Head to our online store to see if you can find a deal that’s right for you.

Don’t live with bad haircuts!

17 Oct even Beyonce can’t get it right every time, what hope is there for the rest of us?

This week Queen B unveiled her new hairstyle and it hasn’t gone according to plan. Hey, we’ve all done it! You have an idea for a style or you spot something in a magazine and want to try it for yourself.

The problem is that not every style suits every woman. Beyonce stepped out in Paris with what looks like long blond hair extensions and a very short bluntly chopped fringe. At Dream Girl we’re all for women experimenting with their style but we also know every woman is different.

The blunt fringe does nothing for Beyonce’s beautiful face. Her hair is incredibly thick and a blunt fringe works best on very straight hair. Anything with a little wave or frizz and you’ll spend most of your time flattening it out or trying to stun it into submission. Side swept or longer fringes work best on very thick hair.

The thing is when we try a hairstyle that hasn’t quite worked out we don’t get our pictures splashed across the tabloids. We don’t get anyone analysing our hair decisions and pointing out where we went wrong.

That doesn’t mean that when we pick a bad haircut we should lock ourselves indoors. If you’ve gone for a brutal chop, gone for a trendy style that isn’t working, or adopted a colour that’s simply gone wrong there is help at hand.

Dream Girl’s Chic Collection offers a new look everyday, but without having to take scissors to your hair. With a full range of premium quality wigs, either in synthetic or human hair pieces you can experiment with new styles with minimum fuss.

Wigs might not be the first thing you think of as part of your style collection but in fact they offer a stylish and flexible way to change your style instantly with minimum fuss. With a range of lengths on offer, textures and colours Dream Girl’s wigs are finely wefted. This means you can achieve a truly natural look.

Choosing a wig is simple. Our Chic Collection has 33 colours to choose from; from Apricot Blond right through to Dark Chocolate. In our online store you can choose from Lace Wigs, Elastic Wigs or Standard Wigs. You can choose a range of different lengths, depending on whether you want a shorter style or a longer look. Then you can order the exact wig you want directly from us.

Once your wig arrives you can either wear it as it is or choose to go to your stylist and have it individually styled just for you. This is often an option for those who are choosing a wig to conceal thinning hair and want to cover their locks easily.

We know that it’s often too simple to make bad style choices when it comes to our hair. Not every style suits everyone. But we also know that whatever we do our hair always grows back. In the meantime a wig from Dream Girl’s Chic Collection means that no one will ever know!


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