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The style for spring 2015

24 Oct

With autumn and winter upon us, spring feels like a long way away. As we celebrate Diwali and with Christmas is just around the corner so we have plenty of fun and cheer to look forward to before then, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be excited about next year.

The latest fashion shows offered a glimpse of the new styles for spring 2015. There’s one thing that unifies all the myriad hairstyles we spotted for next year; long hair. So if you opted for a bob or lob in 2014 either pick your hair extensions for instant length or start growing your hair over the winter months. In 2015 long hair is back in vogue.

imax tree

imax tree

Boho Waves

One of the most popular styles for long locks, Boho Waves offer the opportunity to show your healthy long locks to best effect. For healthy hair make sure you get regular trims and drink plenty of water; hair needs lots of rehydration. The gentle waves are easily achieved simply by scrunching hair or coiling around the finger as you dry. Opt for a middle or side parting and just ruffle hair with a little styling wax to separate the ends for that “just done” finish.

Super long ponytails

Ponytails certainly had a moment in 2014 and looked fresh from spring to summer and autumn. This twist for spring 2015 is added length. Sleek, but long and loose it’s the easiest way to look styled with the minimum of effort in the morning. Either opt for a low pony at the nape of the neck, add a little volume at the crown by back-combing or adding clip-in extensions or a hair piece for added lift. If you haven’t got the length required for the long pony use one of Dream Girl’s clip in ponytail hair extensions. You can choose from a  range of colours to find the right one for you.

imax tree

imax tree

Sumo knots

The top bun was the must-have style for 2014. In 2015 it’s the “sumo knot”. Buns are big next year and they’re full of volume. If your hair is fine, hair extensions will help to add that volume as well as length to give you the lift you need. Backcomb the ponytail and twist underneath for a sleek style, plait and twist into a tight bun or just twist and pin for a simple style.

Remember Dream Girl has a limited offer on a range of hair extensions. Head to our online store to see if you can find a deal that’s right for you.

Don’t live with bad haircuts!

17 Oct even Beyonce can’t get it right every time, what hope is there for the rest of us?

This week Queen B unveiled her new hairstyle and it hasn’t gone according to plan. Hey, we’ve all done it! You have an idea for a style or you spot something in a magazine and want to try it for yourself.

The problem is that not every style suits every woman. Beyonce stepped out in Paris with what looks like long blond hair extensions and a very short bluntly chopped fringe. At Dream Girl we’re all for women experimenting with their style but we also know every woman is different.

The blunt fringe does nothing for Beyonce’s beautiful face. Her hair is incredibly thick and a blunt fringe works best on very straight hair. Anything with a little wave or frizz and you’ll spend most of your time flattening it out or trying to stun it into submission. Side swept or longer fringes work best on very thick hair.

The thing is when we try a hairstyle that hasn’t quite worked out we don’t get our pictures splashed across the tabloids. We don’t get anyone analysing our hair decisions and pointing out where we went wrong.

That doesn’t mean that when we pick a bad haircut we should lock ourselves indoors. If you’ve gone for a brutal chop, gone for a trendy style that isn’t working, or adopted a colour that’s simply gone wrong there is help at hand.

Dream Girl’s Chic Collection offers a new look everyday, but without having to take scissors to your hair. With a full range of premium quality wigs, either in synthetic or human hair pieces you can experiment with new styles with minimum fuss.

Wigs might not be the first thing you think of as part of your style collection but in fact they offer a stylish and flexible way to change your style instantly with minimum fuss. With a range of lengths on offer, textures and colours Dream Girl’s wigs are finely wefted. This means you can achieve a truly natural look.

Choosing a wig is simple. Our Chic Collection has 33 colours to choose from; from Apricot Blond right through to Dark Chocolate. In our online store you can choose from Lace Wigs, Elastic Wigs or Standard Wigs. You can choose a range of different lengths, depending on whether you want a shorter style or a longer look. Then you can order the exact wig you want directly from us.

Once your wig arrives you can either wear it as it is or choose to go to your stylist and have it individually styled just for you. This is often an option for those who are choosing a wig to conceal thinning hair and want to cover their locks easily.

We know that it’s often too simple to make bad style choices when it comes to our hair. Not every style suits everyone. But we also know that whatever we do our hair always grows back. In the meantime a wig from Dream Girl’s Chic Collection means that no one will ever know!

Why we love our long locks

10 Oct

Dream Girl Price Drop Banner

Wear it up, wear it down. We just love our long hair.

As Dream Girl launches a limited offer for discounts on Euro Weft and Clip-On hair extensions we want to celebrate our lovely long locks.

The truth is that hair trends come and go, but long hair is a classic that never goes away. Everyone from Princesses to models, actors, rockstars and high street fashionistas have worn their long locks with pride.

What helps to keep long hair up to date is the care we offer it. By adding soft layers, perhaps a bold fringe or a few angled ends we can add variety to our long style and keep it looking fresh.

It’s the versatility of long hair that we love, and that’s why so many turn to hair extensions to add instant length and volume. Either using Euro Weft or easy to use clip-on hair extensions, you can have instant long locks.

Style it with a parting in the middle and keep hair wavy and tousled for a look that’s full of body. Or go sleek with super straight hair and a simple side parting for an edgier style. Try a Hollywood glam style that sweeps waves and curls over one shoulder for a night out, or try messing it up for a hairstyle that’s straight of the London catwalks with a middle parting and scrunched look.

Euro Weft are known as silky straight hair extensions. For those who want to try that super straight style these are the hair extensions to go for. With a velvety and sleek natural texture they are incredibly soft to touch, ideal for those who want a natural finish.

At Dream Girl we are careful to only choose the highest quality human hair, ethically sourced. When the hair cuticles are left intact it allows hair to remain looking and falling naturally. Euro Weft hair extensions are ideal for weaving, so you can make your own clip-in hair extensions.

Our clip-in hair extensions are perfect for those who want the ultimate and versatile approach to styling their hair. Our clips are pre-cut human hair extensions with clips attached to the weft itself. To apply you simply clip onto your own hair close to the root. You can easily add volume, length, fullness or even highlights.

For a limited period only we’re offering discounts on both our Euro Weft and clip-on hair extensions. Browse our online store and over 80 shades to find the right deal for you.

A simple up-do for this weekend

3 Oct
Rex Features

Rex Features

There’s something about Autumn that puts us in the mind of tousled locks, rich chestnut colours and wavy styles. If you’re feeling inspired by the start of a new season embrace the change and try something new with your hair.

One of our style icons is Emma Watson. Not only is she an awesome, articulate woman but she also has a rather natty sense of style that we at Dream Girl love.

So this weekend take inspiration from the gorgeous actress and try this simple up-do that’s all about a classic, timeless beauty.

You’ll need longer locks for this style so for those with hair extensions it’s easy to whip your hair back. If you have shorter hair that you lengthen with clip-on hair extensions you’ll need to wear them to try this.

Once that’s done part your hair slightly to the side. Take the first section at the front by the temple; it should be about an inch wide. Begin to twist the hair so it almost looks like a braid. Once you get to the nape of the neck take your pins and pin in place. The pins should be invisible so point them in towards the scalp to secure the twist.

Take the section on the other temple and repeat the process again. Once you reach the nape of the neck again pin the hair in place.

Check in the mirror turning your head to the left and the right making sure the twist is uniform, secure and even across the sides of the head.

You should now have a long ponytail lying down your back. Without disturbing the pins begin to twist the ponytail until it begins to coil round. Twist it into a bun at the centre of the head and tuck the ends under. Pin to secure.

Emma wears  a side parting to show off that ear cuff and you could do the same with a great pair of earrings. A red lip will pop and adds to the impact of a classic style.

There you have it, a great and easy up-do to let you have a stylish weekend!

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Change your hair in five minutes

26 Sep
Our hair crush Blake Lively,

Our hair crush Blake Lively,

You are not the only person who wakes up and is disappointed they haven’t turned into Blake Lively overnight.

If we’re talking hair crushes, Blake Lively is our number one, our holy grail. Texture, shape, length, healthy shine, glossiness; we admit it, we covet her hair.

But at Dream Girl we’re not ones for feeling bad about ourselves. Instead we believe in seizing the day and making the best of you that you can be. Even Blake must have bad hair days right?

There is a way of transforming your hair in just five minutes. Confidence starts in your head and often on your head. Fuller and longer hair in minutes can help you stand that little bit taller. It can help you enhance your own natural beauty and style.

Clip’N Go are clip-on hair extensions. You can choose either synthetic or 100% human hair. The latter might be a more expensive but with human hair extensions you get a more natural finish, shine and hair extensions blend seamlessly into your natural locks. You might have though hair extensions are an expensive long-term commitment but clip-ons offer the choice and flexibility of lift and length that you can achieve in your own home.

With our Clip’N Go’s you get pre-cut human hair extensions with clips attached to the weft. We sell clip-on hair extensions in our online store. Choose the colour first including browns, blondes, reds, combos and fancies. We’ve got over 80 shades so you can pick one closest to your natural hair colour.

Next it’s all about the length. At Dream Girl we’ve got up to six lengths of clip-on hair extensions; 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″ and 24″. Two inches might not sound like much but you want clip-ons to look part of your natural hair. You can easily add very long length or choose shorter extensions if it’s volume you’re looking for.

What do you get with Clip’N Go? This step by step guide shows you. You get sections of hair with different number clips enabling you to achieve coverage and volume. Longer and wider wefts go on the back and towards the crown of the head, narrower clips to the side.

Secure and easy to use yourself, clip-on hair extensions make it easy for you to transform your style in just five minutes. Ok, it might not turn you into Blake Lively but at least you’ll have hair as gorgeous as hers!


Fancy that! Dream Girl spies a new style at NYFW

12 Sep

Dream Girl has to be completely honest with you, we’ve spent a lot of time on Twitter this week looking at pictures of New York Fashion Week. London Fashion Week is just around the corner and we love looking at upcoming trends and styles and wishing we had a sizeable clothes budget to buy everything we like.

Reading Stylist Magazine’s Backstage Beauty Blog at NYFW we spotted a new trend, and it couldn’t be easier to recreate.

Stylist Magazine shares the bright style at Badgley Mischka

Stylist Magazine shares the bright style at Badgley Mischka

Dip dye has been a big hair trend over the last couple of years. Injecting a shock of colour into your daily style has proved a great way to update your look, if it’s pink, purple red or even just ombre. Our only problem with it is that a lot of people don’t like colouring their hair. Harsh chemicals and dyes dry your locks out and can cause split ends. You need regular trims. Plus you might hate the shade and have to wear a hat for, like, six weeks.

But this new style might be just what the hair doctor ordered. Over at Badgley Mischka, models were seen on the catwalk with a flick of colour woven within their locks. It means you just get a flash of the shade when hair is worn either up or down. It offers a colourful contrast and what a great way to brighten up a dull and dark winter?

And at Dream Girl we’ve got the perfect solution. We’ve got over 80 shades of hair extensions, including clip-on hair extensions. Among those shades are our Fancies. In ten shades the Fancies come in blue, purple, red, orange, yellow and green. You can choose from three lengths, 14″, 18″ and 20″ and order directly from our online store.

Wear hair long and sleek and just clip in a few of this bright locks and you’re bang on trend with the littlest of effort. How great will this look be if you have a woven up-do, or messy bun with a streak of colour worn through it?

We love this style, definitely our favourite pick from New York Fashion Week. Your move, London.



Runway ready DIY hairstyles

5 Sep

New York Fashion Week is almost upon us. It’s a chance for the great and the good of the fashion industry descend on one of the industry’s capitals. The styles on show won’t be for this autumn, although undoubtedly they’ll influence us. Instead this is Spring/Summer 2015.

We’ll post a round-up of the key hairstyles in next week’s blog.

In the meantime though we think it might be a good idea to all feel like we’re on our own personal runway for the next week. Here is Dream Girl’s guide for the simplest runway hairstyles that will make your long locks look ready for fashion…

Harper's Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar

The Topknot

A great style that helps to keep your long locks out of the way while looking bang on trend is a perennial favourite. The topknot is ideal on second day hair. There are a few different ways to achieve it. Either start with a high ponytail and then twist the pony around the bobble, pinning in place. Alternatively gather hair high on the crown, hold up the length straight into the air and twist. As you twist hair will gradually coil into a bun. Pin in place. You’ll need hairspray and the fringe can either be up or down.

If hair isn’t quite long enough to achieve a topknot then don’t worry, you can wear a Dream Girl ponytail hair extension to provide you with added length.

A chunky French braid

Rachel Zoe’s models wore these romantic and effortlessly stylish french braids on the runway this spring. You need uber long locks for these so if you haven’t already got extensions you’ll need them. Start with hair in a middle parting and run through a little wax to make it textured. To create a braid you start with a section of hair just below the crown. Divide into three segments and slowly plait your way down taking strands from the sides to flesh out and fatten the three segments as you go.

The stylist here has created two different segments when they’ve started. The top segment they have plaited and then woven into the braid as they create it. It gives this awesome texture and incredible shape.

Keep going until you reach the tips and fasten. You’ll need to pin different sections as braids can fall south after a while if they’re not tight – and it’s better if you style a braid slightly loosely.

Take out a few strands to give that wispy, feminine finish.


Braided headband

What do you mean this isn’t your go-to hairstyle when you need a lift? The braided hairband is simply one of the hottest styles around and the fact it was a fixture on the runway in spring means we can still feel model-ready when we wear it.

Start the plait behind one ear. Plaint neatly and then simply twist the plait across your hairline. Pin in place.

Allow a few strands to wisp and fall out as this is a style that looks better the longer you wear it.

Happy styling!

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5 hairstyles for autumn

29 Aug

There’s nothing we love more at Dream Girl than a changing season. It means we can delve into some of the newest hairstyles and see how we need to update our style.

So as summer begins to fade and autumn begins to creep up on us don’t be sad. Instead check out our tips for how to wear your hair this season.

  1. A long lob
Kim Kardashian, Elle

Kim Kardashian, Elle

This is a mid-length style that looks as though it’s shorter than it is. It’s the perfect way to refresh your hair if it’s long, but not too long. We love how Kim Kardashian wears it. Hair is layered in chunky waves that frame the face and look feminine and pretty. It’s easily achieved by twisting hair into one inch sections and pinning in place. You want the waves to be quite thick so sections can be the larger the better. Add a little spray and leave for at least half an hour. Ideal for day and night.

  1. Easy autumn waves

In summer we called them Mermaid waves but a beach style look sounds strange in autumn. Hair is tousled and natural looking and it’s a great way of adding texture to long hair. If you wear hair extensions you’ll know they give you added volume as well as length and that’s key to this look. Add mousse or texture spray to the roots to really maximise that volume at the roots. Part hair in a middle parting and again twist hair into small sections and pin to create waves.

Once you’ve left hair for a while unclip and gently comb with your fingers. Use hairspray to scrunch and add more texture to the curls.

  1. A slicked back look
Iggy Azalea, Elle

Iggy Azalea, Elle

Designers have loved this style for a few seasons but it hasn’t really made the jump into the mainstream yet. This could well be the season it happens. It’s an edgy look that was shown beautifully by Iggy Azalea at the VMAs. Fresh skin, neutral makeup and this slicked back look is the simplest way to look like you’ve made a huge fashion statement with very little effort. This could be the ideal mid-week look of autumn when you just want to roll out of bed and head straight to the office.

  1. Centre part it

Every season partings shift a little to the left or the right. This season it’s all about the centre parting. Amazing for those with awesome bone structure, for the rest of us it can risk your face looking a little drawn. Counteract that by making sure you’ve got plenty of lift and volume at the roots. This will help keep hair soft and light instead of flat. Add a little texture either in waves or with a little scrunching which will add even more volume. Having said that if you have gorgeous high cheekbones then wear hair straight, sleek and centre part it and look fabulous.

  1. Big voluminous up-dos

One of the big trends that’s expected to hit the high street this autumn is mod. Inspired by 60s style expect minis and peacock coats to fill the stores. Now that you’ve mastered your cat flick eyeliner this is the perfect time to show off your skill. The trend doesn’t stop there. It’s being felt in hairstyles with plenty of back coming and teasing. If you’re wearing a French twist – this season’s top bun – then backcomb at the crown to get added lift. Hair doesn’t need to look too done so don’t aim for every strand to be in the perfect place.

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How to restore holiday hair

22 Aug

Prepping for a holiday is great. Getting home? Not so much.

One of the worst things is that when you come back you can find your hair is dry and brittle. All that sun and swimming in the sea can damage your locks. I know you said you’d cover your hair everyday and wear a swimming cap but let’s face it, most people don’t.

When you’ve got hair extensions this is especially annoying. The life of your extensions is drastically reduced by damage, which is why prevention is better than cure.

However there are a few ways that you can restore the strength and elasticity back into your locks. Here is Dream Girl’s month-long guide for restoring your holiday hair.

Day 1

On the day you come back from holiday start by replacing your regular conditioner.Your hair will be dryer than normal so it needs some added moisturiser. Use something rich for the first week you’re back.

Think of it in the same way as your skin. You know that moisturizing every day will help to stop your skin from drying out while it’s tanned. Your hair is exactly the same.

Week 1

Make a post-holiday resolution to use a hair mask to revive and restore your hair once a week. Hair masques are intensive. You massage them into your roots, not just the ends and it restores hair from root to tip. It will make it shiner and more manageable.

Week 2

As hair begins to restore its shine head for a quick trim. Split ends and dry ends can damage the rest of your hair. They can be what makes hair knotty and difficult to comb. The last thing you want to do is pull and stretch hair, splitting and damaging it further. Get a short trim just to even the ends and rid yourself of the dead bits.

Week 3

If you’ve now used a restorative hair mask three times and used a rich conditioner to bring back some moisture to your hair you’ll see it feels lighter and bouncier. Now is the time to start thinking longer term, about how you can keep your hair looking glossier all year round. Remember we’ve still got a chance of sun in the UK before the end of the summer. You don’t want all your good work to go to waste.

Look for a serum or oil that’s ideal for using on your hair regularly. This will help to lock in moisture, reducing the risk of hair drying out. It will keep hair both healthy and shiny.

Week 4

A month after your holiday it can be tempting to pretend that your skin and hair have returned to normal. If you’ve followed the restore programme then chances are you’ve undone a lot of the damage. But your hair can still dry out. Drink plenty of water as this helps to keep both mind and body hydrated. You don’t have to wash your hair everyday. This can often make hair greasier and can strip it of valuable oils. Remember to turn down the heat and never skimp on conditioner.



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Why everyone hates growing out their hair

15 Aug

bThat awkward in-between stage. It isn’t good, is it?

When you’ve decided you want longer hair, or that fringe you cut just isn’t cutting it you want the new style right away. It might be the length or it could be that you have layers that are growing out. No one likes that layered mullet you get when a shorter style is growing but the hair at the back is growing faster than the hair at the front! Alas hair takes a while to grow so maybe you should just be patient.

Or maybe not.

You only need two inches of hair to be able to wear hair extensions. Some wear them simply because they like having super long locks, or because their hair is fine and they want a little added volume. Others are looking to hide their style that’s growing out.

Plenty of celebrities turn to hair extensions when they’re waiting for a shorter style to grow out and they want a change, fast. It’s a foolproof way of allowing your hair to transition into a new style. The truth is we can feel a bit down and self-conscious when we don’t like our hairstyle. We can find it tricky to style our hair and it’s especially frustrating when hair is too short to tie back. You can feel like you’re just stuck in one style day in and day out.

At Dream Girl our idea is to offer as much choice as we can; every woman is different after all. Hair extensions come in different lengths from 12 inches to 18 inches so even if you’re looking for a mid-length to long style you can choose it. With over 80 shades on offer you can find one that closely matches your natural shade. This means the hair extensions will blend seamlessly into your own hair.

It couldn’t be easier. If you opt for 100% human hair, like that in Euro Weft or Remi Silky you can select the shade and the length from Dream Girl’s online store. You can weave in your self or see a stylist. The extensions provide you with added length and you can ask your stylist to trim the extensions for you and style to suit you.

If you are growing out a fringe – yeah, pulling on the hair doesn’t make it grow any faster – then once you can sweep it to the side you can use clip-on hair extensions to mask the fringe growth and add thickness around the temples. It isn’t foolproof but it’s a good trick to hide the fringe as it gets to that awkward length. You can’t pin it back all the time. Dream Girl’s clip-on hair extensions

Hair does grow back. Of course it does. But you don’t have to live with a style you don’t like. If you’re at that awkward stage of growing out why not explore Dream Girl’s shop and see if hair extension are right for you. You can even opt for clip-on hair extensions that can offer you a new style in minutes and you can wear them for a night out or just when you fancy a change.

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