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Style tips for Valentine’s Day

5 Feb

Valentine’s Day is only a week away. Whether you’ve got a date night planned, or you’re just heading out with friends we’ve got some great style ideas for your hair.

Romantic Waves

X Factor - Wembley Arena Auditions

Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Go full romantic heroine with long waves. With Dream Girl’s range of Waves and Curls you don’t need to have straight hair to wear hair extensions. If you hair is straight then use pin curls to create waves without using heat. Simply divide hair into inch wide sections, twist and pin in place for up to an hour. Use spray to fix in place. When you uncurl, spray again to secure. Use the pointy end of a comb to separate the curls slightly.

A splash of colour

You can chose from Dream Girl’s 80+ shades of colour to find one that blends seamlessly into your natural style. Alternatively, tap into this season’s rainbow coloured trend and inject a bright shade into your hairstyle. Dream Girl’s range of Fancies offer colours like pink, turquoise or red. Wear all over or just have a few clip on chunks throughout your hair.

An amazing fro

SolangegettyscottbarbourDream Girl’s French Deep Curls or French Jerry Curls are ideal for weaves and fros is you want add length or depth. Choose a colour and length and then work with your stylist to fit the hair extensions and style your weave into your natural shape. It’ll make it easier to style and will look more like natural hair. Try to avoid any heat when you style and deep condition once a month to keep it in tip top style.

An up-do

If you want to wear your hair up instead of loose then try a new style this season with the sleek up-do. A low ponytail might seem boring but match with a fierce side parting, slick hair down for a high shine finish and use a contrast band to tie hair back. Secure any flyaway strands in place with spray. To complete the look use mascara to make your eyes pop and highlighter to emphasise cheekbones for a strong finish.

Three ways to have more volume

29 Jan khloe-comb

Volume is a wonderful thing. Whether hair is long or short a little extra volume will give you a lift. It’ll make hair look as though it is thicker with more texture. Need a little more? Here are Dream Girl’s three ways to achieve a higher state.

khloeHair extensions

Want hair to look fuller? Choose hair extension. Sewn or glued in, or clip on, hair extensions from us come in over 80 colours and several lengths so you can choose whatever is right for you. Even if you have a long bob you can fit hair extensions and then have them trimmed to the right length to suit you.

Extensions will add thickness and definition. They’ll make hair look healthier, especially if you opt for 100% human hair extensions.


We read this awesome post by Khloe Kardashian about how she’s using this special comb to rock her new long bob. It helps her achieve a super straight parting and she also uses it to add a little lift.

After curling hair to create some texture, use a comb to tease the roots under your hair and backcomb for lift. Hide the backcombed section with a deep parting.

Backcombing at the crown also adds more volume. The other “pointy” end of the comb, she says, s ideal for breaking up curls for a “beachy” style.

Hairspray roots

If you need volume and you need it fast this is foolproof.

First take your hair. Next throw your head forward so that hair falls over your head. Use hairspray in the roots and scrunch it slightly.

Flick hair back and use a little bit more spray on the ends.

Hey presto! Big hair!

10 tips for taking care of your hair extensions

22 Jan

Beautiful brunette with long hair flying

If you’ve bought Dream Girl hair extensions you want them to last as long as possible. A no brainer, right? Your hair extensions won’t grow back, like your natural hair, so you need to take care of them.

What you need is a new set of hair habits. Here’s our ten step guide for taking care of your hair extensions for as long as you can.

Brush before you tuck in

Yes, it might make you feel like a child again but there’s method in it. Hair extensions last longer when they’re tangle free. So using a natural-bristled brush before you go to sleep will help keep hair tangle free and keep it looking lush for longer.

Be careful when hair is wet

When hair is wet it’s at its most vulnerable. It’s the same with hair extensions. You want hair follicles to stay in place and if you brush while hair is still wringing wet you could rest breaking them.

Don’t use cold water to wash your hair

Warm water is best for hair extensions, not too hot and not cold either. It’ll help absorb shampoo and conditioner so that hair stays tangle free and smooth for as long as possible.

Use the right shampoo

Many hair products contain detergent or sulfates to help them perform better; sulfates help your shampoo lather more easily, for example. These chemicals can strip your hair of natural oils while also irritating your skin. On your natural hair you can repair any damage. With hair extensions once they’re damaged, they’re damaged for good. Use shampoo and conditioner designed for hair extensions to minimise risk.

Wash gently from the top down

Gently does it when it comes to washing your hair extensions. You want to protect those hair follicles as much as you can so start at the roots and work your way down to the tips.

Reduce friction

You might be used to bunching your hair up on your head while you wash, or rubbing your fingers into your scalp. This will damage the delicate hair cuticles that help keep hair smooth and long-lasting.

Use natural oils

Conditioner is key for keeping your natural hair shiny and looking healthy. If you don’t want to use it on hair extensions use a couple of drops of natural oil, like coconut. Be careful not to use too much as hair can become lank and greasy with too much oil.

Turn off heat

We use heat almost every day on our hair and it does it real damage. Heat moulds and melts hair making it easier to style but it also dries it out and can cause split ends. Reduce the amount of heat you use on your hair by allowing it to dry naturally as much as you can after you wash it.

Don’t use straighteners

Never, ever use a straightener on your hair extensions. It will strip your hair extensions of the oils they need to stay healthy looking, they’ll become dry and brittle. You don’t want frizzy hair extensions!

Talk to a stylist

Fancy a new style? Do not cut your hair extension yourself. They won’t grow back. If you want to take off some length or try something new talk to a stylist first.



Retro revival

15 Jan

If the red carpet at the Golden Globes is anything to go by then hairstyles are due a retro revival.

Think Marilyn Monroe, think beehives and deep side partings. Yet you can update those styles with a few twists to make it a style for 2016.

Soft pin curls

Lady Gaga imbued old school Hollywood glamour with her Marilyn Monroe inspired soft pin curls. Her hair is shorter here, as was the 50s actress’, but you can still go for waves to suit longer styles, especially if you were hair extensions. Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range can add a soft gentle wave.

Stay away from heat to recreate this style. It’s about achieving maximum volume but you can easily do this using rollers. Depending on how long your hair is (go for a larger curler if your hair is longer) you need to wrap hair around one and a half times around the roller to get the required lift and curl.

Use gel and spray to help the style set. Make sure the curls frame your face by turning the rollers slightly towards your face as you roll them in. Begin on slightly damp hair and allow to dry naturally to ensure a longer lasting style.

Katy Perry’s beehive do

Rooted in the glamour of the 60s, this half up-do screams Hollywood style. And Katy Perry pulls it off with aplomb. The secret, we suspect, is a hairpiece, which allows you to add volume to the roots and achieve that extra lift.

First use rollers on your locks to add a soft wave and lift. Style in a centre parting so that your hair frames you face. Choose a hair piece in a colour that blends seamlessly into your natural locks. A Closure in human hair clips over your crown, providing a little extra lift. Backcomb and pin in place. Use hairspray to secure.

A short bob

Cate Blanchett’s razor short bob with a deep side parting is very much inspired by the forties and Hollywood glam. If you don’t want to make the chop then a wig can offer you the style you’re looking for.

Dream Girl’s Chic Collection has a range of colours and styles to choose from. A short bob in the Seema style comes in different shades so you can select your own.  Made using human hair the wig will fall naturally. Part on the side and gel down the other side. You can ask a stylist to add a blunt finish to the ends if you want the style changed.

(Getty Images)

The hottest styles of 2016

8 Jan

Solange Knowles, Getty / Scott Barbour

It’s that time of year again. Now is the chance for us to identify the hottest hairstyles for the coming year and to ensure you’re bang on trend.

Here are Dream Girl’s tips …


It isn’t about length this year in terms of style but texture. You want a style that says “hey, I woke up like this” and hair can be worn long or short for that. Ask your stylist for plenty of movement and choppier ends for a low-maintenance finish that looks incredibly chic. Hair extensions can be added for length as well as volume.

To style everyday, use a texturising spray and curl sections of hair in different directions to let it drop in a natural way.

Shaggy fringe

Whatever the length of your hair, a shaggy fringe is very in for 2016. Long enough that you can pull into a ponytail, short enough that it just wisps over your eyes there should be plenty of layers and shape around your face.

A full fringe is also in, but opt for something a little softer for a classic style. Opt for a mid-parting on your fringe to have gentle layers that frame your face.

Curly bob

For those with natural curls you can keep your style in a  bob but with plenty of well defined curls for this season. If your hair needs help with volume, go for Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range of hair extensions; a French Jerry Curl will add thickness while maintaining texture.

For Solange Knowles triangular Afro ask your stylist for a tapered cut at the ends.

Choppy Layers

For those with finer hair, hair extensions can add volume. But one of the hottest cuts in 2016 can maximize that added style. Ask your stylist for visible layers that begin below the jaw and work down. Think choppy, not unified.

Once the style is cut go for a twisting finish as you control and shape the tips to add more texture and lift.



How to restore your hair

1 Jan

bRestoring your hair and locks can have a huge impact on your confidence. More women report having thinning hair and they feel self-conscious or embarrassed about it.

Why it happens can relate to a multitude of factors, from illness to stress or even environmental. It’s always important to visit a doctor to find the reason why and see if it can be treated.

There are always products you can use, however, to boost your confidence. At Dream Girl we’ve got plenty of products than can help boost your confidence, make your hair look fuller or thicker or cover it.

Here are three things you can try …


A closure boosts your parting so while the ends of your hair are your own, the hair at the crown and the scalp is covered to it appears thicker. These are simply clip on and they can cover a patch of thinning hair or a bald spot. You can choose a shade to match your own natural locks so that it blends int your own hair seamlessly.

Hair Piece

A hairpiece can be used to cover a thinning patch or to enhance a section of hair that’s becoming finer. Hair can become finer as we age so a hair piece can help thicken a section of hair. It fits over the crown and adds just a little volume. Again, choose a shade that closely matches your own and decide which length you want to use.


Dream Girl’s Chic Collection is ideal if you have a lot of hair you want to cover, if you’ve lost a lot of hair or are bald through treatment or illness. Wigs are either 100% human hair or synthetic and there are a range of different styles and lengths you can choose from.

The best place to head first is Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator. This will help you look at the 80+ shades we have at Dream Girl so you can accurately identify which colour best matches your natural shade. With a hair piece or closure you want the colour to match as closely as possible so that it blends seamlessly in and becomes less noticeable.

Identifying the right colour means you can go to the Dream Girl store and find the shade that best matches your own. Whether your hair is straight or curly you can find a closure, hair piece or wig that suits your own natural style.

Curly do

24 Dec

It’s official, curly hairdos are back. Why are curly hairstyles so great? Well they make hair look thicker and with more texture. If your hair is flat and fine adding a few waves and curls will inject volume.

If you already have naturally curly hair then you know that trying to make it straight is not only costly but it can damage your hair. Chemicals and heat harm your hair follicles. Straightening treatments or hot straighteners might achieve the look you want but at what price?


If your hair is already curly

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy you want to make it look as healthy as possible. First start with the basics and use a conditioner to keep hair looking polished and reducing frizz.

Choose the right curl to suit you, from Body Waves to French Jerry Curls. From gentle S shaped waves to tight spiral curls you can get the right style to suit you and to blend seamlessly with your own hair.

Add length or boost your natural locks then explore Dream Girl’s range of hair extensions designed especially for waves and curls. Use the Colour Comparator to select the shade than best matches your natural hair.

Waves and curls come in a variety of colours, from browns to Reds, Funkies and Combos.

Choose from five lengths including 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” and 24”

For wavy or straight hair

If your hair isn’t naturally curly, don’t worry. You can still use Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls collection to boost in terms of length and volume. If your natural hair is very straight then a tight curl will not blend in naturally. Instead using a gentler Body Wave will add the right amount of texture.

To add a wave first do it without heat. Wash and style hair as normal. Separate hair into one inch segments. Take each segment, twist it and pin it into a tight bun. Clip and secure it into place using a small grip. Once all your hair is tied into these small buns use hairspray to fix.

Keep hair like this for at least half an hour. Carefully unfurl each bun and spray to fix. Once your natural hair is waved then add Dream Girl’s hair extensions for extra volume.

Healthy, glossy curly hair is the ultimate accessory this festive season!

Be the belle of the ball

18 Dec

As the festive season approaches it’s a chance to let your hair down. If it’s parties, family get togethers, nights out with friends or just a good old fashioned Sunday lunch here’s our guide to bringing magic and sparkle to your style this Christmas.

'Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian)' Premiere - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage

A loose braid is beautiful and simple

Plaits are back. Well, in truth they haven’t really gone away. A loose style braid is the perfect style for a relaxed yet luxe look, which is what Christmas is all about. Backcomb hair at the roots and add a few clip on hair extensions for added lift. Pin the top section of hair to make a little quiff.

From there braid down to the tips. Add little black ties like Cheryl to add some colour. These could even be glittery! Pull out a few strands and finish with spray.

Serious curls

Dream Girl’s range of Waves and Curls is designed for every hair type. Opt from Deep French Jerry Curls to add lift and volume for a look of tight curls that will have just the right amount of bounce for the festive season.

Relaxed waves

Want to have the best style for day-old hair? Relaxed waves are the perfect solution if you just want to use a little dry shampoo. Use pin curls by weaving one inch sections of hair around your finger and pinning in place. Spray and leave for half an hour while you put your makeup on. Unpin and comb gently with fingers. Spray.

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Classic Hollywood

Best worn with a red lip, this glossy style is polished. Big Velcro curlers will help you achieve lift without using heat. Add hair extensions if you want a little extra length and volume. This style can’t be worn flat so you made need some lift at the crown and on the side.

Wear a deep side parting and use the curlers at one in segments. Include the fringe for that retro style

A high pony

A polished pony is the simplest way to style your hair if you need something fuss free with high impact. If you needed added length use a Dream Girl pony hair extension, with either a clip of a drawstring, to tie over your natural ponytail.

Use a section of hair to tie over the band to cover. Use hairspray or serum to keep any flyaway stands or ends out of your way. Match with fresh faced makeup.


Make your hair thicker

11 Dec

Imagine if you could just wave a wand make your even more luscious and thicker than it usually is. When many woman are asked for the one thing they could change about their hair, they think about their fine locks and say what they want, what they’ve always wanted, is thicker hair. An d as we’re right into the festive season this could be the Christmas when all your “hair” dreams come true!


A lot of the blame for this falls at the door of celebrities. When we see stars like Cheryl Fernandez-Versini or the Kardashians we look at their thick, gorgeous hair that seems to sit just right and we can’t figure out why they can get a huge lift and we can’t.

The secret is hair extensions. At Dream Girl, we’re not ones for letting beauty secrets that can boost your confidence stay underwraps. No. If you want a secret to great hair, that will add volume and give you that thick hair you’ve always wanted we’re going to tell you straight, it’s always hair extensions.

This is how you do it. First stop head to Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator. If you’re adding volume to your hair you need to wear hair extensions that blend in seamlessly with your natural locks. With over 80 shades you’re more likely to find a style that closely resembles your own colour.

Next, choose what kind of hair extensions you’re looking for. If you want the celebrity style then Remi Silky uses 100% human hair. This makes a huge difference, especially if you’re going for the “natural but better” look. Human hair extensions like Remi still have the cuticles intact. This is a good thing. It means that each strand of hair that’s used is laid in the right direction. It has a more natural sheen and gloss. It also means it’s harder to tangle and more likely to stay straight and smooth.

Next check out what kind of style you need, whether it’s straight, waves or curls. Many people assume hair extensions simply mean long straight hair. There are as many variations as there are women’s styles!

Hair extensions come in different lengths so decide which length you need, from 14″ to 22″. You can also either decide whether you want the hair extensions sewn or glued in.

Once your hair extensions arrive we’d suggest heading to a hair salon. This means you’ll get them fitted the way you want. It also means your hair can be styled in the perfect way with your hair extensions fitted. If you want them to blend seamlessly then this style is vital.

You can find a salon near you that stocks Dream Girl.

All your hair wishes can come true this Christmas. Don’t think that simply because you weren’t born with it, that thick, volumised hair is out of your reach.

What style should you wear for your Christmas party?

4 Dec

Do you feel your hair needs a little lift this party season?

A festive pampering at your desk isn’t ideal preparation and sometimes you can feel a little stressed.

With a little help from Dream Girl, however, you can transform your own style in minutes, adding length for larger than life styles or just something a bit glamorous.

Here are a few ideas …

The Pompadour is a great way to add some lift at the roots while still wearing your hair long.


Add clip-on hair extensions in your natural shade, or a little lighter for gentle highlights. section hair from just above the ears to just below the crown. Take the top section and backcomb a little to add more lift.

Secure in place with bobby pins and add spray.


Plaits and braids are a key style this season but can be a little fiddly to style yourself. Go for the easy option this party season. Turn your clip on hair extensions into a braided hair band. This will work either on a up-do or if you wear your hair long.

Take the double clip and plait before you fix to your hair. Clip in place and secure the end with pins. An easy way to add a creative accessory!

jennifer lawrence look

For an up-do that takes minimum effort, but has maximum style go for a bun.

A bun, high, low or side, is a simple way to make any style a little more glam. If your hair is fine or not quite long enough you can add extra oomph to your bun by just wearing clip on extensions. Secure them while your hair is loose and then style your bun as normal.

Tie a ponytail at the crown and twist around sections of hair to secure them for a high top. For a side enjoy a slightly looser style with fringe sections and wips allowed to fly free. This creates a more relaxed look.


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