Easy hairstyles for thick hair

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When many women get hair extensions it’s because they want their hair to be longer and fuller. Thick hair, however, can pose it’s own challenges when it comes to styling. Although we love wearing our hair loose, sometimes you need an up-do.

If you’re new to hair extensions and wondering how to deal with your new thick hair, Dream Girl is here to help. We’ve chosen three hair styles we think are perfect for thick hair, with or without hair extensions.

Braid it up

A braid is one of the easiest ways to style your new thick hair and to keep it out of the way. This is especially good in hot weather but it also ideal if you want an up-do that looks fancy but is in fact really easy to do.

Start by sectioning your hair into about four different sections, two at the sides and two at the back. Plait each section and secure at the tips.

Start with a braid at the side and twist around so that it covers the nape of the neck. Then take one at the back and twist so it covers the back of the head and the crown. Check in a mirror to see if there are any gaps and then use the second plait at the back to do the same, but cover the places you missed with the other plait. Then, take the last plait on the side and style across the front of the hairline. Pin each in place and spray to secure.

The classic chignon

The french style bun is an easy style to master, even if it looks quite intricate. Just think of it as a twisted bun.

Take small sections of hair, twist them and pin them at the nape of the neck. Keep going until all your hair is pinned back. Next, take the long section of hair at the back and divide into two. Take one section and twist it around. Tuck the ends under and pin it in place. Take the second section and do the same. Use a little spray to secure and all the pins are in place.

A messy bun

A really simple style for your thick hair that will look great, day or night.

Start by sectioning your hair. Take the top half and tie back at the crown, like a half up-do. Twist the ends of the half pony into a small bun and pin in place.

Next take the bottom half. Take two larger sections out of the side of the hair, covering the ears. Take the back section, twist it and create a second bun on top of the bun. Pin in place. Take out a few strands to create a slightly messy, wispy feel and spray.


Things you know if you’ve got long hair

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Whether you got your hair throw patience and you’ve grown it, or you wear hair extensions, the struggle is often every real when you’ve got long hair.

We all have daydreams about how we want life to be, how we want to look and what we expect our hair to look like when we look in the mirror. And yes, sometimes this happens.

However, sometimes it doesn’t. So for all those who have long hair and love it, let’s just remember that sometimes it can take a lot more work that people think.

  1. There is no limit to what you hair can get trapped in. Jumpers, seatbelts, doors, cupboards. You forget you’ve got this other, foot long appendage to your body and, yeah, it gets caught in things. You have to be aware, especially when you’re doing up zips.
  2. When people talk about losing their hair you chuckle darkly. On average, we lose 120 hair a days. But when each of those hair is super long it feels like an awful lot more than that. You’re completely expecting to catch yourself at a strange angle and to see a bald spot on some days.
  3. Naturally long hair, or hair extensions to add length and volume, are a hairstyle in itself. There are days when you can just leave the house with your hair as is, and it looks awesome.
  4. Having said that, it can take your an hour to brush your hair. especially when you’ve washed it. You start at the tips and half an hour later you’re only just reaching the roots in one section. You once started to add up all the time you’ve taken brushing your hair, but you just got freaked out and vowed never to do it again.
  5. See also drying your hair. People say you should let it dry naturally and you think that’d be great, if you had four to five hours to get ready in the morning.
  6. The first time your sat on/lay on your hair your freaked out. But you also kind of like it. It means you have your own scarf, all the time.
  7. When you wear an updo you get a bit freaked out over how heavy your hair is all in one place. It also takes a super-long time to style and looks much bigger than you were expecting.
  8. You can, however, do the best messy buns because you have so much hair to work with.
  9. You are equally proud and equally envious of the fact that you’ll be at the hairdressers much longer than everyone else. You’ll see women with short hair arrive, get cut, blown and pay while you’re sitting in the same seat. But it’s nice to get a whole afternoon to yourself.
  10. Bending down to tie laces or pick up something on the floor when you’ve got long hair is a hazard.

Embrace change for 2017

25 Nov images-1

It couldn’t be easier to transform your look. As we get closer to the new year, we’re looking at new styles and new ways to style our hair.

If you need added volume or length, then hair extensions can help. Even you want to try out a drastically shorter do, but don’t want to reach for the scissors, Dream Girl’s Chic Collection can change your style in minutes.

Here, we look ahead to the top four styles for 2017 and suggest how you can get them.

A long fringe

The easiest way to update your long locks is to cut a fringe. But next year, fringes are slightly longer than they have been this year. GO for a fringe that skims the eyes, that you can part easily. It’ll blend into your natural locks, or hair extensions, but it will refresh your look.

Keep it natural

Embrace your natural hair and its texture. Or, make it look as though you are. It’s about keeping things simple and not worrying too much about exact styling. If you’ve got curly hair, then Dream Girl’s waves and curls hair extensions can add length, matching the texture of your own hair.

You can still talk to your stylist when you’re adding hair extensions to talk about how you’re styling your hair, and how much time you want to spend styling it.

The shoulder length lob

This mid-length style has been hugely popular this year and it isn’t going anywhere. Remember, hair extensions start at 14″, so if you need added volume it need not be for super-long locks. To update this style for 2017, talk to your stylist about adding layers for some texture.

Long, glossy hair

For those with long hair the emphasis is on shine for 2017. Keep it all one length but keep it glossy. Wear 100% human hair extensions, like Remi Silky, to blend the hair seamlessly with your own locks. You can choose from over 80 shades so you’ll find the exact right colour to match.


Tiger Hair, 2017’s hottest hair trend

18 Nov tigerhair

We always keep an eye our for hair trends at Dream Girl and how they’ll affect what we want to do with our locks in the months ahead. The way we want to wear our hair always changes, be it cut, style and finish.

Think of what we do with colour. Stripy, chunky highlights used to be something we’d love to offer that sense of depth in our hair. This year, however, styles have gone slightly more understated. Balayage highlights was perfect for summer, natural looking, as though you’d just spend the week at the beach and your hair got natural sun kissed.

It’s actually a really practical style. There’s little consideration of roots, you don’t have to worry too much about hair growing out. It’s a high impact style that makes a huge difference to your look, but in fact it’s fairly low maintenance.

And even if you wear hair extensions it’s something easy to sort. You can weave different coloured locks into your natural hair adding volume and a depth of colour. It needs to be close enough to blend in seamlessly, but it’s about adding that range of shade.

For 2017 we’re looking at something that’s the updated version of that. we can see it all over Instagram right now. Tiger Hair takes this softly blended technique, offering real depth to rich browns and chestnuts.

Tiger Hair uses lots of different colours, from warm golds through to coppers, chocolate and blondes to add a really natural looking, but also deeply coloured style.

How do you achieve it? Well, it’s designed to emulate the semi-precious stone it’s named after, that’s filled with lots of different colours and patterns, rather than the clearly demarcated stripes of the big cat.

So instead of thinking stripy dye, think about how you can blend shades of colour in. It’s about adding warmth and an extra dimension to colour.

Working with your stylist you can choose the right colour to suit yours. If you wear hair extensions you need to talk to your stylist about the impact it can have and how you may be able to use different colours to create the same effect.

And the best thing about it is that it suits everyone. No matter your skin colour you can lighten or darken your locks to create this warmth. It’s very autumnal and very seasonal.

Are you taking care of your hair?

11 Nov Beautiful brunette with long hair flying

At this time of year, when we have the first frost, the central heating comes on, there’s lashing wind and rain, we might start to see the signs of winter in ourselves. Our skin, our hair becomes increasingly drier, snaps and breaks. Our skin flakes and loses its lustre, just as our hair can.

This is as much an issue for those who wear hair extensions as it is for those who don’t. How we care for our hair is important, at any time of year. But it’s about doing the basics well, as well as sourcing the treatments and products we need to care for our own individual locks.

Using the right shampoos and conditioners, wearing a moisturising hair mask once a week or using serums and turning down the heat is, of course, important. But we also need to make sure we’re doing the most basic stuff right.

Apparently, there’s a right way, and a wrong way, to brush our hair. And most of us are doing it wrong. So here are the tips we’ve discovered to make sure that whether you wear hair extensions or not, you’re not doing more damage to your hair than you need to in these cold, harsh, winter months.

Never brush your straight hair when it’s wet. It might be tempting but hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet. When you detangle it while it’s wet you’re pulling on each individual strand, stretching it and causing it to break. This can make hair weaker and can increase split ends.

If your hair is curly then brush with your fingers while it’s wet. If you let it dry and then brush curly hair you can cause breakages.

Brush your hair regularly. We often think that more brushing could do more harm than good. Instead, hair breaking as we brush it is an important step in its renewal. Hair breakage – we lose around 120 hairs a day – is important to give space for new strands to grow.

Brushes, and brushing, can help stimulate both the scalp and healthy hair growth. Flat, soft bristled brushes will do the least amount of damage to both your locks and your scalp.

While having your brushing routine is vital for keeping your hair healthy and to reduce breakages, don’t forget other good hair habits.

Using a good conditioner, and doing it regularly, is important. Leave it on for a good twenty minutes, allowing the conditioner to penetrate the strands and help restore the oils and nutrients that have been stripped by the cold weather.

But similarly, don’t over wash. We can be guilty of shampoo-ing too often and this can do just as much damage to our hair as doing nothing. When hair dries out we’re talking about it losing the oil it needs to stay healthy. Shampoo can strip this oil away, and not give enough time for it to come back. It can leave you with oily roots and dry ends, which will cause you to wash even more often and so the cycle begins.

Follow these tips and you’re have healthy and glossy hair through the whole of winter.



How to get thicker hair

4 Nov afro

Selena Gomez Instagram

Who hasn’t said this at some point in their lives? We always want the hair we haven’t got and the majority of women say they want thicker, healthier looking locks.

Achieving it is easier than you think and with a few small tricks you can have the thick, full hair you’re dreaming of.

Choose the right hair extensions

Hair extensions add thickness as well as length. At Dream Girl, we have over 80 shades so you’re likely to find the exact right colour for you. That’s important as you want hair extensions to blend into your hair and look as natural as possible. Opt for 100% human hair extensions (ethically sourced) and you’re even more likely to have a natural looking finish. These extensions are cut with the cuticle intact so that when the hair extensions are made, the hair falls much more naturally.

Haircut is all important

You might think, my hair is my hair, a cut is a cut, right? Wrong. The cut you get can affect how thick your hair looks. The right stylist will look at your hair and understand its thickness, texture and what kind of style you should go for. A blunter cut, for example, can make finer hair look thicker.

Use the right products

If your hair is fine then product can weigh it down. Use products with fewer sulfates and hair will be much lighter. Serums should be used sparingly as they can weigh hair down and make it look greasy. Mousse is making a comeback and is ideal for those who want more volume, especially at the roots.

Special shampoos for thickness and volume are often formulated to help create that effect. If you are wearing hair extensions do make sure they won’t strip the hair extensions of their treatment, and shorten their lifespan.

Colour tones add layers

If you opt for a depth of colour, darker at the bottom, getting gradually lighter to the top, it will help to create the visual illusion of thicker hair. Stylist call it multidimensional and essentially what it means is adding movement and volume.

If you don’t want to use dye you can look at hair extensions than offer different colours together, like highlights.

A fringe covers thinning roots

If your hair is thin then a fringe can help make it look thicker. Going for a shorter fringe, or longer wispy fringe, will help to add texture and will help hair look less weighed down and more volumised.

You can also use strategic cover for different elements of thinning roots, like these hairpieces. They can be used at the crown and just add a little lift, giving the illusion of thicker locks.

The easiest way to change your style

28 Oct party-hair-curly

Do you know how celebrities change their hairstyles from day to day? Their secret is wigs!

Take a look at celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga or Beyonce. You’ll see their style changes dramatically from one day to the next. They’ll have super long locks on stage, then short hair the very next day. Scissors aren’t involved because just a few days later they’ll be [pictured again with those super long locks in a different colour.

Like trying a new lip colour or experimenting with a new nail varnish, wigs offer versatility and a chance to chop and change your style as quick as you like. Dream Girl’s Chic Collection offers a range of lace and elastic wigs that fit snugly over your natural hair and can help you transform your style in seconds. It’s perfect for the festive season when you’ve got plenty of glamorous nights to prepare for.

First you have to choose whether you want a wig made from 100% human hair or synthetic. Human hair looks more natural as it falls gently and keeps its style for longer. A synthetic wig will be less expensive and will look very natural, ideal for a one off occasion.

You need to choose the hairstyle or look you want to go for, it might be a short pixie crop or a longer length. You can also choose from a wide range of colours so you can select a style that closely matches your own colour or opt for a wig that’s in a bright or different shade for maximum impact.

Next you need to fit your wig, You can either do this at home or you might want to see a stylist and they can do it for you. You need to start by flattening your own natural hair. Any bums will affect how the hair on the wig sits and you want it to have as smooth a base as possible.

Comb your natural hair back and tie it. Use a wig cap as this with flatten your hair down. It will also help to keep the wig in place. Begin with the wig at the forehead and continue to fit to the nape of the neck. Arrange the hair strands so they’re falling correctly and you’re ready to go!

If you want your wig to stay in good shape then make sure you gently comb it without harsh over brushing. Over-brush your natural hair and it will break but grow back. That doesn’t happen with a wig. Use a stand to ensure the wig keeps its shape and doesn’t become distorted. Wash in warm water and use gentle products to clean any dirt and grease from your locks. Allow hair to dry completely before you make any attempt to style it. This isn’t your natural hair, you will damage the wig if you use heat while it;s wet.

Whether you want an afro, a bob or super long style a wig allows you to change your look in seconds. You can order directly from Dream Girl’s online store.

The best way to style a messy bun

21 Oct www.thishairstyle.com

One of the hottest looks right now is to look, well, like you have done anything at all. Natural “what, I woke up like this” style might make your heart soar, but it’s harder to achieve than you might think. Remember all those people who said a natural makeup style was simple, then showed you the twenty products you needed to achieve it? It’s a bit like that.

A messy bun is the peak of this nonchalant style. It’s carefree, easy, and like our very favourite hairstyles looks as at home in the office as it does with a cocktail dress.

For those with shorter hair who are desperate to pull off this style you’ll need to use hair extensions or a ponytail hair extension.

This is for several reasons. First if you hair is fine then you’ll know a bun can look tiny and not very effective if you don’t have a little help. A few clip on hair extensions, or a ponytail hair extension in the same colour as your natural hair will help to boost the bun and make it look incredible.

Second if you’ve got shorter hair you might be able to get it into a pony, but haven’t got any length to twist in a bun. A ponytail hair extension will add much needed length.

The first thing to do is to start with clean, dry hair. Brush it first as you want to be free from any knots or tangles. Always brush from root to tip, tor educe any pulling and the risk of split ends.

Next spray a little hairspray into your hands and comb your fingers through your hair. This will add volume but also texture. You want hair to stay in the style and a little hairspray at this stage will help the locks stick together and stay in place.


If you’re using clip on hair extensions you need to add them now. Choose a colour that’s as close to your natural hair colour as possible so that they blend in seamlessly.

Tie your hair in a high ponytail on the crown of the head. If it’s easier, tip your head forward and gather the hair as it falls. This will help you get that ponytail as high on your head as it needs to be. Secure the ponytail with a bobble.

If you’re using a ponytail hair extension, fasten it now.

Next, split the ponytail into two strands. Twist those strands individually with your fingers until they’re twisted right to the tips. Take the two sections and twist them around the bobble until you get to the end. Fasten in place with another bobble.

Now you need to messy it up. Take sections of the hair and pull slightly to loosen it up. A few strands here and there will make it look bang on trend. Use bobby pins to pin down different sections of the bun itself so that it doesn’t look uniform.

And there you have it, a messy bun that will look great from day to night – and takes five minutes!

Top ten tips for fine hair

14 Oct CaraDelevingne


For those with fine or flyaway hair we often turn to hair extensions to add volume more than length. We want thicker hair that looks vibrant and has plenty of movement from root to tip. Fine hair might be manageable and can hold its shape but it can also look lifeless.

To boost fine hair, hair extensions can be the ideal solution. But to add even more volume we have a few tips that can help you make the most of your locks.

  1. If you want to make hair look thicker use waves and curls to add texture. Dream Girl has a range of waves and curls hair extensions that will add bounce and shape to your hair.
  2. A fringe might seem like a good way to revamp your style but even if you wear hair extensions this can be a problem. You fine fringe will seem quite wispy and might not be the blunt shape you were after. Instead opt for a side swept style to have a longer fringe that covers part of the forehead.
  3. Good fringes that work really well on fine hair are those with slightly longer sections on the sides, like feathering. You can wear hair extensions or a hairpiece to add volume to the roots and use a fringe and side sections to add a more romantic style, like Alexa Chung.
  4. If you’re opting for waves then part in the middle. It will emphasize the texture of the waves and make your hair look thicker.
  5. A deep side parting is not only totally on trend it will also make you look as though you hair more hair. Simply style hair as normal and ten part from the back and side. Leave hair to look slightly messy. Ultimate grunge look for fashionistas.
  6. If you like to wear your hair straight then opt for a blunter cut to make hair look thick. Blunt styles are a key trend for this autumn.
  7. If you’re wearing hair extensions but want hair to look as thick as possible as your stylist to create “hidden layers” These will shape your hair around your face and will give it plenty of movement.
  8. A half-up do is your friend if you have fine hair. Mix it up and add a hairpiece to add extra volume at the crown. Backcomb gently to add even more lift.
  9. Fine hair can take plenty of styling and is workable in different styles but remember to think about the ends. If you’re adding texture or waves then do so at the mid-lengths but not at the ends, leave them straighter. This will create an optical illusion where your hair has more texture but looks longer and thicker.
  10. An up-do can always make your hair look thicker. Plenty of backcombing along with some cleverly placed Clip’N Go hair extensions can add extra volume at the crown and sides for a high-impact style.

Kate Middleton has hair fit for a princess

7 Oct katemiddleton
kate middleton

Kate Middleton’s hair looks naturally voluminous

Kate Middleton has, we think, more than won the title of she with the glossiest locks. On the recent royal trip to Canada, she looked her elegant finest.

Glossy, richly coloured and healthy locks aren’t something you only get if you’re a princess. Instead, it’s something we can all get.

The first step is to think about how hair can look and feel healthier. Even if you wear hair extensions you can keep your own natural locks in peak condition. Reduce the heat on your hair. Especially if you wear hair extensions. Heat just strips the hair’s natural oils away, making it dry and brittle. You can restore your own natural hair, but if you wear 100% human hair extensions any damage can’t be reversed. So it’s better to avoid it altogether.

Much like skin, the healthiest hair is moisturised, gets plenty of the right nutrients and good vitamins. So a healthy diet will be reflected in your hair, along with drinking plenty of water. A mask deep in moisture and nourishment used regularly will help to restore those ends and build it back up.

So once you’ve got the foundations in place, what’s next? Kate Middleton has long hair and for those who want to emulate it you may need to wear hair extensions. Either clip on, glue or sewn you’ll need to wear extensions that blend seamlessly into your own locks. Dream Girl has over 80 colours and plenty of different styles for all textures.

How to copy the style? Kate Middleton rocks the half up-do that’s ideal if you need to look smart. Hair needs to be smooth so add a serum or spray to reduce frizz. Whenever possible, allow hair to dry naturally and part it so it falls evenly. The front sections around the forehead should be pulled back and styled at the back with pins. A small twist will make this look extra finished.

To add curls at the ends, instead of using tongs, use pin curls. Twist the bottom section of hair and pin. You coil the hair up and then secure, adding a little spray. Leave these for up to half an hour. Once you unpin you’ll have curls at the ends fit for a queen.

The chignon is another classic style Kate Middleton wears. It looks complicated bu it’s actually quite a simple up-do. If you hair needs a little extra length for this, wear clip on hair extensions, or add a ponytail hair extension. Start with damp hair and use a little smoothing serum. Dry as normal.

Start at the front and take two sections of hair, pinning them back with pins low at the nape of the neck. Don’t pull it back too tight, hair should be soft around the face. Tie hair into a low braid at the nape of neck and secure. Wrap into a loose bun or chignon, securing with pins. Pull out a few strands to soften the look.

And there you go, hair fit for a princess!

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