The top 5 ‘busy morning’ hairstyles

13 Oct

We all have those mornings where we seem to have less time than usual. Maybe we’re moving slower, maybe we pressed snooze one too many times. Whatever the reason, these are the mornings you need to get prepared for, because while you know you’ve had to get ready in a rush, you don’t want everyone else to know!

Hair extensions can help you to add length and volume, but they can also help you to quickly achieve a stylish hairdo on those mornings when you’ve only got five minutes to fix your hair.

We’ve picked 5 hairstyles and found 5 hair extension solutions for when you’ve only got minutes to get ready.

The sleek side pony


All you need is a ponytail hair extension and you can achieve this style quickly and easily. Start with dry hair and backcomb hair at the crown to add a little lift. Take a pea sized amount of serum or gel and gently comb through the hair to smooth the top, taking care not to remove any of the volume at the crown. Gather the length and tie in a low pony at the nape of the neck, making sure it’s tidy and smooth. Then move the pony slowly to the side, to behind the ear. Fix the ponytail extension over your natural locks and wear over the shoulder. Spray and smooth any stray strands.

The top knot

We know how easy this style is when you need to get ready quickly. But a ponytail hair extension, or clip on hair extensions, can add a little more volume to your top knot. Gather hair onto the crown and fasten. Tie the ponytail extension or clip on extensions. Then start to twist hair. Start by rolling around your fore finger and keep going until you reach the tips. Pin in place and spray to secure.

Textured pony

A simple way to update your plain and boring ponytail is to add a little texture. Use clip on hair extension to add a little volume. Start by backcombing at the crown. Instead of pulling hair into a ponytail in one go, do it in section. This helps to add texture and it means you don’t lose any volume. Tie the ponytail high. Back comb the pony itself as well and add a little serum to the ends.

The plaited bun


Run your fingers through your dry hair to comb, without loosing any weight. If you have fine hair, clip on hair extensions will add a little volume here. Plait hair starting at the nape of the neck and fasten at the ends. Twist the plait loosely and pin in place, hiding the ends under the bun at the nape of the neck.

The half plait

Exactly the same as above but for a little extra length. Instead of starting your plait at the nape of the neck, start halfway down the hair. Instead of plaiting loosely, plait tightly here and then fasten at the ends with a contrast bobble. Use hair to frame the face and perfect that “what, this old style?” expression.

Slicked back hair is back

6 Oct

It’s back. The style that first had a moment a couple of years ago has been spotted on the runways at Paris Fashion Week. The slicked back look is edgy and, importantly, it’s easy to recreate.

When it first appeared, the slicked back look was a breath of fresh air. In a red carpet world with messy bobs and beachy waves, the slicked back style stood out. It puts all the focus on your face and bone structure and it makes you stand out from the crowd.

It’s both sleek and chic, and a couple of years later when we have more of a stripped back style, it makes sense the trend has come back. It’s bold, and with the current beauty trend for colour and focusing on the eyes and cheekbones, it makes sense.

However it isn’t for everyone. It might work on all hair types but it doesn’t suit every face shape. If your face is heart or square shaped it might draw attention to the angles. But if that’s the look you’re going for, then never let us be the ones to dissuade you from a style.

So here’s how to recreate it.

Start with damp hair and some texturising spray. When you’re styling, remember you want as much volume as you can at the roots. It’s slicked back, but it isn’t flat. So if your hair is fine you might want to add clip and go hair extensions so you can add a little extra lift.

Focus your attention to the crown to get some lift, either with a soft bristled brush or by back-combing. You can keep it smooth along the sides and the back. Comb a little dry oil or serum to add the wet-look finish.

Keep the top of your hair volumised by using pins in the sides of your hair. Just pin them back and the attention turns to the volume at the crown.

Back-comb at the front and the back to maintain lift and use a comb to smooth the hair over so you can manage the height you have. Use a gel or paste to keep the lift in place and to add texture. Finish with a strong hairspray to set.

And you’re good to go. Make your eyes pop or go for a brightly coloured lipstick for the hottest style of the season.

How to get this week’s hot hairstyle

29 Sep

This week there’s been one hairstyle everyone has been talking about. And if you’re anything like us at Dream Girl, when you see the buzz around a hot celebrity hairstyle you want it immediately.

It doesn’t mater if it’ll suit you, it doesn’t matter if you love your hair as it is right now, you see a picture of a celebrity with a hot new hairstyle and you want it. Straight away.

MIla Kunis debuted her new hairstyle on Instagram and we have to confess we went a little weak at the knees. A chin grazing bob in very dark brown, thick and full with soft waves. We were in love. It doesn’t matter that we want our hair longer. It doesn’t matter if our hair wouldn’t do that if we cut it short. The truth is we wanted Mila Kunis’ hairstyle so much we almost booked in for a hair appointment.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Here at Dream Girl we advocate doing what you feel with your hair. Every face shape is different, every favourite style is different. Having the freedom to do what we want with our hair is a big thing.

But we also know we don’t always want to go for the chop. It’s OK when you walk out of the salon and your hair looks exactly how you want it to, but then you get home. And you have to wash it for the first time, and then style it. It never looks the same. Then it grows and it isn’t quite right. Or you want to wear a ponytail, or a braid and you just can’t.

So we have a really simple solution for recreating this week’s must-have hot hairstyle ….. buy a Chic Collection wig. You won’t have to cut your hair, you won’t have to learn how to style a wavy bob every morning. You can buy a wig using 100% human hair with a wavy finish and then, whenever you fancy donning Mila Kunis’ Parisian chic look you can. Quickly and with no fuss.

Fashion Week’s hair trends

15 Sep

As London Fashion Week gets started it’s a chance to see how high fashion thinks we should be styling ourselves for the coming months. Stripped back looks, plenty of texture and unusual ways to wear topknots, we’ve already had a hint of what’s to come from New York Fashion Week.

Here are the top hair looks we spotted at Dream Girl.

The low loop

Victoria Beckham NY Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week Getty Images

Low ponytails have been popular with the fashion brigade for the past year, and we saw them on catwalks this time last year too. At Victoria Beckham’s New York show, the long low ponytail gets a 2018 twist. A loop in the ponytail just adds a little bit more shape and curiosity to the style. For those who need a little added length, a ponytail hair extension will help recreate this style.

The Half Up-Do

Victoria Beckham long NY style

Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week Getty Images

Match this style with a crisp white t shirt and you will have mastered the VB signature style for next spring. A slightly more sophisticated look for the half up do, it keeps the hair’s natural shape and lift, without looking too done. It couldn’t be easier to recreate, either. Just take sections of hair from the side temples and just behind the ears. Tie together low, only just above the nape of the neck. Hair extensions will help add a little extra length, or volume at the crown so the style doesn’t fall flat.

Decorated ponies

Fenty x Puma Ponytail

Fenty x Puma Getty Images

Is it a braid, is it a ponytail? At Fenty x Puma, this long ponytail had an intricate twist to bring it bang up to date. Start by adding a side parting and slick hair with serum. Gather into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Take a section of the hair and plait tightly. Secure at the ends. Plait the ponytail, using this braid so that you can see the plait as it weaves and folds underneath the sections. Tie at the bottom. You’ll need lots of hair for this so clip on hair extensions will help bulk out fine hair.

The new bun

Badegeky Mischka Getty

Badgley Mischka Getty Images

At Badgley Mischka the ballerina bun gets a very modern twist, and it’s perfect for anytime of day. Slightly dishevelled, but just enough, start with dry hair and do a little back combing at the crown to add lift. Put the front into a middle parting. Take sections of the hair and pin back to the nape of the neck – tying into a ponytail will reduce the lift and make it look too uniform. Take the ponytail lengths and twist and pin into a bun. A few strands that fall out won’t matter.

The best hairstyles for this month

8 Sep

The chill in the air first thing in the morning can mean only one thing, autumn is on its way.

A new season means a new style, though and at Dream Girl we’ve been looking at the best styles to get you through the most stylish season of the year, and how you can recreate them.

The wave


Glossy waves are a key look for autumn. It’s soft and gentle. Hair needs to be in tip top condition, so use a hair mask or moisturising conditioner to fix any of the damage from the summer. Get a trim to get rid of any split ends to help make hair as healthy as possible. You can use Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls hair extensions  – using 100% human hair – if you need to add a little length. Side part and style hair so it’s smooth but with gentle waves, using either a bristle brush or with pin curls.

A high volume ponytail

Nickelodeon's 2017 Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals

Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Ponytails have had an update this season and it’s a great style to add into your range of looks. This high volume style is big on impact. You can use a ponytail hair extension to add extra length to the ponytail itself, or use clip on hair extensions to add volume at the roots. Start with a side parting and do a little backcombing to add extra lift at the crown. To secure, pull hair into a ponytail and then push upwards towards the crowd for more lift. Spray and pin in place.

Long layers


Longer hair is definitely having a moment in 2017. Hair extensions can help add extra length, and with Dream Girl you can choose from over 80 shades to find the exact right colour to blend into your locks. The easiest way to update your long style for autumn is by adding long layers. It’ll help make your hair look full, and shorter layers will frame the face and made hair look thicker.

Add a fringe


Rex Features

If you’ve been rocking a long haired look for the whole summer and want an easy way to change it up for autumn, this is how to do it. And there are plenty of different fringes to try, depending on your face shape or bone structure. A blunt fringe will look edgier, a soft fringe with wisps is ideal for fine hair, a longer fringe to the brows will emphasise cheekbones while a shorter fringe will draw attention to the eyes. Work with your stylist to find the best style for you.


The easiest way to perfect hair

1 Sep

We know what it’s like when you’ve got a special night planned.

Prom and wedding season might be coming to a close but it might be a party, a first date or (whisper it) it’s nearly Christmas season. You want to look perfect. You get an outfit you feel fabulous in and you want you hair to look your best.

Dream Girl can’t help with the dress but we can with the hair.

Whether you want to wear your hair half-up, down, make it wavy or poker straight we’d suggest one ingredient you might need is clip-on hair extensions. Longer and fuller hair makes locks more manageable and creates a more eye-catching and special look. They’re easy to use and help create that wow-factor.

You can either fit your clip-on extensions at home, or pop into a salon and ask them to do it. Salons and stylists will be on hand to help to recreate special stylish hairstyles so it might be easier to do it all in one trip.

To choose hair extensions the first thing you need to do is look at Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator and Colour Guide. You need to decide what shade to go for. Obviously, you could opt for something like one of our Fancies that’s a bright colour to catch the eye. More likely, though, you’re looking to enhance your own hair so pick a shade that’s as close to your own natural hair colour as possible.

The next step is to choose how long you want your hair extensions to be. You can choose either 14”, 16” or 18”.

Once your hair extensions arrive you’ll find they are easy to fit yourself, if you want to do it in your own bedroom. The clips are different widths to fit securely and offer added coverage at different parts of your head. Start at the nape of the neck and work up to the crown. Then fit the smaller extensions at the side of the head. Our clip-on extensions are designed to cover the clips naturally but just arrange to make sure not of the clips are visible.

Then you need to choose your style. You can opt for an up-do or a looser natural wavy finish. Perhaps a long braid or a half-up do. You might want something classic, or something slightly funkier – it depends what your personal style is.

For a classic look, how about a half-up do with waves? Either choose clip-on extensions with a natural wave, or create a kink by twisting hair extensions and then clipping up to create a wave without using heat. After a few hours uncurl and then take hair your hair to tie up. If you have a fringe you might want to sweep to the side. Backcomb hair at the crown to add lift then pin hair in place.

And it isn’t just long and loose hair, you can use the extra length and volume to try one of these season’s hottest ponytails, or a fishtail braid.
Shop here.

Our love affair with wigs

25 Aug

When you look at celebs like Kylie Jenner or Nicki Minaj and wonder how they constantly change their style we’ll let you into a secret – wigs.

This isn’t a new love affair. In fact stars of the big screen (and small screen) have always relied on wigs to keep their style up to date. It means you can transform your look in minutes, go from long to short or try a completely different colour, and do it in seconds.

The technology behind wigs has become so amazing over the past few years that it’s actually becoming harder and harder to spot a wig when you see one. Lace fronts help the wig blend in naturally so it looks just like your own hair. Plus a human hair wig is sewn so that the hair falls naturally, with a natural parting, so it’s even harder to spot!

Younger stars are much more open about wearing wigs. Kylie Jenner has talked about not wanting to dye her hair constantly, and also about the pressure of having to change her style constantly. She relies on wigs because it reduces the strain on her natural tresses. Stars like her being open about wearing wigs has gone a long way to reducing the stigma of wearing a wig.

A wig isn’t, of course, just for woman who want to change their hairstyle. Women who’ve lost their hair, whether through illness, stress or treatment, know how much it can damage your confidence. A wig is the ideal way to cover any bald patches, or to give your confidence the boost it needs.

When you’re choosing a wig it’s always worth doing you research first. What style do you want? What colour do you want it, what length? You can talk to your stylist and they’ll help you find the right match. Remember, when you fit the wig for the first time ask your stylist if they’ll do any trimming and work to make it frame your face perfectly. Just like with any hairstyle, your wig has to compliment your face and style.

When you’re caring for your wig, make sure you use products that are sulfate free. That goes for hair extensions as well, as you want to ensure you’re using a product that isn’t going to strip the hair. Keep it combed and neat and make sure you’re storing your wigs carefully so they don’t get tangled or knotted while you’re not wearing them.

Dream Girl’s Chic Collection lets you try a new style everyday. Available in lots of different lengths, textures and colours, from Light Blond to Sunset Brown, you’ll be able to find the perfect shade and style for you.

Explore the Chic Collection here.

Go big or go home!

18 Aug

tigerhairIf you feel like your hair needs a little extra volume, Dream Girl can help. Because let’s be honest, no one wants flat hair!

Here are our five top tips.

Hair extensions aren’t just for length! If you’ve got fine hair, hair extensions can help to add volume, as well as making your hair longer. Choose a shade that closely matches your own natural colour and the hair extensions will blend in seamlessly. You can also work with your hair stylist to ensure the extensions are cut and styled int your own locks, so no one knows you’ve got a little help.

Use lightweight products. Shampoo and conditioner can weigh down your hair. Look for products with as few additives in them, and reduced sulfates. You don’t need heavy conditioner if you’ve got fine hair. And you don’t need to shampoo and condition your hair everyday. Use a little dry shampoo on the front sections if you need a little help between washes. In fact, shampoo your hair less and you might see it looking more volumised. Third day hair has much less weight and will look fuller.

Invest in a volumising spray. Great volume starts at the roots. This might be an obvious statement, but you’d be surprised how many people focus on the ends or mid-length. Sprayed directly into the roots when your hair is damp, a good volumising spray will help separate the roots and just add a little extra volume. As it’s water based it’s also light enough that it won’t weigh your hair down once it dries, like some thickening products can.

Heat-free rollers add lift. OK, no one really wants anyone to see them with their rollers in, but they can go a big way to adding much needed height to the roots. Always avoid any heated product on your hair, so the trick here is patience. Add the rollers and leave for as long as you can, at least half an hour, over an hour if you can. At least it’s the perfect excuse to sit back and relax.

Texture, texture, texture. If your roots are lifted, then another way to add volume is by making as much of your hair’s natural texture as you can. Obviously rollers will add a wave, but you can also try pin curls, or a bun while your hair is damp or through the day. A little extra texture will make your hair look bigger and more volumised. Your stylist can also help with the cut. Blunter ends make hair look thicker and fuller.


Why is your hair breaking?

11 Aug

Hair breakage can happen to anyone. You might think if you wear hair extensions it won’t happen to you, but if your 100% human hair splits, you can trim it and wait for it to grow back.


Instead, you need to get into the habit of understanding why your hair breaks and how you can prevent it. Here are Dream Girl’s tips for the most common causes of hair breakages, and what to do about it.

Stress and upset

If you’re stressed, you know the toll it can take on your body. You’ll be tired, your skin is dull and your hair is too. Your body’s working harder and is hoovering up the minerals and vitamins you’re putting into it.

If you’re stressed you might also neglect your hair, or treat it roughly, which can also damage it.

If you know things are getting on top of you, stop. Figure out ways that will help you manage the stress, from meditation to an early night. It might be tempting to binge on unhealthy comfort food, but remember when you’re rundown that’s when you need to eat even more healthily. And with your hair it’s what you put in that you get out in terms of glossiness and shine.

Your hairstyles are too tight

If you tie a bun or ponytail too tight you’re putting strain on your roots, or on your hair extensions. This will weaken your hair and its cuticles, potentially causing long term damage.

Don’t tie hair too tight. You should be able to loosen it with your fingers, and fit a finger between the root and the hair. If it feels too tight, it probably is.

Doing too much with your hair

There’s an old saying that you should brush your hair 100 times before you go to sleep. The old wives’ tale could actually harm your hair, instead of protecting it. Over-brushing dries and stretches your hair, which can lead to split ends and breakages.

The riskiest time is when your hair is wet. Use a wide toothed comb to unknot hair and use natural bristles on your hair, and nothing else.

Doing too little with your hair

Hair needs to be kept healthy and if you never get it cut you could find that split ends are rampant in your locks. Your hair will get weaker and weaker.

If you wear hair extensions this will age your hair extensions and they won’t last as long.

Hair should be trimmed every 6-8 weeks, depending on its length.


What to do when you’re growing your hair

28 Jul

images (3)

When you get to that awkward, in between stage, what do you do?

When you’ve decided you want to change your hair, it’s hard. It might be growing out a style, wanting to get rid of your layers, or just wishing your hair was longer.

At least we don’t have to just rely on our own patience, which we know doesn’t exist when it comes to our hair.

You only need two inches of hair to wear hair extensions. Some people wear them because they want to have super long locks. Others might want to add volume to fine hair. But when you want your hair to grow a little quicker, hair extensions are the easiest way to help through the awkward transition phase.

At Dream Girl we know that it’s a foolproof way of getting the hair that you want, without having to wait. You can feel self conscious when you don’t hair the hair you want. Hair extensions let you style your hair the way you want to, whether it’s long, short or mid length.

For us, it’s all about choice. Hair extensions come in different lengths, from 12 inches to 18 inches, so even if you’ve got a short crop or bob style, you can still get mid-length hair. With over 80 shades to choose from, you can pick the exact right shade so your hair extensions blend seamlessly into your own natural locks.

It couldn’t be easier. If you opt for 100% human hair, like that in Euro Weft or Remi Silky you can select the shade and the length from Dream Girl’s online store. You can weave in your self or see a stylist. The extensions provide you with added length and you can ask your stylist to trim the extensions for you and style to suit you.

If you are growing out a fringe – yeah, pulling on the hair doesn’t make it grow any faster – then once you can sweep it to the side you can use clip-on hair extensions to mask the fringe growth and add thickness around the temples. It isn’t foolproof but it’s a good trick to hide the fringe as it gets to that awkward length. You can’t pin it back all the time. Dream Girl’s clip-on hair extensions make it easier for you to have long hair in seconds. 

Hair does grow back. Of course it does. But you don’t have to live with a style you don’t like. If you’re at that awkward stage of growing out why not explore Dream Girl’s shop and see if hair extension are right for you. You can even opt for clip-on hair extensions that can offer you a new style in minutes and you can wear them for a night out or just when you fancy a change.



The ponytail gets grown up

21 Jul

The ponytail has always been thought of as quite a girlish style. But this summer it’s getting a makeover and it’s far more grown up.

At Dream Girl we know not every woman is born with the hair they want for the style they desire. So if your ponytail needs a little extra help them use a ponytail hair extensions, clip or or tie it over your natural locks and add extra length or volume.

Here are our favourite ponytail styles

Ariana Grande

Her signature high ponytail is sleek and stylish, but girly enough to nod to the ponytail’s past. You’ll need extra length to really achieve this long style. Make sure their hair extension is the same colour as your natural locks (and with Dream Girl you’ve got over 80 shades to choose from).

Wear the ponytail as high as you can on the crown of your head. Keep the ponytail sleek. Take a section from under the ponytail and twist it around the bobble, so that it’s covered. Use serum to keep hair smooth.

Beyonce’s side pony

A hide side ponytail has probably not been seen much since the 80s. But Beyonce pulls it off. Do the exact same styling as above, just have the ponytail slightly off to the side.

Zendaya’s low pony

Perfect for those whose hair has plenty of texture, this style is sleek at the roots but is full on once you reach the tips. Smooth hair down into a middle parting and tie a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Style the ponytail hair extension with some back combing to achieve as much texture as possible before you fasten it.

Jessica Alba’s sleek low pony

A ponytail might not be your go to style if you’ve got a black tie or a glam event. Yet this style shows you can completely go for a sleek style that works great for a night out.

Part your hair into a deep side parting and smooth hair down with serum or spray. Tie hair into a ponytail just behind your ear. Keep the ponytail as sleek as you can, even if it’s not straight (it’s about looking styled and glossy, not about having one texture).


Here’s your summer hair quick fix

14 Jul

When it’s hot you don’t want to do much. We completely understand that. You need hair solutions that can be done speedily, that can still have the maximum impact, but with the minimum input needed.

At Dream Girl, we’re all about helping you to be your gorgeous and glamorous best. So if you’ve spent too many mornings in front of your mirror, stuck for hair-inspiration on another warm summer’s day, here’s our advice.

A simple twist

Having long and beautiful hair might be one of your favourite things, but there are times in the hot summer months when you need to tie it back. Even if you wear hair extensions, you might find your scalp and neck can get hot and sweaty when the weather is muggy.

A simple twist is the best way to do it. Just gather your hair at the nape of your neck like you’re going to style a ponytail. Then begin to twist until you get to the ends. Tuck them underneath and pin your hair in place.

The best thing about this style is that if you wear it in place all day, uncurl it in the evening and you have beautiful summer waves.

Switch up your parting

When you need a change and want to freshen up your look, there’s nothing simpler than to try a new parting. Go from side to middle, or swap sides and it’ll change how your face looks.

You can even change your makeup to go with it. If you’ve got a side swept look, focus on the lips as it’ll draw the eyes down and elongate your face. A middle parting is the perfect excuse to focus on the eyes. Try a liquid eyeliner for a long sweep to put all the attention on your peepers.

A braided headband

The perfect style for those long lazy nights, or party days at a festival. You can easily weave it into your every day style as well.

Braid your own locks, starting with a section just behind your ear and pin it in place around an inch from your hairline.

If you haven’t quite for the locks to cover it, use a ponytail hair extension. Clip in place or tie underneath your own locks to hide the join, braid it and then pin in place across your own natural hair.

Slick it back

Creating an edgy style, but one we’re seeing more and more, the slicked back style is perfect for a hot summer day. Hair extensions will help to add a little extra length or volume if you need it. These style can look slicked, but not flat! Use gel or serum, combing it through your hair so you look like you’re straight off the catwalk.


Summer hair without the heat

7 Jul

No one wants to pack their hair irons or curlers when they go on holiday. They do enough damage to your hair in the winter. But in the summer, when the sun dries hair out, it’s a shortcut to split ends and frizzy locks.

Yet even while you’re lazing away on sunny days, you can still have your dream hair. Whatever you length, texture or style, if you use hair extensions or your natural locks, here are Dream Girl’s tips for ensuring your summer hair is immune from the heat.

When it’s hot you want to keep your hair off your face and neck. The easiest and most stylish way to do this is to twist it up. While hair is still damp, towel dry and add mousse for a little extra control. Either braid or twist hair back from the face, turning it towards the scalp. Twist and pin in a bun at the nape of the neck. Stylish and cool!

A topknot will help you look bang on trend as well as keeping hair out of your way. For naturally curly hair, use bobby pins to pin hair into a knot. if you struggle to make them stick, spray the pins with hairspray before you use them on your hair.

A slicked back wet look can help you look like you’re batting away the summer heat. Lift your roots with your fingers, a little mousse and hairspray. Comb a cream or wax through your hair. A serum will also work for added sheen.

If you’re planning a night out, but your locks feel just to heavy to run free, why not try a polished style. Low buns and low pony tails are bang on trend this year. Add a cream or balm to smooth hair down before combing into a low ponytail. A ponytail hair extension can add more volume here. Twist, wrap and pin the pony into a sleek bun. Comb any stray hair and use a serum to keep them under control.

For a naturally wavy style, volume is your friend. Hair extensions can add both lift as well as length. Make sure hair is super nourished and conditioned before letting your hair dry naturally, letting all that natural shape and movement stay in place.


Give it some plait-titude

30 Jun

The sun is shining and summer is here, and that means wedding/holiday/festival season is in full swing, and you’ll want your hair to be more Instagram-able than ever.

The versatile nature of Dream Girl hair extensions means that you can switch your style to suit the occasion, and achieve spectacular selfies whatever your mood.

Whether you long for bold all-over braids or subtle plaits in a sophisticated look, you can achieve the extra length and volume needed for standout hair with flair, with the right products from Dream Girl.  

Your super long extensions from Dream Girl will look exquisite, and you’ll want to keep them that way when you’re dancing to the headline act in a field or bronzing it up around the pool.

Braids, plaits and cornrows have been all over the catwalks and red carpets of Summer 2017, and are the perfect quick fix for easy high street style or a stunning stop and stare look at any event.   Zoe Kravitz and Beyonce have been spotted looking super chic wearing super long braids, and Cara Delevigne’s cute, chunky side plaits have given us all hair envy.

And the great news is, that fishtail plaits not only look amazing, the humble braid actually serves a purpose in maintaining your hair extensions and keeping them in check. It’s a double win.


Going on holiday could pose a lot of problems for a girl with hair extensions, with all that sun and sea. Try a loose braid for the beach or around the pool to protect your extensions from getting wet, prevent tangling, fight the frizz, and keep cool. For an on-trend evening look, transform sleek, straight extensions with chunky box braids for 90s influenced style.

Before you travel, you might want to try low maintenance, all-over braids. Use longer length extensions for daring, Solange inspired, Rapunzel braids for a contemporary look, that can take you from day to night with ease.


During a whole weekend that combines a warm tent with a muddy field, you and your hair can be left feeling a little lacklustre. Give your hair the boost it needs, and you’ll be rocking your extensions with confidence from the second you arrive, to the moment you join the traffic jam to head home. Work your first day fresh wavy festival locks with jewelled accessories, and maintain the style stakes even when you’re on third day hair, by weaving a plaited hairband, and pinning it up to disguise oily roots.   


Look to Lilly Collins as inspiration for hair that oozes irresistible romantic glamour. Pair a tousled updo with loose, chunky braids and thin plaits to achieve an elegant, dreamy and classic look, that will be perfect for the wedding photos.


Look after your hair extensions with a low loose braid, to help keep you comfortable and prevents night time tangling. Make sure your hair is dry each night before your head hits the pillow, to maintain the condition of your locks.

Braids are a great solution to look after your extensions, or to provide a style update that enhances your extensions to achieve jaw-dropping status.

The best festival hair for 2017

23 Jun

You might be on your way to Glastonbury as we speak. Or, you might have a festival planned in for the rest of the summer. Festival style is a big deal and at Dream Girl we want to make it as easy as possible for you to create your perfect look.

At a festival you want to look great, but you also want to be low maintenance. You can get away with a boho style and something that will last a  few days and keep the hair off your face while you’re dancing or singing your heart out.

Fake an undercut

Hands up who’s brave enough to do a Miley and razor an undercut?  Yeah, thought so. Fake it with an easy style. Simply create a deep side parting and then braid using little strands from roots to tip. Keep going until you reach under the ear and pin in place. 

Tie back your fringe

It can get hot and sweaty at festivals. The last thing you want is your fringe sticking to your forehead. Keep it feminine and stylish by using a braid to tidy it away. Start with a deep side parting and braid hair across the front hairline. Secure with a band once you reach the height of your cheekbone. Tucks the ends underneath the hair and fix with a grip.

The messy chignon

You don’t want to look too coiffed at a festival. This style is just perfect for that “what this old thing” laid back style. First tie hair back into a ponytail. Not too high, just below the crown. Backcomb the ponytail to add a little volume. Grab yourself some kirby grips and fix the ends of the ponytail back towards the base. A simple trick, Twist sections around your finger, scrunch down and pin.

Side swept plait

For long hair you might want to sweep it off your face. The side braid is an easy style to wear and looks great too. It’s also a great look for those with long hair or hair extensions. Simply sweep hair over one shoulder. Begin the plait a little above the nape of the neck; not quite as high as a braid but underneath the crown. Continue the plait right down to the tips and secure with a band. Allow the fringe and a few stray strands to line the face.

Boho waves

For long wavy hair you can get an extra boost in length from Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls range of hair extensions. To tease curls without heat simply use kirby grips and some hairspray before you go to sleep. In one inch sections twist hair around the finger and then pin in place with a grip. Once all the hair is twisted back spray to help it fix. Wake up in the morning, uncurl and gently separate the waves. Beachy, festival waves without using heat.


Letting your natural beauty shine

16 Jun

Every woman wants something different from her hair. And, let’s be honest, everyone’s hair comes with its own challenges. When we have natural hair, we often think it’s something we need to tame and control. That’s not true.

At Dream Girl, we believe in helping every woman feel as beautiful as she can. That’s why all of our products are about enhancing natural beauty, rather than defining what beauty is supposed to be. Our hair extensions come in as many different shapes and sizes as women want. It’s all about choice. From sleek and long to deep curls, with over 80 shades to choose from, you can easily find exactly the texture, look, length and style you’re looking for.

From high puffs to fab ‘fros natural hair is more visible than it has been. There hasn’t been the same kind of variety on offer, nor the same flexibility in beauty styling. That’s changing and for Dream Girl it’s all about offering the same kind of flexibility and creativity when it comes to hair styling, no matter what kind of hair you have. 

We offer over 13 different kinds of hair extensions. So you’ll find traditional styles like Euro Weft and Remi Silky, but you can also find styles like Yaki, French Deep Curls, French Jerry Curls, Super and Bulk Yaki hair extensions. You might want to wear your hair long, you might want more volume. You might want to make your hair longer for braids. Our range of hair extensions is all about choice for you.

European hair is often finer, thinner and adding volume and length is about making hair appear thicker. Strand by strand natural hair is thicker and can be coarser in terms of texture. Frizziness, tangles, teasing; natural hair faces far more diverse challenges and so needs different solutions and styles to choose from.

But at the end of the day what every woman wants is to look natural. We want to embrace our curls while enjoying a longer length if we feel like it. We want to wear a short style some days and clip in hair extensions on a weekend. We don’t want to have to relax our hair but instead wear our hair puffed up or slightly frizzy or even a full ‘fro if that’s how we feel.

Hair extensions should be a tool to help us get there, not a way of defining how we all style our hair. Hair should be happy and healthy, extensions should help locks look real and beautiful. extensions should blend with any texture and experimenting with colour should be something open to everyone.

Beauty is never one size fits all, and that’s why Dream Girl’s hair extension aren’t either.


How to get super-long hair

9 Jun

If you’ve flicked through a celeb magazine in the last few weeks, something will have jumped out at you. Super-long hair is a real trend right now.

This time last year, celebs we cropping their hair into lobs and bobs. Now it’s getting longer and longer.

Stars like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj haven’t just gone long, though. They’ve gone super-long. Their hair grazes their bum – and in Nicki’s case her ankles! – as they go for an extreme style.

OK, at Dream Girl, we’re the first to admit that a hairstyle that reaches your ankles possibly isn’t the most practical style if you’re going to have to run for a bus.

But there’s something really eye-catching and feminine about having hair that’s stretches right down your back.

How to get it? Well of course you’re not going to be able to grow two feet of hair in just a few days. The easiest way to do it is with hair extensions. Remi Silky, our 100% human hair extensions offers the most natural look and finish for long hair.

You can choose from over 80 different colours, as well as different textures from waves to curls, to find the exact right style for you.

Just because you have long hair, you don’t have to wear it down. Ariana Grande wears her super-long hair in a high ponytail, and it’s a style that offers just the right amount of glam.

Gigi Hadid and Jessica Alba both wear their long locks in a low plait, leaving long strands for the front to frame the face.

But it’s the long and straight style that looks so striking. Hair extensions have to be really shiny to have the maximum impact. Because this look is all about luxury. It’s all about emphasising how long you can spend getting the perfect, super shiny, super-long straight hair. This isn’t a practical style, it’s not a hairstyle to wear at the gym. It’s a style that’s all about glamour, red carpets, about knowing how your crowing glory is making you stand out.

Shop at Dream Girl to find the right hair extensions to create your own super-long style.

Your holiday hair guide

2 Jun

If you’ve got summer holidays coming up and you’re planning a stretch on the beach, you’ll be thinking about your perfect holiday hair. You know what we mean; sunkissed locks, scrunched waves, carefree styles that are laid back and relaxed.

At Dream Girl we always want to help you get the hair you’re dreaming of, so here’s our guide for how to get the perfect holiday hair.


You’d never lie out in the sun without putting some kind of protection on your skin, so why do it with your hair? Just like your skin, hair can be burnt in the sun. UV rays can degrade it, damaging the oils and nutrients that keep it healthy. Locks can be left dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Obviously, if you have hair extensions this is bad news. If your hair is coloured, the sun can fade your colour and bleach it, giving you a strange red hue.

The best solution is to wear a hat when you’re in the sun. You can also use a dedicated hair spray that will offer SPF. Or, use a little liquid sun lotion and drop it into a water container with a spray nozzle. Fill with water and use this to spray on to your locks as you head to the beach.

Avoid heat

You might want beachy waves while you’re away but use non-heat solutions to get those curls. You should never use heated products like curlers or straighteners on hair extensions, but in the sun it’s even worse. The heat will damage already dry hair and will do even more damage. Locks will be more likely to break and you’ll get split ends. It’ll only get worse in humidity as hair will become frizzy and unmanageable.

Instead, use techniques like pin curls, where you twist and pin a section of hair for half and hour. Or braid your hair while it’s damp so that it will have a gentle wave once it has dried.



When you’re at home, you don’t want to use too much shampoo as it can strip your hair and remove essential vitamins and nutrients keeping it healthy. However, when you’re on holiday your hair will be filled with chlorine from the pool and sand from the beach. You’ll need to shampoo once you get back to your room everyday. But you don’t want to strip it too much. So make sure you buy a shampoo that’s designed for regular use. Avoid sulphates and go for natural products that are more likely to be used frequently.

To nourish your hair opt for a hair mask, something creamy that’ll replace all the moisturiser that’s been sunbathed out. Your hair will thank you and you can go back to having the beachy hair you’re dreaming of.

The perfect wedding hair

26 May

As we firmly step into wedding season, there will be many brides thinking about the dress, the jewellery and the music for their first dance.

While you can find plenty of inspiration for those wedding styles, one of the things a lot of women struggle with is how to wear their hair.

It’s because a lot of “traditional” bridal hairstyles just don’t feel like us. These pictures are going to last a lifetime, we don’t want a stiff and formal hairstyle staring back at us for eternity.

You want to be elegant, stylish but also on trend.

The first thing to do is to look for inspiration. Check out Instagram and Pinterest as well as magazines and fashion blogs for hairstyles you like. Create a mood board with all your favourite styles and ideas, helping you craft the look you want.

The next step is to take it to your stylist. They’ll be able to sit and talk about what style will best suit your face shape and your outfit.

This is when you prepare for your trial session. Hair extensions can help you achieve your perfect style. You might have shorter hair that needs a little extra length, whether you want an up-do or have it styled long.

Your hair might be fine and you need a little extra volume. Hair extensions can help make your hair look thicker.

At Dream Girl, we’ve got hair extensions to match any natural hair, be it wavy, curly, or straight. With over 80 shades to choose from you’ll find the exact right hair extensions that will blend seamlessly into your natural locks.

With your stylist you’ll be able to try a few different options with hairstyles, taking lots of pictures so you know how it’ll look and choose the style you like the best.

Here’s the styles that are popular this wedding season…

The classic chignon

A perennial favourite, the chignon is styled this year as a low bun at the nape of the neck. Accessories bring it up to date, with a side parting making it very 2017.

Natural finish

Bridal hairstyles have often been quite stiff and formal and this season there’s a desire to look more relaxed with a low key hairstyle. Making hair look glossy and healthy, adding length and volume with plenty of texture lets your natural beauty shine through.

Half up-do

Gentle flowing locks, complimented by a veil, these styles feed into that more relaxed vibe. It’s a simple style with plenty of wow-factor that works perfectly with hair accessories as well.

Always remember your wedding day is a chance to feel comfortable in your own style. Your wedding hairstyle, much like your dress, needs to work for the whole day, so it’s important to have a style that is easy to maintain and will take you from day to night.

The long and short of it

19 May

Who wants the same hair everyday? Nobody does. You can chop and change your hair as often as you do your shoes, and in fact you should! Embrace your inner hairstyle chameleon.

Kim Kardashian, not for the first time, showed us exactly what we’re talking about at Dream Girl in a Snapchat video last week.

On Wednesday she was showing off a new longer hairstyle. Waist length black locks were shown draping down her back and almost to the floor as she sat down.

Earlier in the week Kim had worn a shorter, sleeker bob. Curled under slightly at the ends, the style was one the star has rocked in recent months.

Yet by the end of the week, Kim was back to shorter hair, which was wavy and just below the shoulder.

This opportunity for eye-catching locks and the chance to change your style as often as you like is easily achieved with clip on hair extensions.

Dream Girl’s Clip’N Go hair extensions use premium 100% quality human hair, so look natural, glossy and healthy. The hair extensions have clips attached on the wefts, so it’s simple to just clip the extensions onto your own locks and have added length in minutes.

It couldn’t be easier. Choose from over 80 shades in browns, reds, blondes, funkies and combos. Once you’ve picked the shade that closely matches your own, you can choose from six different lengths, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″ and 24″.

For a full head of coverage you get four long strips with three clips per weft, two medium strips with two clips per weft and four small strips with a single clip per weft.

Then, all you need to do is clip the hair into place, adding instant length to your natural locks and added volume. If you like, you can work with your hair stylist to style the temporary hair extensions, creating you own natural style with them, so you know they’ll look as natural as possible.

Changing your hair daily doesn’t need to be difficult. You can have the hair you dream of and chop and change your style as often as you like. And if, like Kim K, you want to keep them guessing on social media as much as you can as to what your REAL hairstyle is, then make it simple with Dream Girl and wear the style you want every day.

What do you do with your curly hair?

12 May

It’s never been a better time to celebrate your natural hair. Whether it’s wavy, tightly coiled or with soft curls, hair right now is all about texture.

What’s important in today’s beauty world is to embrace your own natural look, and style accordingly. Is your hair frizzy, wavy? Is your afro long or short? Do you want hair extensions to make your waves fuller, or to add length to your ‘fro? The choice is always there.

Here’s the different hairstyles you can wear, depending on your hair’s natural texture.

If you’ve got long curls

If your curls are long one of the challenges you might have is keeping hair looking full. Hair extensions can help add volume. An up-do, piling the hair on top of your head, will add height and emphasise the texture. Make sure the ends are as healthy as possible by trimming them regularly.

If you’ve got frizzy waves

Taylor Swift’s sleek look belies the fact her natural hair is quite frizzy. She has managed it by keeping it shorter. But if you prefer length, and don’t want to use straighteners or tongs, then use plenty of conditioner to keep hair moisturised and scrunch to add further definition to the waves.

If you’ve got an afro

If your afro is thick, curly and frizzy you can embrace your natural texture. You’ll never be short on volume, so use it to your advantage. Either opt for tight curls, and you can use hair extensions to add either length or volume, or brush the curls out for maximum frizz. If you’re showing off your hair’s natural shape, work with your stylist so that it’s cut in a way to accentuate the texture.

If you want curls to be tighter and the hair to be bigger, cut layers into the style. Don’t feel that you can’t have a fringe as well. Anything goes!

If you’ve got mid length waves and curls

Whereas curly hair used to be big and bold, the focus is much more now on sleeker waves that add shape and flatter the face. A middle parting helps you regulate the messy look. Let the hair dry naturally and use products to condition the hair and define the texture.


Keep it natural

5 May

Whatever you do with your hair, whether it’s long or short, whether you wear hair extensions all the time, or have clip-ons for special occasions, there’s one thing that unites us – you want to keep your hair looking beautiful.

The trend for healthy living has finally reached our locks and at Dream Girl we think this is a good move. We’ve long advocated that for you to keep your hair as healthy as possibly, you need to be careful what you put on it.

And it makes complete sense, when you think about it. The more chemicals, like parabens and sulphates you use on your hair, the more likely you are to strip it of the vital nutrients it needs to stay healthy and lush. If any hair care regime is designed to boost those nutrients, rather than strip or replace them then that’s a good thing.

This becomes especially important when we think about hair extensions. If you wear 100% human hair then the locks have been treated but once you wear them, anything that’s lost that makes hair duller won’t be regained. It’s important you keep your hair as glossy and healthy as you can, for as long as you can.

This isn’t simply about going organic, but looking carefully about what’s used in the products you put on your hair. Are they natural? What ingredients do they have for cleansing, how do they promise to nourish and treat hair?

Many products that offer promises like shiner locks will actually contain ingredients like silicone which can weigh the hair down.

What’s also important is to get to know your own hair. We have spent a lot of time listening to other people tell us how often we should wash our hair, how often we should style it. That doesn’t mean we should ignore all advise. There are some basic truths, like getting hair trimmed regularly to get rid of split ends. But much of the advice needs to be individually tested based on your own locks.

How often do you need to wash your hair? We know it probably isn’t daily. If you have natural hair it’s probably more like weekly or fortnightly, depending on how thick your locks are.

Get to know your own hair, get to know your own scalp – some people can wear up-dos all the time, others find it can pull on their hair and cause hair loss. Everyone’s hair is different, and spending time getting to know it and understand what it wants to stay healthy is an important part of the process.

However you want to wear your hair, whether you want hair extensions or how you want to style it, it all starts with knowing your own hair. A natural hair regime will help keep it healthier and glossier, keeping it stronger and helping you grow the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

The easiest way to dream hair

28 Apr

Are you one of those people who keeps up to date on hair trends, and is always keen to try them? Whether it’s blunt cuts, layers, ombre lock, side partings, mid partings, are you the one who always tries the trend the minute you spot it on the catwalks?

Some people love clothes, others love accessories. For some of us our obsession is hair and trying new things. At Dream Girl we completely understand that. After all, trying out the latest trends is something we do a lot and hair is our passion.

If long hair is the trend you’ve always wanted to try though, you might have thought it’d be easy but actually it can be the hardest. Our hair isn’t something we can control brilliantly well. In fact, our hair is tricky because while it might sit one way at a shorter length, the longer it gets it might change. This can have a huge impact on volume, texture and movement, all of which can affect how we see the style we’ve got.

We might assume that long hair would look great on us, because a lob does, but once we start to grow our hair in fact it just gets flatter and looses all the volume we loved.

Clip on hair extensions can be the quickest solution to their problem. Dream Girl’s 100% human hair extensions can be clipped into place in minutes. It couldn’t be easier.

The first step is to choose the colour. With over 80 shades to choose from you want a colour that closely matches your own, or that adds either highlights or lowlights. it’s about complimenting your own natural locks rather than covering or fighting against them.

Choosing length is the next step. How long do you want your hair to be? Hair extensions aren’t simply about having super long locks. Instead it’s about choosing what best suits your face and thew rest of your style. Hair extensions are also about adding volume as well as length, so it depends what you want the final shape to be.

When you’ve chosen your hair extensions you start by clipping them to the nape of the neck, so it’s bottom up. The clip ons attach to the roots of your hair. Then you work your way around the scalp. There are longer sections to cover hair at the back and shorter sections for the side, offering a more natural fall and shape to the hair.

Don’t clip on your hair extensions too tightly. Instead give a little space more movement and a natural look and feel. Too tight and they’ll feel heavy and uncomfortable.

Once fitted,. just brush your hair over and there you go, you’ve got the perfect long locks you’ve always dreamed of.

Hairstyles for second day hair

21 Apr

We all know we’re not meant to shampoo our hair every day.

As sensitive and restorative as a shampoo and conditioner might promise to be, the daily ritual the washing, drying and styling can cause real damage to our locks. It can strip hair of its natural oils, which keep it healthy and moisturised. It can leave hair dry and lank, more brittle and prone to breakage.

This is especially important if we wear hair extensions as well. Even 100% human hair extensions have a lifespan and they’re treated to look as natural, healthy and glossy as can be, but if we don’t look after them they won’t grow back.

So while we’re happy not to shampoo our hair daily it does leave us with another concern; what to do with our hair on the second day. For some, this isn’t a huge problem. Yes, we regret to inform you that some people have hair that looks even better then day after they washed it. There are even some people who can go several days at a time without washing their hair. Which, frankly, just makes us beyond jealous.

For those of us who have to think about what we need to do when our hair is verging on oily, here are a few hairstyles to have in your arsenal. Remember, oily hair can actually hold its shape better than freshly washed hair, so these styles might work even better than normal.

Go for a braid …

Whether a french braid or braided bun, second day hair is ideal for experimenting with a plait. Go for smaller braids if you need hair to be securely packed. Don’t pull hair too tight as if you are wearing hair extensions you might damage them. Go for a single braid by dividing locks into three sections and plaiting together. Or, go for the twin braid, where you divide hair into two and then create two braids. Tie them together at the ends or leave them separate.

Tuck and roll …

One of our favourite second day styles, largely because you can do it in minutes, you can do this with a headband or freestyle. Fit the headband first and leave hair long at the back. Take sections of hair and twist until your reach the nape of the neck. Gather both sides into a bun and twist and pin in place.

A super high pony …

Add a little extra volume to your ponytail by back combing the crown. Gather hair onto the crown, as high as you can go, so that the pony falls around your shoulders. Tie in place. For a little extra shape use curlers to add texture and shape to the ponytail itself.





10 steps to the perfect hair extensions

14 Apr

If you’re thinking that this season is the perfect opportunity to get new hair extensions then listen up. At Dream Girl, we know a thing or two about getting fuller and longer hair using 100% human hair extensions.

But before you jump in, it’s worth stopping to plan. Understanding what you need, and getting the right hair extensions for you will help you end up with the hair you want.

Here are our tips …

You might think you’re being savvy by spending money, but it’s always best to get the very best you can afford. That means the salon you choose too. A salon that specialises in hair extensions won’t mind about showing you pictures of previous happy clients, so you know what you’re getting.

Hair extensions aren’t just about length. OK, celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Nikki Minaj might have been spotted wearing super long hair extensions, but actually, most people who wear hair extensions want thicker hair with more volume, not longer hair.

Think long term. Talk to your stylist about a method that makes it easier for you to get the longest possible life out of your hair extensions.

The better the quality of the hair, the longer they’ll last. 100% human hair extensions with the cuticles still intact, like Dream Girl’s Remi Silky hair extensions, look and feel like natural hair and look glossy for longer.

Don’t assume you’ll still be able to style your hair the same after hair extensions. Your own hair grows back, extensions don’t. Do you research and invest in the right products.

Hair extensions can help protect your natural hair too. Want to go a different colour? Use hair extensions rather than dye.

Your stylist can help you learn how to wear hair extensions long term and how to protect your locks. It’s about maintenance.

Hair extensions can help with up-dos, by making ponytails look fuller and buns larger. You might not need a full head of hair extensions if you’re wanting an up-do for a special occasion like a wedding.

If you don’t want permanent hair extensions think about clip ons. The versatility of being able to change your style in minutes is great.

It’s about making the most of your style. Try it, see if you like it and make it work for you.




Walk on the wild side with Dream Girl

30 Nov

Keeping your hair looking good is a challenge, as any Dream Girl addict knows! But as these celebs have proven, you can even look good in the jungle – and you have hair envy like we do, just scroll down and be filled with inspiration for hair that looks good wherever you are and whatever you do!


image 1

Image credit: ITV


Look 1 – Fleur East

Fleur’s hair gives us serious hair envy both in its volume and its length! For those if you with similar hair, this is a very easy look to replicate if you use our Dream Girl French Jerry Curls hair extensions and glue the extensions in at the roots. Style the extensions as you like and work the look! To get the look, go here –!#-!111

image 2


Look 2 – Emily Atack

Emily Atack’s blonde waves are to die for – even in the Australian heat! For this look, we recommend our Dream Girl Body Waves hair extensions to replicate Emily’s gentle waves – they add length, volume and plenty of movement to hair. To use them, simply glue in from the roots and work your way down, brush through, and then style accordingly! Get the look here –!#-!1


Image 3

Image credit: ITV


Look 3 – Sair Khan

If you don’t have hair envy when you look at Sair Khan, why not?! Her dead straight locks give us a serious case of hair envy, so of course we had to find a way to duplicate the look! To pull this off, we recommend our Dream Girl Remi Silky hair extensions as they’re gorgeously straight and silky in appearance and even stay tangle-free for ages! As with all our extensions, they add length and volume as well as movement, so they’re perfect for this! In order to replicate Sair’s hair, simply glue the extensions in at the roots, brush through, and style as you like! Get the look here –!#-!114

Party with Dream Girl

16 Nov

The winter party season is upon us, and if you’re anything like us at Dream Girl, you’ve already got your outfit covered but you’re struggling with hair inspiration! Luckily that’s where we come in – we’ve picked some of our favourite hair ideas that go with any outfit, so keep scrolling to see what we’ve come up with!

DG 1.png

Image credit: @voiceofhair on Instagram


Look #1 – Curly mohawk

We’re in love with this effortless look and we’re certain it’ll go with any outfit! More importantly, if your hair isn’t long enough to do this, that’s where Dream Girl comes in! For this look, we recommend our Dream Girl French Jerry Curls hair extensions to add length and volume so that you can style accordingly! To recreate this look, glue in the extensions at your roots and then sweep back the side and pin with bobby pins, then style the rest as you like! Go here to get the look –!#-!111

DG 2

Image credit: @mararoszak on Instagram


Look #2 – Effortless ponytail

The ponytail is a timeless, classy classic – and we always approve of jazzing it up with accessories! Add some chic to your party ponytail with a timeless ribbon – we recommend black or red, but use whatever goes with your outfit! – and you’ll instantly uplift it from plain to perfect! For this look, we think our Dream Girl Remi Silky hair extensions for silky-smooth length and volume that looks as effortless as your updo! To recreate this look, glue the extensions in from the root down, brush through, and style accordingly. Get the look here –!#-!114

DG 3

Image credit: REX/Shutterstock


Look #3 – Halo braids

Halo braids are a unique twist on braids, and we love them! For this look, we recommend our Dream Girl Euro Weft hair extensions for volume, length and easy plaiting! To recreate this look, glue the extensions in from the roots down, brush through, and braid around the crown of your head to give yourself an ethereal appearance that goes with any outfit you’ve dreamt up! Get the look here –!#-!655

Hair Raising Looks for Halloween

29 Oct

For those of you who are still scrambling for Halloween hair ideas this year, we’ve compiled some more of our favourite hair ideas! Look spooktacular with our handpicked hairstyles—and be the center of attention this Halloween!


Picture credit: Superdrug

Look #1 – Unicorn Hair

Who doesn’t want to look like a mythical creature this Halloween? For this gorgeous look we recommend our Dream Girl Remi Silky hair extensions for added volume and length. To replicate this look, glue the extensions to your roots and comb through, then section the front of your hair into a ponytail and start to backcomb to create the horn shape! Get the look here –!#-!114



Photo credit: @gocoppolaserravalle on Instagram

Look #2 – Scorpion Hair

For those of you that prefer your hair to be spookier, we’ve found this gorgeous scorpion-inspired hair! For this look, we recommend our Dream Girl Euro Weft hair extensions for added volume and length, plus they’re so easy to style! To recreate this look, glue the hair extensions into your roots and brush through, then section your hair and braid accordingly. For the main braid, insert a pipe cleaner into it and then style it over your head for the ultimate scorpion look! Get the look here –!#-!655


Image credit: Pinterest


Look #3 – Halloween Mermaid

This look is so easy to create and looks effortless—all you need is plenty of length to create a side braid! For this look, we recommend our Dream Girl Clip’N Go® hair extensions for quick and easy length and volume; simply clip them into your roots and start to braid! The ultimate mermaid look is a quick, easy side braid – don’t worry about braiding it too tightly! Get the look here –!#-!124


Get Spooktacular Hair with Dream Girl This Halloween

19 Oct

Halloween is coming up, and if you’re anything like us you’re already planning your outfits. For those of you who don’t have any ideas, though, we’ve picked some of our favourite spooky hairstyles to wear this Halloween!

Look 1 – Wednesday Addams


What’s not to love about Wednesday’s iconic plaits? If you’re looking for a simple hairdo, this is the one for you! For this look we recommend our Dream Girl Euro Weft hair extensions for volume and length – they’re easy to braid and they’ll make your Wednesday hair look absolutely effortless! To style this look with the extensions, simply glue them in at your roots, brush them through and your pigtails! Get the look here!#-!655

Look 2 – Beetle-juice

Beetle Juice


For Tim Burton lovers, this Beetle juice look is a throwback to classic 80s comedy horror! It requires length and a lot of backcombing and hair spray, but the end result is simply spooky! Paired with some ghostly makeup, it’s the perfect style for those of you who love all things 80’s – and eye-catching hair! For this style, we recommend our Dream Girl Remi Silky hair extensions for added volume and a natural look! To get this look, simply glue the extensions in at your roots, brush through, and then backcomb them like you’re living in the 1980’s! Apply hair spray to set it, and then rock it! Get the look here –!#-!114


Look 3 – Lion


Not everyone wants to spend Halloween dressed as creepy characters from films and TV shows! This look is perfect for those of you who want a more casual hairstyle idea, and even more perfect for those of you with naturally curly hair! For this look we recommend our Dream Girl Italian Body Waves hair extensions, which add volume and length to your hair plus natural movement! To use them, simply glue them into your roots and style accordingly; we recommend adding bounce to your curls and then holding them in place with hair spray! Finish the look with some feline makeup and you’re all set! Get the look here

How to care for your hair the Dream Girl way!

2 Oct


Winter is coming – this means dry skin, cold weather, and hair that needs a little bit of TLC in the colder months.


One of the cardinal sins of having extensions, especially in cooler temperatures, is that we can often forget our extensions are made of human hair too, and so don’t take care of them the way we should! But, as always, Dream Girl is here for you with plenty of information on how to look after your hair – including your extensions – as we gear up for nights getting darker earlier and endless excuses to drink hot chocolate.


Tip 1: Wash your hair carefully

Extensions need to be treated gently, especially in winter, so when you wash and condition your hair make sure you comb your hands through your hair from wefts to ends. The key is to keep hair as straight and smooth as possible – if you bunch the hair up and lather it, this puts strain on bonds and leads to your hair extensions looking tangled and messy, which nobody wants!


Tip 2: Take care of your extensions according to their type

Our Dream Girl Clip’N Go® hair extensions require the least amount of maintenance out of all our hair extensions, but they still need to be looked after. After wearing them a few times, you should wash, comb and condition them and then allow them to air dry on a towel so they can stay looking their best. For all of our glue-in hair extensions, we recommend that you use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and brush them with a loop hair brush to keep them looking flawless!


Tip 3: Avoid exposing your hair to excessive heat

One of the reasons your hair gets frizzy and unmanageable is because the air is so much dryer in the autumn and winter – so when you dry your hair, you need to lock as much moisture in as possible, and this includes drying your extensions! We suggest using a hair dryer on a lower temperature or ‘cool’ setting over a longer period of time so that your hair retains its moisture – and definitely invest in a heat protect-ant! By drying your hair on a cooler setting over multiple applications, your hair keeps much more moisture and is easier to style and care for!

London Fashion Week According to Dream Girl

25 Sep


London Fashion Week has been and gone, and frankly we’re in mourning for it! Is there anything better than a whole week dedicated to the latest fashion, makeup and hair trends? Definitely not! If you’re not all caught up on London Fashion Week, don’t worry – we’ve done a rundown of some of our favourite hairstyles from the event and how you can recreate them with our extensions for the ultimate Dream Girl look!

Look #1 – The #girlboss Bun

Buns never go out of style and they took pride of place at London Fashion Week – which we loved! There were two different styles on prominent display, but for this blog post we’re going to focus on the Girl Boss Bun: the bun you wear when you need to Get Stuff Done, as seen at Burberry catwalk. This look revolves around a cool, stylish low-swept bun that will have everyone aware that you need business – and so we recommend our Dream Girl Clip’N Go® Hair Extensions for instant length and volume! To achieve this look, simply snap the clip-on extensions to the roots of your hair, style your hair into a low bun, and work your #girlboss magic! Get the look here –!#-!93

Look #2 – Hollywood Waves

Who doesn’t love a retro hairstyle? They’re all the rage in 2018 because they ooze glamour and finesse – so naturally Dream Girl is hand to help you replicate this look!  For these casual, stylish waves as seen on the Temperley catwalk at London Fashion Week, we recommend our Dream Girl Body Waves extensions which have natural, easy movement and provides amazing volume and texture. To achieve this look, glue the extensions in from the roots down and style your hair into loose, luxurious waves. Get the look here –!#-!1


Look #3 – ’90s Curls

We’re living for all the 90’s resurgence and nostalgia happening everywhere lately – and of course it happened at London Fashion Week too on the Ryan Lo catwalk! It seems like 2018 has been all about the 90s, especially with the rise of the scrunchies earlier on in the year – long may it continue! For this look, we’re really feeling Mariah Carey in the iconic video Dreamlover – so we’re also going to channel our inner Mariah with our Dream Girl French Deep Curls which are small, strong curls from top to tail and add volume and movement to any style, whether you’re channeling Mariah or not! To achieve this look, simply glue the extensions in from the roots down and style your hair with a lot of mousse to live your ultimate Mariah dream! Get the look here –!#-!78

Ryan Lo



Strictly Style.

4 Sep

Grab your sparkiest outfit and dig out those tap shoes as the full Strictly line up has just been announced!

Of course we’re can’t wait to watch everyone strut their stuff on the dance floor but what we’re really looking forward to is the fabulous HAIR!

We’re also proud to have had contestants of strictly wear our Dream Girl Hair on seasons!

Strictly is known for it’s full on glamour makeovers so let’s hope the 2018 series doesn’t disappoint. We’ve picked out our ‘ones to watch’ in the style stakes!

Capital FM DJ, Vick Hope

Vick Hope

(Image: Getty Images)

Vick Hope has a gorgeous mane of Afro curls, perfect for whirling around the dance floor! Best known for presenting the Capital Radio Breakfast show with Roman Kemp, Vick’s electric personality will most certainly match her beautiful Afro curls!

Get the look:

Former Steps Member, Faye Tozer


(Image: Entertainment Focus)

90’s pop star Faye Tozer has rocked numerous great colours and hairstyles over the years, from Blonde dreadlocks to soft curly bob, Faye has never shied away from experimenting with her locks, so why should her Strictly hair be any different?!

Get Faye’s current look

Documentary Presenter, Stacey Dooley


(Image: Rex/ Shutterstock)

The hard-hitting documentary presenter, Stacey Dooley is used to dressing down whilst filming in controversial locations, exposing corruption, so the glamour of Strictly will come as a change! Stacey has rich red tones in her sleek strawberry blonde hair, so we expect some added volume in the up do’s to enhance her strictly look!

Get the Look

Aretha, The Queen of Soul

24 Aug

Aretha Franklin sadly passed away on Monday and as the world mourns the passing of an icon we want to also celebrate the legacy she has left and the inspiration she will continue to be. Throughout the years Aretha remained authentic with her unique voice which touched the hearts of many yet her hair and fashion evolved and remained distinct as the Queen of Soul.

Today we want to celebrate her iconic hair and fashion moments which was just as distinct and iconic as the music star.  As we know Aretha Franklin was a trendsetter, especially with her hair, she was known for saying “I’m a big woman. I need big hair.” Her hairstyles were often emulated but never duplicated.

Let us know your favourite Aretha Franklin hair looks.

Here are 3 of our favourite Aretha Franklin hairstyles, which pay homage to the Queen of Soul.

Queen crowned in Curls

aretha Blog Spot

(Image provided by

Get the look: Our Dream Girl lace front wig Ciara will give you queen like big curl.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T the Hair

Aretha Albun Cover

One of her most iconic songs is R-E-S-P-E-C-T. The art work for the album deserves some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, so you know we had to include it! Aretha wore her hair short with loose curls on album cover as the focus was really on her beauty in this shot. However her hair still had body.


Get the look: Our Goddess lace wig is a lovely short wig and as it is 100% human hair you can curl and back-comb to create body.

Beautiful Bun

Aretha Franklin

(Image provided by )

As beautiful as Aretha Franklin is she wanted the focus on her voice, as we can see in this image of her in 70’s she looked gorgeous with a simple top knot bun, which she rocked effortless.

Get the look: Our popular bun will give you an effortless top knot bun!

Head into autumn hair trends Dream Girl

14 Aug

It seems almost criminal to be thinking about upcoming hair trends when we’re in the middle of a summer heatwave, but planning ahead is essential to stay on point and ahead of the curve here At Dream Girl. Without further ado, we present our top autumn and winter hairstyles plus recommendations.

Look 1: Messy Bun

The word ‘messy bun’ is music to our ears – and luckily they aren’t fading away in the coming months! The only difference to this messy bun is that it’s slightly more luxurious; style it and then accessorise however you like – the key is to keep the crown smooth and the bun as flyaway as you like! For this look we recommend Dream Girl Euro Weft hair extensions as they’re natural, soft and perfect for styling! Simply glue them in at your roots, style accordingly, and accessorise – it couldn’t be easier! Get the look here:!#-!39


Look 2: Free-flowing Hair

Nothing says ‘look at me’ like hair with great movement. This look consists of a simple centre parting and super smooth hair tucked behind your ears – in our opinion, the easier a look is to do, the better!  Since this look requires a more minimalist, natural approach, we recommend Dream Girl Remi Silky hair extensions as they’re designed to remain tangle-free for as long as possible, and look as natural as hair extensions can get. To get the look and add volume and length to your hair, simply glue these extensions in at the roots and style accordingly! Get the look here:!#-!39


Look 3: Smooth Waves

Here at Dream Girl, we like low maintenance looks – and sleek waves are definitely among those! All it requires is some low-level curling and a quick brush through and off you go – but you can go the extra mile with Dream Girl, naturally! For this look we recommend Dream Girl Body Waves hair extensions for a more pronounced wave that you can brush out or exaggerate depending on your mood – simply glue the extensions in at your roots and style as you like! Get the look here:!#-!1



Look like a celebrity this summer with Dream Girl!

6 Aug

Celebrities… we all want to look like them and emulate their hairstyles. From the long locks of Kim Kardashian to the sleek lob of Caroline Flack, celebs have hairstyles to die for – with the help of hair stylists, of course! However, Dream Girl can help you achieve the longed-for hair of your favourite celebs whether you want more length, volume, or texture! Below we’ve selected some of our favourite celebs this summer, plus hairstyles that are timelessly popular for you to recreate with Dream Girl!Kim K Celebrity Net Worth

Image: Net Worth

Look 1 – Kim Kardashian:

Kim’s famous for her sleek, long locks. Yes, she may have chopped them off in favour of a bob this summer, but her long hair remains enviable and timeless, even when it’s a long bob. More famous perhaps is how sleek and shiny her hair looks – but Dream Girl’s got you covered for this entire look with our Euro Weft hair extensions, which are straight textured and silky and soft with natural movement – perfect for imitating Kim’s glossy locks. They add volume and length; all you need to do is glue them in at the roots and style accordingly – it couldn’t be easier! Get the look here:!#-!655

Suzanne Jackson- Caroline Flack

Image: Suzanne Jones

Look 2 – Caroline Flack:

Caroline’s famous for her bob hairstyles, whether they’re long or short – although she was most recently seen in Love Island rocking a just below the shoulder look… which we loved! One look we’ve loved this year is soft beach waves, which Caroline pulled off perfectly! Envious? So are we! Stealing her look, however, couldn’t be easier – we recommend Dream Girl Italian Body Waves for an easy beach look with real volume, length and natural movement – just glue them in at the roots, style, and brush through! Get the look here:


Look 3 – Maya Jama:

Curly dark hair with just a hint of a wave to it depending on the day? You must be thinking of Maya Jama – us too! Although she’s recently gone all-out blonde, her dark hair remains iconic – as do the curls! This look is simply a summer must-have as far as we’re concerned – and it’s so easy to achieve thanks to Dream Girl! We recommend Dream Girl Body Waves for a low maintenance curl that you can use for an understated day or style further for a more exaggerated look – simply glue them in at the roots, style however you like, and go! Get the look here


Image: Twitter Maya Jama Twitter

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