Get your new style with Dream Girl Hair Extensions!

18 Mar

Dream Girl Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the quickest and most effective way of transforming your look.
Maybe you’re growing out a shorter style and you’re at that difficult in between stage. You might be one of those confident gals that likes to experiment with different looks. Perhaps you have a big party coming up and you’re looking for the wow factor.

Hair extensions help you create a whole new style. You can emulate a celeb’s current look, or define one of your own. It’s about getting instant length, volume and shape for up to the minute glam.
If it’s your first time, then we have a handy three-step guide to help you get the hair of your dreams, not the stuff of nightmares.

What’s my style?

Straight silky hair, wavy bounce, or thick full hair. Hair extension can enhance all types but it’s important to think about what you’re looking for. Clip-ons are perfect for a quick fix transformation, particularly if you’re adding highlights. Usually they’re made with Euro Weft , a silky straight hair soft to the touch with natural movement. Remi Silky is the highest quality extension. 100% handpicked virgin human hair it blends seamlessly with your natural locks. Perhaps you’ve always had ramrod straight hair and you want a full-head revolution. Extensions can add curls and waves for a completely different look. The most important thing to remember is extensions are versatile and flexible helping you easily change your style.

Where will my hair extensions come from?

It’s really important you ask this question. At Dream Girls we’re committed to ensuring our hair is 100% ethically sourced. We provide synthetic and human hair. Often, our customers, including those in professional salons, prefer human hair as it offers a more natural looks and is easier to manage and style. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure each product is of the highest quality. For us, it’s important the only thing you need to worry about is making your hair look as fabulous as possible.

How do I make sure my extensions look brand new every day?

Just like your own locks, you’ll be able to tell when your extensions haven’t had enough TLC. The tips and techniques for keeping your own hair healthy, shiny and dull-free are the same for hair extensions. To wash, brush gently with a wide-toothed comb to get rid of any tangles. Shampoo gently and rinse before adding conditioner. Don’t load up too much on products or you’ll weight the hair down. Dry gently with a towel or on a cool setting if you’re using a blow-dry. Comb gently every day and to style make sure you don’t use serums or waxes. Dream Girl ® has a range of extension-friendly products to keep your hair luscious for as long as possible.

Dream Girl ® shouldn’t be a fantasy, have a look through our products range to find a style that suits you.
If you feel like a total change explore our Colour Comparator for a zesty, bright and rainbow-styled spring.
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