How a wig can help you transform your look in minutes

25 Mar

Lady Gaga Wig

Lady Gaga is known for transforming her style as much as she is her music.

Rihanna’s image is one of a feisty, confident woman, not afraid of expressing herself.

Changing your look can be empowering, inspiring and can reveal a whole new you.

But you might not want to commit to a full head colour. You might be worried the damage it will do to your hair, you might be worried the boss wouldn’t be happy.

Wigs offer the perfect solution. High quality, available in a range of styles and colours you can transform your look in an instant.

Dream Girl wigs are available in either synthetic or human hair. They are finely wefted which means the hair will fall more naturally and creates a more natural look.

Durable and easy to look after, wigs offer the easiest solution if you want to change your style on a Saturday night, or just make yourself feel a little more confident. A wig is perfect if you want to conceal thinning or fine hair.

There are things to consider just like there are when you want to transform your own hair. Here’s our nifty guide to make sure you get the wig of your dreams.

  • Work with a style that suits your face. You might want a bold and bright colour but you also want it to look as natural as possible. Be eye-catching for all the right reasons.
  • To protect your own tresses, cover you hair with a cap or tie back securely. Not only will this make sure your hair isn’t damaged, it will make the wig sit more comfortably in place. Any lumps or bumps and the wig might not look smooth and natural.
  • Vibrant colours make you stand out from the crowd, but when picking a red tone think about your skin colour. Do you suit more orangey or pinky reds? It’s the same test you use when you try out a new lip colour. Try it on; if you look washed out or pale then the colour doesn’t suit your skin tone.
  • Select a wig that matches the texture of your own hair as closely as possible. If you hair is thick and textured a fine hair style might not sit evenly. Experiment with different styles like curls but run your fingers through the hair. You want to be able to give yourself a natural tousled look. Too well styled might look more fake.
  • It’s best to give your wig a full workout before you head out, particularly if you’re planning on hitting the dancefloor. Is it secure? Are you confident it will stay in place?

Transforming your look with a Dream Girl wig is the fastest way to boost your confidence and unveil a whole new you.

4 Responses to “How a wig can help you transform your look in minutes”

  1. kate March 28, 2011 at 5:02 am #

    I am a company’s sales woman. Because of the pressure of the hard work, my hair become less and less. I was so upset and do not know how to do that. And I will visit many customers every day, but my hairs are too ugly to visit people, and often be laughed by colleague. Then I try to have some medicines, but unrewarding. And most serious the medicines are harm to me. So I try to buy some wigs. I visit many wigs shops, most of them are so ugly and expensive. My life nose-dived. One day when I search the internet, I found Dream Girl Online-Shop. I found it so cheap, and the picture looks so beautiful. But I still doubt about that. And I can not help but temptation. When I get wigs from the online shop, I found it beautiful, and when I touch the hair I can fell the material was good. When I wear it to the company, my colleague can not distinguish the fake hair and the real hair. And my boss said I became beautiful recently. Now I am so confident when I visit customers. And sales company products easily than before. My incomes improved now. Thank you for the Dream Girl Online-shop.

    • dreamgirlhair March 28, 2011 at 10:36 am #

      It’s wonderful what you tell us. We are here to bring you the best products and services.
      To be more informed about us, our wigs, hair extensions, hair pieces and make-up just visit DG Facebook, Twitter and Dream Girl Site

  2. Jack roy April 15, 2011 at 10:37 am #

    nice stuff. you can change your look with wigs and it provide you
    style to transform your personality.

  3. rahua conditioner review May 16, 2014 at 1:07 pm #

    If your skin is not properly moisturize, it will dry and age faster.
    Looking beautiful doesn’t have to be hard on your budget
    or the environment. Heating dries up the
    hair, which can also create a lot of problems for your hair.

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