Michelle Keegan is still your style Queen!

13 Apr

Michelle Keegan - Bubble Awards 2011

This year Dream Girl had the opportunity of becoming the official sponsors of the 2011 Bubble Awards, hosted by the renowned magazine All About Soap, best known for its jam packed pages of never ending juicy gossip for our much loved TV celebs.

Dream Girl were delighted to know Michelle Keegan was voted, for second year running, best Celeb Style. Indeed, she was also on top of the Dream Girl voting list.

On receiving the Celeb Style trophy the 23 Year old actress said: “I’m well chuffed. I honestly didn’t expect to win again, since I had some stiff competition, so I’m over the moon. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I won the last time!”

2 Responses to “Michelle Keegan is still your style Queen!”

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