Are you a natural beauty?

15 Apr

Dream Girl!

Holding you back from wearing hair extensions because you worry they won’t look natural?

Providing instant length and volume to any style, hair extensions should be used to enhance natural beauty, not replace it. Although bright colours and crazy styles can be achieved to make your hair stand out from the crowd, that doesn’t mean a natural, stylish and glamorous look can’t be achieved as well.

If your style is all about being the best you can be, there’s no reason hair extensions can’t help, providing confidence and the wow factor.

Those going for a natural look tend to prefer 100% human hair extensions. Dream Girl recommends Euro Weft or Remi Silky. Euro Weft is velvety, silky smooth addition to any hairstyle. They are the straightest texture human hair available with the cuticles intact enhancing the natural look, feel and movement.

These are the best for weaving and creating your own clip ons.

Remi Silky is processed with 100% hand-picked human hair. A luxurious product, the root point is correct and cuticle intact ensuring a stronger and smoother hair extension. It also helps the hair remain tangle free.

When creating your own for clip ons, or visiting a salon, hair extensions shouldn’t be about covering your natural beauty, but enhancing it. Whether you’re looking for thicker or longer hair you shouldn’t feel you have to compromise on a look that’s you to the very tips.


One Response to “Are you a natural beauty?”

  1. Carly April 18, 2011 at 12:29 pm #

    Impressive blog post!

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