Redheads are so hot right now

6 May

Blake Lively and Drew Barrymore go for Red

Blake Lively’s done it. Drew Barrymore did it weeks ago. Christina Hendricks has been at it for years.

It seems like the sun comes out and we want to throw off the shackles of winter and embrace the new weather with a new look. And this year at Dream Girl we can’t help noticing it feels like everyone’s becoming a redhead.

If you’re looking at your locks and fancy a change, perhaps you don’t have to reach for the bottle of hair dye. You can select different colours for hair extensions offering a colourful solution without damaging your hair.

Plus, Dream Girl’s Colour Guide shows there’s more to choose from than just one Red. From Auburns to Dark Auburn or a Rich Copper Red you pick a fiery style to suit your skin tone.

Or you can mix and match. If you hair is darker you can go for a Natural Black and a Dark Auburn or a Chocolate with a Copper Red.

For an instant fix you can use Clip’N Go Hair Extensions to add thickness and length in minutes. Synthetic hair extensions can add a splash of colour to your existing locks if you don’t want a full-head colour.

Clip on hair extensions are easy-peasy to add. Work from the nape of your neck up, snapping the clip ons to the roots of your hair. You work your way around until they comfortably cover your natural hair. Vivid stripes or colour can add a real lift to your mood with a striking new look.

Check out Dream Girl’s Colour Guide for tips and shades for every head of hair.

One Response to “Redheads are so hot right now”

  1. Fredric May 11, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

    This really great, I appreciate the posting.

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