Give yourself a lift

13 May

Sarah Jessica Parker &Cheryl Cole's Big Hair

Want to recreate Cheryl Cole’s high volume look from the launch of US X Factor?

Dream Girl can’t help but think that with the show’s new judge and style guru Sarah Jessica Parker showcasing high-impact barnets that big hair is back for spring.

Advice has always suggested that to achieve a voluminous look, all you need to do is mix a little back-combing and blow-dry your hair upside down. Tease and tweak with hairspray and voila!

Yet anyone with fine hair will know this tends to deflate before you’ve even arrived at the dance floor. If your hair loses volume quickly, the easiest way to achieve thickness is with hair extensions.

It’s the easiest way to create a glam look and, if you use Clip’ N Go Hair Extensions, you can even style them before fitting them to your hair.

Begin with a volumising shampoo and conditioner to create a lift at the roots.

Use a round brush with soft bristles, designed to be used for hair extensions. Using a hair dryer, coil the hair around the brush, lifting the hair at the roots. As well as creating lift and volume, this will create a bouncy curl at the end.

Style each section individually, beginning at the nape of the neck and working your way up to the crown.

Hairspray will help keep ends in place and roots high.

If you’re fitting extensions after styling them, remember to work in layers to help create a natural look.

If you’re leaving your hair loose then you’re ready to go. If you want to tie your hair back, to keep the volume in check work ends from the sides first, making sure you come into the contact with the roots as little as possible (natural oils on your skin will add weight to your hair, reducing the volume). Tie gently either in a ponytail at the back of the next creating a sixties beehive style. For a more contemporary look, fix hair in a swept side bun, with volume at the crown adding glamorous style.

Remember to use products that are suitable for hair extensions. Dream Girl has a range of shampoo and conditioners designed to keep your locks in luscious shape.

2 Responses to “Give yourself a lift”

  1. Diana May 23, 2011 at 6:11 pm #

    Really good material! I have been previously searching for something like this for a little bit now. Cheers!

  2. Grete May 24, 2011 at 7:01 pm #

    I certainly agree about many of this, it has been practical. Very good post!

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