In praise of stylists

20 May

In praise of stylist - Loving your hair extensionsThere’s nothing like the feeling of sitting in a salon, chatting to your hair stylist and waiting to be transformed.

Whether you’re having hair extensions added, a new colour or just a cut and blow you’re already looking forward to that feeling of heading out onto the street feeling like a new you.

Stylists are some of the most discerning people in the world. They’re the reason why there’s not just one red, there’s 15; why you can have a platinum blonde, natural, dirty blonde or even a hint of grey; why you can walk into a salon with a picture of your favourite celeb and they’ll help you recreate the look. Because they think and care so much about their product your stylist can often be the person to trust most next to your best friend.

It’s one of the reasons why DreamGirl is so proud to be the first choice for so many stylists. They’re a demanding bunch and if THEY think our hair extensions are good enough to stock in their salon, well then they must be pretty good.

So why do so many stylists choose DreamGirl?

Well, first of all it’s quality. Whether Euro Weft or Remi Silky we select only the very finest 100% virgin handpicked hair for use in our hair extensions. The roots and cuticles are intact. This makes a real difference to the finished product. It means you can guarantee a more natural look and finish, hair will remain tangle free and look healthy.

We have a huge range of colour and styles, which means stylists can offer more choice to their customers.

Finally our ethical policy. We can confidently guarantee the quality and origin of the hair we use. It is sourced from south east Asia and sent to China for deep cleansing, processing and final production.

We know we’re an important part of the supply chain so are committed to ensuring we work with ethical and responsible businesses.

We also work closely with our stylists, offering advice and tips to help customers get the most out of the hair extensions.

So hooray for stylists – without them DreamGirl wouldn’t be able to make your hair look quite as fabulous as it does right now.

If you’re a salon or a stylist and want to get in touch with DreamGirl you can contact us here

One Response to “In praise of stylists”

  1. Mike Ross May 23, 2011 at 1:36 am #

    this post is great. thx!

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