How to be a model

3 Jun

How to be a model - Dream Girl Hair Extensions
Everyone at DreamGirl is really excited because this week we launched our New Face competition.

Sponsored by O’Sullivan Concept Salons we’re looking for one lucky girl to represent DreamGirl in photoshoots and at events.

It is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get a foothold in fashion or muses about being a model.

So we thought, if you are thinking about entering, we’d offer some advice about the best ways to get into the industry.

Being a top model isn’t all about fame and glamour. Models work really hard. It’s long hours and you always have to bring your A game. You have to look after yourself so a good diet, plenty of fruit and veg (vitamins B and C are great for healthy hair as well) and plenty of water to keep your skin clear.

Model agencies will help put you in touch with the right people, particularly photographers, but there are loads of scams out there. It’s so important to do your research. Find out what people think are the best agencies. Don’t sign with someone who asks for loads of cash to be handed over. Plus never get yourself into a situation where you feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Some agencies recommend younger models should always bring a chaperone with them if they’re unsure.

An agency won’t often need a professional, bulging portfolio. They’ll just want some simple snaps of you so they can get an idea of your look.

It’s important that a model is comfortable infront of the camera. Pose, get a sense of your best angles, how your face works and how to catch the light.

It’s also not just about being a diva. Supermodels might be able to get away with it, sometimes, but for everyone else they want to work with someone who’s chatty, friendly and confident.

So if you think you have what it takes get in touch and see if becoming the New Face of DreamGirl could be the start of your modelling career.

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