Looking after your hair extensions on the beach

10 Jun

Dream Girl Hair Extensions After Care

At DreamGirl we’re thinking about holidays.

A week in the sun, lounging by the pool, chilling out listening to music and reading a book, maybe having a cheeky cocktail.

But if you have hair extensions don’t forget to pack your survival kit to make sure you look as glam and groomed everyday by the pool as you do right now.

A mixture of sun, humidity, salt water and chlorine will take its toll on natural hair, but hair extensions need a little bit extra looking after.

Bring with you;

*A brush with nylon bristles

*A few hair bobbles including two for when you take a dip and also to tie back your hair while you sleep

*A shampoo and conditioner designed especially for hair extensions, look for one promising to restore moisture.

Having hair extensions won’t stop you from having a dip in the pool or the sea, just follow our simple guide to making sure you look after your hair from root to tip.

Pop in and visit your hair stylist before you go for any advice on your hair extensions.

If you go for a swim, tie your hair in a ponytail. Plait the tail and fasten at the ends with a second bobble. Once you’re done, undo the plait at the bottom, leaving your hair in a ponytail.

Rinse thoroughly in warm water to remove any of the chlorine or salt. Gently comb with your fingers to make sure it is straight and detangled. Remove the second bobble and gently finger-comb your hair again before rinsing again thoroughly. Shampoo your whole head and then rinse.

Either leave to dry naturally in the sun or blow dry on a low heat.

Sleep with your hair in a ponytail and remember never to go to bed with wet hair.

You should never worry about looking too ‘done’ on the beach. Think of the ultimate California girls, Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Conrad, Cameron Diaz. Embrace the natural waves and slightly shaggy style. Holiday chic-tastic!

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