An easy way to casual glamour

24 Jun

We’re spotting a real trend on the red carpet at the moment and it’s the perfect look for a relaxed and stylish girl about town this summer.

Really simple and yet uber elegant, the middle parting with long flowing locks has been seen on stars from Mila Kunis, the girls from Glee and Selena Gomez.

It’s an amazing look if you want your outfit to do the talking, or match with a statement look like bright red lips.

But if your hair isn’t as thick as as Lea Michele’s chocolate tresses you might need a little help to ensure your hair doesn’t end up looking lank and flat. The key to this style is volume, and also a few highlights to recreate that “Oh I just threw this together” look.

Hair extensions are the perfect way to add simple volume and easy colour changes to transform your style.

You can read our guide on how Clip’ N Go Hair Extensions can provide the ultimate lift here on an earlier blog entry.

To fit temporary hair extensions and recreate this look style your natural hair in a centre parting and blow dry, scrunching as you go to maximise volume. Fit hair extensions beginning at the nape of the neck, working in layers as you before reaching the crown.

Once each extension is fitted to add to that tousled natural look brush through carefully using your fingers and then shake hair loosely to separate locks.

This is one look where waves come into their own. DreamGirl has a range of hair extensions especially for waves and curls. The Body Wave is a gentle curl providing volume, movement and texture.

To add a real illusion of thickness and volume, and also to get that sun-kissed look you can select hair extensions a little darker than your own hair to provide a base contrast, or a little lighter to add highlights.

DreamGirl’s Colour Guide allows you to see the different shades of Dark hair, Blondes, Reds, and for those a little more adventurous bright blues, oranges and pinks.

It’s an easy way to casual glamour.

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