How to create an Up-Do with Hair Extensions

8 Jul

Sarah Jessica Parker high updo bun hairstyle chanel party The beauty of hair extensions is that it gives you the freedom to change your hairstyle as often as you change your shoes. If your hair is fine and flyaway, a few Clip’N Go Hair Extensions or a more long term solution with Euro Weft or Remy Silky with hair extensions either sewn in or glued to your hair, you can transform your look into a thick, full-bodied and volumised style.

Sometimes some girls think hair extensions mean you have to wear your hair loose and flowing all the time. Yes, hair extensions look great loose, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be used to recreate a stunning up-do perfect for weddings, formal occasions or proms, or even just when you want to style your hair a little differently.

Here is a guide for how to recreate three up-dos using hair extensions.

The French Bun

It’s a classic look that can be transformed to look casual or formal, depending on what kind of evening you have planned.

Hair can be worn either in a side parting, middle parting or brushed back, depending on your preference. Comb hair back as though styling into a low ponytail. From the nape of the neck, gently twist hair upwards, overlapping the twist with hair from above. Keep going until you reach the end and tuck into the folded hair. Fix gently with grips from the nape up the neck up to the crown. For a more formal style ensure any loose hair at the sides, fringe or layers, is secured to give a clean look. For something a little more casual, allow layers to frame the face.

The Ballet Dancer

SJP made this bun her own in SATC and it’s easy to recreate yourself with a synthetic hair piece or ponytail you can fasten or clip into your own hair.

Simply tie your hair back, securing into a bun. Clip the hair accessory over your own hair. Take sections of the ponytail and wrap around fixing with grips as you go. The aim is to have a voluminous bun, defying gravity. It looks best if your fringe or any side partings are secured with either clips or hairspray.

It’s best if the clip on ponytail matches your natural hair colour as closely as possible. It also offers variety as the hair extension can be used to create a bouncing pony tail

The Half Up-Do

One of our favourite hairstyles at Dream Girl the half-up do provides instant style and glamour as well as length. Clip’N Go Hair Extensions come into their own with this style as the clips are easy to conceal and they add instant volume and fullness.

Blow dry hair normally, paying particular attention to the roots to add volume. Clip on hair extensions on the crown of the hair first. This will add volume initially when you tie the hair back. Start with you thumbs over the ears and separate hair into a hair ponytail. The hair extensions will have added a fuller look at the roots. Secure either with clips or a hair bobble.

If you look at yourself side on in the mirror you’ll see there is a line around your hair, from the side of the ponytail to the hair that is still falling loose. You can use this line to cover any hair extensions you clip in to add added length and volume to the style.

The Half Up-Do looks particularly glam with waves and curls for a style that works in the day and at night.

Tips to remember

If you’ve had hair extensions added to short hair (your hairs has to be minimum an inch long to have hair extensions) and are worried about people seeing the join then the hairband is your friend. You can use a wide band or ribbon to tie around your head providing a funky style or accessory.

To add volume to the roots, tip your head upside down and direct the hairdryer towards the roots. Want to secure the style for longer? Use a cool setting once you’ve finished styling your hair. It will help it keep its shape.

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  1. Shelly Norman July 9, 2011 at 7:25 am #

    Hey, Your hair looks great! Hair extensions are a great way to instantly add length, volume and highlights to your hair. very useful…..

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