How Dream Girl makes a lace-front wig

22 Jul

Dream Girl's High Quality Lace Wig

A Lace-front wig can change a hairstyle instantly. Celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna have shown consumers the potential of investing in a wig and giving them the freedom to have the ‘wow’ factor.

At Dream Girl we have a wide range of wigs made from either synthetic or human hair in a variety of styles, textures and colours.

Some customers use a wig to add length, experiment with a new colour, others want to conceal thinning hair.

The production and manufacture of the lace-front wig is key to ensure a flawless and natural finish, one that will make the buyer feel confident and stunning.

At Dream Girl we use 100% human hair for the human hair wig. For the synthetic wig, the fibre is from sourced from Japan, it is resistant to high temperatures and is inflammable.

The wig accessories come from Korea that includes the ribbons, lace and glue. We did our research and found the Korean ribbon is stronger and more long lasting, meaning your wig won’t lose shape the net breathes more freely, the lace is more soft and natural to match our skin, and the glue can make less shedding.

Why a lace front? When fitted to the head, the lace-front will sit against the skin and appear invisible which is why it is the most popular wig solution for many salons as its versatility makes it more popular.

Great care and attention goes into each wig to ensure as high-quality a product as possible so we thought we’d give you a sneak preview into how Dream Girl’s lace-front wigs are made.

The foundation of the wig is made of net and ribbons. The lace at the front is flesh-coloured and is designed to make it look as though the hair is growing from the skin underneath.

The shape of the head is made through cotton ribbons that provide the basic scalp shape over which the lace and hair will be added. A first layer of lace, wet cotton lace, is placed over the ribbon and the cap is tacked together. The ribbons hold together the shape of the scalp, also ensuring the wig will stay in place while the first lace layer offers cohesion and also natural movement. This layer is then sewn together.

The hair can be added in a variety of different ways. Weft structured wigs have the wefts sewn by hand. Ventilated, or hand knotted wigs mean the hair is knotted straight onto the foundation. A Ventilation needle is used to sew the hair, strand by strand onto the second layer of lace, usually made of nylon. There is a reason why lace is used. If you look at a square of it, it almost looks like a snowflake. This means the hair can be sewn in to replicate a more natural finish. Look at your natural hair at your roots, strands sit closely together side by side, falling into a natural parting. By sewing each strand of hair for the lace-front wig onto each section of lace, you create a more natural finish.

For the Human hair wig, the hair must be carefully treated and arranged to ensure the direction of growth is maintained.

At this point all the hair will be the same length on the wig. Now it can be styled however you, or the customer, likes. Once styled the customer has the final fitting, where any excess lace are trimmed, glue may be used to secure the wig and any finishing touches are done to the styling.

Dream Girl has a wide selection of styles of lace-front wigs, ideal for parties, events or just for day to day use. Contact Dream Girl to find out how you can stock them.

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  1. Simonito - July 27, 2011

    Great article! DREAM GIRL Hair Extensions …

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