Celebrity inspiration for highlighted hair

19 Aug

Ever seen your favourite celeb on the red carpet and wondered how they manage to change their style so often?

It doesn’t have to cost the earth, and it doesn’t have to damage your hair.

Using Dream Girl Hair Extensions to create highlights is an easy and cost-effective way of transforming your look, without breaking the bank.

Whether you use Clip’N Go Hair extensions or opt for a longer-lasting solution, you can choose from a wide range of colour and styles to best suit the look you’re going for.

We’ve chosen six looks, and six celebrity inspiration and will tell you how to recreate them. You can also give us your own tips and ideas on our Facebook page or via Twitter.

Warm Caramel for Dark hair….Celeb inspiration = Beyonce

We all get a little bored with our locks from time to time, particularly when your hair is very dark.

Beyonce has experimented with different colour highlights, even going to a yellowy blonde. But the perfect combination is very dark or black hair with a caramel highlight. The hair extensions can be used to frame the face, or accentuate layers.

Your hair is probably pretty thick anyway so it’s not about adding volume but variety of colour.

Ice Blonde Queen … Celeb inspiration = Gwen Stefani

Gwen is known for her uber blonde locks. But let’s face it, constant bleaching and colouring can not only be expensive, it can really damage your hair. If your hair is already blonde you can use hair extensions to add a lightening effect.

Go for the lightest shades possible, like Lightest Honey Blonde or Ash Blonde to create ahead turning look.

Honey-Blonde … Celeb inspiration – Aubrey O’Day

Blondes can either lighten or darken their hair subtly with honey or caramel extensions.

It adds warmth and is the perfect California girl look. Mix Dark Blonde with a Caramel Brown or even Honey Blonde and team with gently rolling curls and waves for that beach look.

Turn a mouse into a lion … Celeb inspiration = Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz

Brunette’s are pretty fortunate as any colour wil usually match their hair. They also usually have a skin tone that will take either a darkening or a lightening and they won’t have to fear looking washed out.

If your brown hair is a little darker take inspiration from Jenna Ushkowitz who adds a bit of variety to her long brunette locks with rich caramel or chestnut highlights. Perfect for layered looks.

A dash of parika… Celeb inspiration = Twilight’s Ashley Greene

Adding red highlights to brown hair is ideal for brunettes who fancy dabbling with fiery shades but don’t want to go for a full head colour.

An auburn or copper red with add a subtle tinge, like Ashley’s or you could go for brighter reds that really contrast with your natural hair colour for a full-on wow factor!

Splash the colour … Celeb inspiration = Rihanna

Bright colour is a great way to update your look and help your hair reflect your mood. Blues, pinks, reds, oranges, greens; match your hair to your outfit and really express yourself.

Think of Rihanna, who changes her hair as often as she does her outfits on stage.

A splash of colour is the best way to transform your mood and your look.

Explore the colour that suits you best with Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator.

Don’t forget to share you’re favourite colour stories with us on Twitter and Facebook

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