How to – Treat Hair extensions

7 Oct

Dream Girl!

Let’s be honest, hair extensions are good fun. You can transform your short pixie crop into long luscious locks in minutes; turn yourself from a brunette to a brilliant blonde or experiment with funky pinks, reds and even blues.

For confident women who like to play with their look and style, hair extensions are a perfect way to make you feel glamorous.

But with every other product that becomes part of your beauty routine, you want to know where it comes from. Ethics, as well as knowing how a quality item is produced, are of vital importance to both the consumer and to salon who may install your extensions for you.

 Dream Girl works hard with our suppliers to make sure each and every hair extension we stock and sell is of the highest quality.

So have you ever wondered how hair extensions are made to look so natural and beautiful?

The most popular type of hair extensions, both Clip’N Go and those sewn in are made from 100%  human hair.

The highest quality and most expensive is Remy Hair. This comes from India and is 100% natural human hair. It is sourced ethically and Dream Girl works closely with its suppliers to ensure this. Remy hair still has the cuticle layer, right at the top of the hair strand. The reason for this is how it helps to control the flow of your hair.

The most natural look is when hair falls in the same direction along a natural parting. Keeping the cuticle in the hair helps this process because if each cuticle layer of the hair is laid in the same direction, the hair will fall and settle more natural when made into a hair extension. The cuticle layer also makes sure hair doesn’t become tangled, makes it shiner and healthier and means the hair extensions can last longer.

Asian hair is at once fine and strong, which is why it is so popular for hair extensions. It means it’s easier for the consumer to style and use every day, without worrying about damage.

The hair is sewn together ensuring it can either be added to the head via stitching, that is sewn in in sections by stylist, or turned into Clip’N Go hair extensions which can be clipped to existing hair easily.

Each hair extensions is cleansed and processed before being sold to the consumer. This ensures it is as healthy as possible. Dream Girl works with a supplier in China who cleans the hair and then makes the hair extensions. This is where expertise becomes so important. Great care is taken to ensure each strand is sewn in the same direction, protecting the root and cuticle layer to make sure there is a better finished product.

From there the hair is packaged and sent to the UK, where it is sold to salons and consumers across the country.

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    Thanky Thanky for all this good information!

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    This publication has inspired me to carry on working on my own blog

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