Celebrate in style with Dream Girl

28 Oct

Dream Girl festival tips
For people around the world it’s a time of celebration and festival.

For Hindus this is one of the most important festivals of the year, Diwali, and is a time for families to come together and celebrate traditional activities. In a few weeks Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving. Then just a month after that it is Christmas and before we know it it will be New Year.

Times for celebration are a great excuse to wear our finest clothes, to dress up and make ourselves looks as beautiful as possible.

While many may focus on their outfit, it’s always important you don’t forget the rest of your look so Dream Girl has put together some of the best festival makeup and hairstyle tips.

  • Braids and bejewelled hairdos are a big trend for the next year and look particularly special at festive periods. If your hair is not quite long enough to create a voluminous do or if you want a longer braid then why not consider hair extensions. At Dream Girl you can use Clip N’Go Hair Extensions that are simply attached to the root of your natural hair. A new look in minutes.  You can even match the extensions, made from 100% human hair, to your natural hair colour for a seamless and glossy finish.
  • Kohled eyes were a particularly popular look on the runways and at fashion shows this year, meaning they will be a big trend for the next year. You can buy Dream Girl Kohl Pencils in both black or dark brown, ideal for creating a dramatic effect. Simply draw around the rim of the eye, paying particular attention to the lower lid. To make eyes look larger, or to create an especially eye-catching look then extend the line on the lower lid so it is longer than the eye.
  • Why not use the festive season to experiment with a new look? The catwalks this autumn were filled with bright eye shadows and colours for a dramatic impact. Dream Girl stocks a range of duo colour eye shadows, DG Eye Enhance so pick two colours that match your skin tone and your style. If you’re feeling particularly daring you can even match you eye shadow to your hair colour, using Dream Girl’s unique Colour Comparator to add a synthetic strand or shock of colour to your hair.
  • The festive season often makes us think of strong, eye-catching nail colours. In fact the trend this season is for far paler colours, more of an understated glamour. Dream Girl’s Relax shade is perfect for those who love more subtle tones.
  • Structured buns are another very popular look amongst designers and stylists this season. Either to the side or on the top of the head they can be dressed with hair accessories for a special festive finish. Using either Hair Extensions or a hair piece you can create added volume to this simple, but eye-catching hair style. If using hair extensions simply attach them to the hair and then tie hair in a ponytail. Fasten with a hair band. If using a detachable ponytail then add this over the ponytail and fix. Twist the hair, your natural and the extensions around into a bun, fastening the ends underneath with a clip. Smooth any flyaway ends with Dream Girl Serum for a high gloss finish.

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    I really like ur post, i’ll bookmark it and share it to my friends!

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    That’s a raelly cool way of putting it!

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    wow, this one is good, BIG thanks 🙂

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