Give your hair the red carpet treament

11 Nov

We all need a bit of glitz and glamour in our lives.

Even if it is a wet and windy day in November, a little red carpet glamour will have you swinging down the pavement as though it’s June.

This week saw the MTV European Music Awards in Belfast. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Bar Rafaeli showcased some of the hottest looks on the red carpet. So to inject some Hollywood magic into your look this winter Dream Girl has picked the top three for you to recreate. Using hair extensions, wigs and clip in styles you can look like a superstar in no time.

Katy Perry: A modern retro look

Forties fashion is big this year with its nipped in waists and feminine silhouette. And the trend is extending to your hair. Victory rolls, soft Marcel waves, it’s all getting a lookout this year, and will do into the next. Katy Perry rocks this retro trend with a modern eye-catching addition.  If you want to recreate the waves but your hair is straight why not try some Clip’N Go Hair Extensions. To recreate the fringe, split the hair into sections, with the front clipped together. Comb and spray with some hairspray and serum to make sure the hair is slick. Curl the fringe around your finger, ensuring the ends are tucked neatly away. Pin in place and secure with more spray.

For the eye-catching colour why not try a Dream Girl wig? That way you can pick the shade and then style before you fit over your natural hair. Match with a vivid eye-shadow and bright lip gloss for a show-stopper look.

Selena Gomez: Long luscious healthy hair

No prizes for guessing what Justin Bieber sees in Selena Gomez with this knock-out look. Feminine, flirty and oh so flattering it’s a great look to dress up and look glamorous, but equally at home on the days when you need a bit of a boost.

This long, wavy dark-haired look is easily recreated with hair extensions.

There’s a soft wave to Selena’s hair so Dream Girl suggests you go for a Body Wave style in Dark Brown. Made from 100% human hair you can guarantee these extensions fall naturally and will have a healthy shine, ideal for this glossy look.

Extensions will make your hair look thicker and longer. In a gentle side parting, Selena has gathered hair gently in a side parting, ensuring the ends fall to the shoulders on one side, but tumble down to her waste on the other. Match with natural make-up and glowing cheeks for the ultimate beauty look.

Bar Rafaeli: The glam up-do

Herringbone braids, or fish tail plaits were a feature of the catwalks this season, suggesting it’s going to be a key look for 2012. Bar shows here how you can combine a natural and laidback look with some casual glamour to turn heads.

If this is a one off look you’re going for match with Clip’N Go Hair Extensions to provide some length. Bar’s hair looks like an Ash Blonde with a warm glow, perfect for lightening up dark evenings.

Attach hair extensions, beginning at the nape of the neck and working up to the crown. Adjust your natural hair to cover and then begin to style.

Gather hair to one side. Begin plaiting just over the other ear. The fringe or front section of the hair should be cobed over to meet the rest of the plait. Begin with a small section above the ear, the rest of the hair will be incorporated as you work your way around. Begin with three sections and plait. Then, to create the herringbone look, instead of the traditional plait where you work with three sections to the ip, begin taking a small section of hair from the far right and pulling across so it comes to the left. Repeat with another section of hair from the left to right.

Work to the bottom and secure. Hair doesn’t need to look too neat so don’t worry of little strands come lose.

Match with a pink lip gloss and sparkling eyes.

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  1. Kassie Kujak November 15, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    This is the best!

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