Be a winter wonder this Christmas

2 Dec

Be a winter wonder this Christmas with Dream Girl

Cold weather, icy winds, central heating. It is a recipe for disaster for your hair and your skin. And when it’s the most demanding season for you to look glam and elegant from now until New Year, it’s enough to make you want to hide your dry skin until March!

But worry not. At Dream Girl we have some tried and tested tips to help you look lush and lovely from now until spring. From hair to skin, beauty tricks and guides keep this post safe and you’ll be able to take anything this season throws at you.

Dry Skin

Flaky skin and dry T-zone? This is one of the hardest battles to fight in winter and if you don’t solve it the more makeup you apply, the worse it looks. Throughout the cold weather exfoliate once a week. Don’t over-do it as this can dry skin out even more. Use a thicker, richer moisturiser twice a day and invest in a moisturising facial mask. Make sure your shower isn’t too hot as this can damage dry and sensitive skin.

When you apply Dream Girl’s Pump Foundation ensure you have an even base, achieved either with moisturiser or primer.

Even though it lasts all day if you are going out for a party or get-together in the evening always make sure you remove your makeup, add another layer of moisturiser and re-apply. Sitting in an air conditioned office or one with central heating all day will have dried out your skin and it will need a little TLC.

Give your hair a break

We know the damage heat can do to our hair. During the winter months it’s more important, particularly if your hair is being styled regularly for parties and events.

Be sure to give you hair at least one day off a week. Wash thoroughly, use a deep cleansing conditioner that will help add much-needed moisture to your hair.

Pay attention to the tips. These get the roughest treatment. Hair gets dry and brittle, brushing your hair with anything other than a nylon brush can pull on the ends making them split. Rub in a little extra conditioner and leave for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Leave hair to dry naturally adding no products.

If you don’t have time, remember never to use hair products with alcohol. This dries out hair even further, stripping it off moisture. Instead use a shampoo and conditioner designed for hair extensions, maintaining their natural shine and beauty. Look for products like Dream Girl Shine Spray which includes Vitamin B, vital to help hair stay healthy.

Pucker up

Lips can get chapped in harsh winds and icy conditioners so need particular care and attention in winter months. If you wear lipstick or gloss day to day make sure it is one that includes plenty of moisturiser. DG Lip Colour is designed to be re-applied without creasing so it maintains colour and keeps lips soft and crack-free.

Follow our tips and you will stay just as beautiful during the winter as you do all day round.

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