Give yourself a lift in 2012

6 Jan

Sometimes it can be hard to raise a smile in January.

Christmas is over, many are starting diets or new fitness regimes, the weather is horrid and quite frankly this wind does nothing for our hair!

At Dream Girl we’re always committed to trying to make you as happy as can be so how about giving yourself a lift this month.

Marilyn Monroe used to say, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. At Dream Girl we say “Give a girl the right hair and she can have a spring in her step, even in miserable January”.

So why not this week pile ‘em high and go for a voluminous look to sweep the cobwebs away?

If you prefer your hair loose

Go for a high volume style with soft curls. This is a classic Cheryl Cole look!

Begin first with Dream Girl Hair Extensions. If you have them already you know how soft and natural they are to touch and how you can use Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to make sure you pick a shade as close to your natural hair colour as possible. If you don’t book in to see you local salon who stocks Dream Girl. You may need help to attach Hair Extensions if you want them to last a while. You can either use glue or sew them in. There is a video here on Dream Girl’s You Tube channel showing how Hair Extensions are fitted.

If you don’t want a permanent option, but prefer extensions you can take in and take out why not opt for Clip’N Go? Easily fitted in five minutes you begin at the nape of the neck and work your way up to the crown.

Once you’ve picked your hair extensions it’s time to style. Ensure hair is damp and divide into inch wide sections. Use a clip to separate the rest of the hair. Using a round brush with soft bristles coil hair and use a blow drier to dry. Make sure air is not too hot as this can damage Hair Extensions and your natural hair. Gradually unfurl the hair from around the brush. Hair should fall into a natural wide bouncy curl with good lift at the roots. Continue around the head until finished.

Secure with hairspray, paying particular attention to the roots. Try not to use too much product as it can wear hair down.

If you prefer to wear your hair up?

The classic beehive made a comeback in 2011 and it’s here to stay.

Repeat the first steps as above.

Section hair into two parts, one at the bottom of the head, one at the crown. Clip up the top part. We’ll deal with that in a second. At the bottom twist hair into a French knot. This is easily done if you begin by gathering hair into a ponytail in your hand. Lift and then twist. Keep folding the hair over on itself so that the ends are hidden. Clip into place with grips.

For the top section, you can backcomb if you wish but this can damage the hair follicles. Instead, use a blow drier as in step three above to add volume to the roots or use hair curlers. Once this is done arrange the hair so the volume is highest at the crown. Gather ends and tuck them underneath.

Arrange a few loose strands at the front, as Rose Byrne has done here and then secure with hairspray.

Giving your hair a lift will put a spring in your step and help you through the winter months with a smile.

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