Get romantic with Dream Girl

20 Jan

Romance is having a moment in the hair and beauty world, and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re dropping hints for some Dream Girl goodies from your loved one, you want to treat yourself and plan for a girl’s night out, it’s time to fall in love with your hair all over again.

The new romantic hairstyles are inspired by a feminine and soft look in fashion right now. Think delicate fabrics like lace and chiffon, girlish Peter Pan collars and flattering female silhouettes in blouses and skirts.

In terms of your hair, it’s about recreating a style that gently frames your face, whether your hair is worn long or up. Hair Extensions can help give your hair a boost, in volume and shape so that your look has more impact, particularly if you have mid length hair and want a dramatic up-do or if your hair is fine and flyaway. Hair Extensions make it easier for you to maintain your style, providing enhancement and support to your natural look.

You can choose either  Clip’N Go Hair Extensions, Euro Weft or Remi Silky. You can use Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator either to select a shade closest to your own, or if you want to opt for a more eye-catching look you can opt for a brighter colour. This is a look that works well with waves and curls, also so explore Dream Girl’s wavy collections.

Both Charlize Theron and Sarah Hyland, from the TV show Modern Family, showcased great romantic hairstyles at this year’s Golden Globes.

To recreate, using Hair Extensions, style hair normally be ensure you style to have as much volume as possible. For those with a fringe or feathered ends at the front you can style either in a middle or side parting, both will suit. If you are opting for a side bun like Charlize Theron sometimes it looks good to have your parting on the opposite side of the bun for balance, but there’s no hard and fast rule.

Once hair is styled gather together into a ponytail. The look is a “structured messy” so to be as natural as possible you can comb hair with your fingers. Secure hair with a band. Pull out strands at the front and sides to frame your features. Then take the pony tail and twist gently. Keep twisting until you reach the ends of your hair and then coil around the band. Clip hair in place and spray.

You can either accessorize your look with a headband, like Charlize, or rock it alone like Sarah. Sarah’s look is great as well for those who like to experiment with an up-do, but want length as well. The half-do, as we call it. Means when you gather hair into a pony tail, you only use half of your hair. Begin just behind the ears and while you gather hair form a line straight around your head with the tips of your thumbs. Create a bun and secure as above but you’ll also have long locks falling beneath it.

Don’t worry about your hair looking too neat for this look. It works to have a few strands here and there.

If you’re hoping your loved one will treat you to Dream Girl goodies this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget they can shop online.

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  1. Nick Payne January 24, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    I really liked your blog! It helped me alot… Awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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