Make him fall in love in 1, 2, 3

3 Feb

Make him fall in love in 1 2 3
Want to know how to create a hairstyle that will turn heads?

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. You might have a date planned. Maybe you’re organising a night out with the girls. Whatever you’re doing, you want to look perfect. The right outfit, the right shoes and more importantly the right hair.

It’s a known fact that even though they might pretend to not care, men do take notice of how we style ourselves. Shiny, healthy, bouncy hair exudes confidence and beauty. Who wouldn’t want to look like that?

So if you want to feel fantastic from your toes to the tips of your hair listen we have some ideas.

Dream Girl Clip’N Go Hair Extensions are ideal if you want to create a look for a special night out. Easy to fit without needing any help it means you can transform your hair in minutes.

Step 1

Visit Dream Girl’s online store. Clip’N Go Hair Extensions are created using 100% human hair. Great care is taken to ensure each strand it sitting the same way and is placed correctly and securely. This means the extensions provide a more natural and healthy looking finish. It also means Hair Extensions will last longer.

Use Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to select a colour closest to your own.

Pick the right Hair Extensions for you. Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, long or mid-length there is a range of styles and lengths to suit everyone.

Step 2

To use Clip’N Go Hair Extensions, make sure your hair is washed and styled normally.

In your pack you will receive 10 strips. There are four large strips to cover the crown of the head, two medium strips to cover the bridge of the neck and four small strips to cover the side of the head and to frame the face.

Lay your Hair Extensions in front of you so they are tangle-free and flat.

Begin at the nape of the neck. Clip your hair up with a grip and secure the first row in place. Release your hair, then about an inch higher, twist and secure your natural hair again with a grip and secure the second row. Clipping your natural hair back might take time but it makes it easier to fit the Clip N’Go Hair Extensions as it means there are fewer lose strands to get tied in. Fitting the extensions in rows also makes it simpler to ensure the finish is smooth with no lumps or bumps, creating a more natural finish.

Continue until you reach the crown. The longer strips will cover the whole crown so as you reach there you may find the clips need to be secured slightly to the side of the head. Just ensure your own hair is clipped and moved to the side so it is easier to fit the extensions.

Once the larger rows are fitted secure the four smaller clips to add volume and to frame the face.

At the root of each of Dream Girl’s Clip’N Go Hair Extensions is a flexible grip. They are styled to ensure the clip is not on show but just double check that hair is smooth.

Step 3

Time to style. Dream Girl’s Clip’N Go Hair Extensions can be crimped, curled and styled as natural hair.(*)

For a look that’s bang on trend, curl hair in one to two inch squares to create big bouncy waves. Ensure ends are curled to frame the face and clip fringe loosely back to create a soft, romantic look.

And there you have it. Three steps to a show-stopping style that’s guaranteed to make him swoon.

Remember you can stay in touch with Dream Girl on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

(*)This step is only recommended if executed by an experienced Professional Hair Extensionist. Applying temperature to hair extensions might damage them severely.

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