Bouffant hair is back

6 Apr

Whatever style you usually go for, you have to remember one tip for this season: big is best.

Look at Adele, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry even Gwen Stefani. They’re all going for big hair that has the wow factor.

You might not have a team of stylists to help you out but Dream Girl can show you how to get bouffant hair all on your own.

Here are three styles that are easy to recreate and can give you a look that’s bang on trend in minutes.

The Adele Beehive

Adele’s gorgeous auburn hair is as big as her incredible voice.

This bouffant style is an easy way to channel instant glamour. If your hair is fine you might need a little volume. Dream Girl Clip’N Go Hair Extensions use 100% human hair meaning you won’t be compromising on shine, but they are also easy to apply yourself and add length and volume.

You might want to pick a hair colour that is as close to your own as possible, or you might want to create a dramatic look, even mixing and matching different shades. Use Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to explore the right colour for you.

Once you have fitted the Hair Extensions you need to think about volume at the roots. The easiest way to do this without damaging your hair is to use rollers.

Split hair into three sections, the left side, the right side and the crown. Roll hair into curlers, add a little spray to secure and leave in place to achieve maximum volume. After a few minutes remove the rollers and then backcomb hair at the crown to make it even higher.

Gather hair back and use the hair at the sides to pull back and create a beehive type shape, with all the volume at the top of your head.

You can either wear a fringe loose at the front, just swept to the side or pin back.

Use a little hairspray to keep ends in place

The Retro Half-Up

We’ve all loved Zooey Deschanel’s quirky, girly style in New Girl and it’s easy to re-create. Her retro half-up bouffant style is a great way to nod to the trend while keeping some feminine length.

Long hair looks best with this style so if your hair is a little short you could apply Dream Girl Hair extensions to enhance your look. Remy Hair Extensions are the ones favoured by all the celebs because they use 100% human hair and stay silky and shiny for longer.

Once Hair Extensions are applied start to style by placing your fingers just above your ears. Trace a line around to the back of your head. Clip the hair on the top up. For the long hair underneath brush so it is smooth and soft.

Again, backcomb hair at the crown to achieve maximum volume. Clip sides of the hair to the back of the hair, creating a half up-do.

This style looks great if you have soft fringe sections framing the front of the face.

The Bouffant Bob

A voluminous hairstyle doesn’t need to be long. You can create a style that’s 50s inspired in minutes by investing in a Dream Girl Chic Collection wig.

Opt for a shorter bob style wig. You can add volume using rollers by fitting them into the wig and spraying with a little hairspray. The longer you leave them in, the higher the hair will go.

To fit, smooth down your natural hair and twist into a bun, pinning into place. Place the wig at the nape of your neck and tip your head forward. Fit the wig carefully over your scalp and secure into place at the front of your hairline. You might need to make a few small adjustments to ensure the wig is in the right place and covers your own hair fully. Shake out the style gently and pull the strands to frame your face, this creates a more natural look.

Bouffant hair is already on its way to being a big trend this season. With Dream Girl’s help you can recreate the look easily and in minutes.

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