Fringe benefits

13 Apr

We might walk out a salon with a new do feeling a million dollars, but how do you keep your look fresh between cuts?

It can get frustrating when you get bored of your hair. What you need is an easy solution allowing you to recreate different styles in minutes so you can keep your look fresh and up to date.

Dream Girl can help.

Look at Katie Holmes. When she arrived at Vanity Fair’s Oscars party earlier this month she wowed the crowds with her simple, sleek fringe. She’s usually snapped with her tied back, or if she’s on the red carpet in a long sleek style. A fringe adds funkiness and updates a look instantly.

A fringe is bang on trend right now. Whether your hair is straight, or if it’s wavy a fringe helps break up your layers and frame your face. It’s a simple way of changing your hair to change your look.

A fringe doesn’t have to be permanent.  It doesn’t have to involve you cutting your hair, booking yourself in for regular trims and having to worry about styling it every day. You can opt for a hairpiece or a wig that can recreate a fringe without you having to take any scissors to your hair.

A wig is the easiest way to give yourself a fringe. Dream Girl’s Chic Collection has a range of fringed styles that you can fit over your natural hair simply and easily to offer a new look in minutes.

For example Dream Girl’s Charistina luxury wig offers a layered style that is just below shoulder length with a layered fringe at the front. Coming in dark brown, light brown and blonde shades the wig can be easily fitted to cover your own hair.

Made from 100% human hair, this luxury wig looks as natural as possible. If you want to style it differently you can.

Why not read our blog about the easiest way to fit a wig to make sure it is as comfortable and stylish as possible.

Alternatively you can buy fringe hairpieces that simply clip on to your own natural hair, but offer a fringe style. Whether wearing your hair up or down, this is a simple way to be on trend for this season as bangs and fringes are a hot look straight from the catwalk.

The Velma Fringes comes in a range of colours. Your aim is to make it choose a colour as close to your own natural shade as possible so that the fringe looks like it is part of your own hair. The Velma Fringes are made using 100% human hair so have a glossy sheen.

Tie your own hair back in a high pony-tail, just like Katie Holmes and fit the fringe to the front. Or, wear hair long and sleek and add a fringe to update your style.

Tips if you’re wearing a new fringe:

*Carry a comb with you in your purse and just smooth it down when you freshen up

*Use a little bit of hairspray to keep a fringe in place, too much product will weigh it down and make your hair look greasy.

*Pay special attention to the hair at the sides, blend the ends in so the fringe sits seamlessly next to your own hair.

Explore Dream Girl’s Chic Collection online and watch the film on You Tube.

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  1. What hairstyle suits your face? « DREAM GIRL Hair Extensions - June 29, 2012

    […] Reece Witherspoon has always been the style guru for those with heart shaped faces. She shows you can be versatile, trying different lengths but has always relied on a side swept fringe to draw attention towards her eyes. The shorter bits of her fringe emphasise her cheekbones and eyes, making her face look more in proportion. If you don’t want to wear a fringe all the time read our blog post here about how to experiment with different styles. […]

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