Be Bold with Colour

23 Apr

Look around you this spring and you’ll see it pays to be bold. Bold prints, bold colours; it’s a style tip for everything from skirts, dresses, cardigans and in your beauty routine.

For many of us, the most fashionable looks are something we use to inspire us, rather than incorporating them wholesale into our wardrobe and beauty regime.

This week, Dream Girl gives you some tips and tricks to work the bold colours from the catwalk into your everyday life.

Lip Colour

Lipstick is the easiest way to refresh your look and adopt some of the colours of the season. Expect lips to make a real statement this spring and summer. Blue lips have even been spotted on models meaning they could be spotted on the high street this year.

That might be a step too far but you can still pick a shade that has the WOW! Factor.

DG Lip Colour offers a sheer gloss finish and comes in a range of shades. Behave and Flash are high impact colours in red and pink, just right for the bold look this season.

For an even shade that lasts longer apply lipstick using a brush on the edges, this makes it harder for colour to bleed. Apply a base layer, then press a tissue between the lips to remove the excess. Apply a top layer and blot gently. Lips should be moisturised to make sure they are smooth. If you haven’t got time in the morning, remember to add a lip balm before you go to bed.

Brighter nails

Every women knows that if we don’t want to commit to the newest and hottest fashions, we can always put them on our nails. Glitter, bright shades, two tones, all styles we’ve seen on the catwalk and worked into our beauty routines via our fingertips.

You can opt for a bright shade that is one of the key colour trends for this season using a DG Nail Polish. Vixen and Funky are great shades.

However you could go for a different style that plays with the trend a bit and offers a unique look.

A French Manicure is one of the most popular nail looks. A pink, natural shade on the bottom and then a white tip. It makes nails look healthy and longer. Play with the style by giving yourself a French Manicure with a twist, using two different bold colours.

First head to a stationary shop. You can buy paper reinforcements used by students up and down the land who carry ring-binders they are also a must-have for home French manicure kits. Cut the paper circles in half and you get a good template to place over your own nails.

Press the template in place over your nail tip. Paint up to the paper line with a bright shade, like Funky. Allow to dry and then carefully remove the paper template. Once you’re sure the nail is dry, press the template over the painted half of the nail, with just the tip showing. Pick another bright shade, like catwalk, and cover the tip. Allow to dry and remove the paper template.

You’ll have two tone nails with your very own French Manicure.

Dip-dyed Hair

The bold colour trend isn’t stopping at your wardrobe. More and more celebs are spotted with a dip-dyed hair effect. Nicki Minaj was recently snapped with a multi-coloured approach.

It’s a brave look and it isn’t for everyone, but you can incorporate a little colour into your tresses without reaching for the dye bottle.

Dream Girl’s Hair Extensions come in a range of Funkies, as well as more natural shades. Blue, Burgundy, Green, Orange, Pink, Plum, Purple, Red, Turquoise and Yellow you can pick a few different shades or just the one to add flashes of contrast in your hair.

Clip On Hair Extensions mean you can add colour in minutes. Each of Dream Girl’s Funkies range comes at 18”, using 100% human hair.

You don’t have to be bold to embrace this season’s biggest trend. Small additions in your beauty routine will mean you look the part and nod to fashion but keep your own style as well.

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