How to get a new hair style in under five minutes

27 Apr

If you wanted to change your look, how long would it take?

Admittedly if you have long hair then seconds if you took clippers to your tresses, but that’s hardly an idea many of us would try out.

Say your hair is mid-length and you’re at that awkward growing out stage, how do you change your style? Pull it back, tie it up, change your parting?

What about if your hair is long, but fine? Do you book in to get Hair Extensions fitted to add volume?

The easiest way to change your style is to have a hair piece in your armoury.

You might think a hair piece is the kind of thing only an older man would buy to cover a receding hairline, but in fact they are becoming increasingly popular. More and more women say they are buying a hair piece to help them transform their look and experiment with a new style in seconds.

Dream Girl has a range of hair pieces that can add instant length and volume. They come in a range of style and colours to match your own natural hair. Dream Girl’s hair pieces are made from 100% human hair so have a soft feel and shiny, glossy look.

Whether opting for French Deep Curl, a gentle wave or poker straight hair, you can buy a hair piece which clips over your own locks.

With these hair pieces you can create a number of new looks.

Here are three you could try this afternoon.

1. The over-the-shoulder fishtail plait

The fishtail plait is having what fashionistas call “a moment”. A key trend on catwalks this spring it is a style that oozes glamour and is ideal for daytime to night time. Wear over the shoulder for a relaxed style.

Tie your natural hair into a bun at the nape of your neck.

Take the hair piece and start plaiting from the top, loosely, creating a tighter plait as you work your way down. Using the tip of a comb, divide hair into four pieces. The four strands can be laid out on a flat surface, as this will make it easier. Cross the strand on the furthest left across two strands and place down. Take the strand on the furthest right and do the same but reverse. Continue, taking strands from one side, jumping over two strands in the middle and dropping next to the outermost strand on the opposite side.

It might sound complicated but keep practising with the hair piece and you’ll gradually develop a long, sophisticated plait, and it’s easier to do in front of you for the first time, than behind your head.

Once finished, fasten at the end and spray to keep in place.

Clip the hair piece over your bun and style over one shoulder.

2. The SJP Bun

Dream Girl is a big fan of this style and we’ve provided tips on how to recreate it before. It’s a showstopper that looks just as fabulous with a little black dress as it does with a vest, skinny jeans and ballet pumps.

Brush your natural hair back into a high bun. It should sit at the lower edge of the crown of your head. Fix wispy strands of hair or a fringe flat to the scalp using hairspray.

Next, clip on the hair piece over the bun. The pony tail will fall down towards your back but the aim is to build a bun by weaving the ends over eachother. Begin by taking a section from the bottom and weave around the hair piece, pinning in place underneath. No ends should show. Continue doing this with each section until you have just one left. This is a chance to tidy up any loose ends and make sure all is neat. The final strand will act like a ribbon around the bun, covering any pin heads. Wrap the strand around the base of the bun where it meets your own hair and pin into place.

Secure with spray.

3. The All American Pony-Tail

There’s something about a pony tail that just makes you feel happier. Perhaps it comes from seeing all those cheerleaders on TV. A hair piece is an ideal bit of kit to own of your hair isn’t quite long enough for a full-bodied pony tail.

You can either tie your own natural hair into a bun or ponytail.

Take your hair piece and clip over you natural hair. Either opt for a wave or straight hair piece. Waves add that extra bounce and volume, which is the look you’re going for with a pony tail.

A few bits of fringe will frame your face.

A great look for work, as well as being one that transits through to a evening look.

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