How to create a natural look

4 May

We may say we’ve got blonde hair, brown hair or red hair, but in truth our hair is usually made up of loads of different shades.

Take a section of your hair right now and hold it up to the light.

Even the darkest chocolate brown will have flecks of auburn maybe, deeper shades of brown and perhaps even blonde.

The range of shades in your hair gives it a natural depth and it’s often the element that Hair Extensions forget about, making them look fake rather than blending in naturally to your own hair.

Hair Extensions, you see, just enhance your natural beauty, so add volume or length, but blend seamlessly with your own hair. If they are one block colour, this won’t happen. It also makes it harder to match to your natural shade.

In Dream Girl’s latest You Tube video you can watch model Jemma getting Hair Extensions glued to her own hair. Beginning at the nape of the neck the extensions are cut to fit the shape of her scalp and are then attached to her own hair. The extensions are secured with glue and then blow dried to help them stay in place. Jemma’s hair is then blow dried to add even more volume, ready for her photoshoot.

As you’ll see when you watch the film, Jemma has lovely long blonde hair. But there are a range of colours in there from lighter to darker blonde, as well as some flashes of brown. The Hair Extensions Dream Girl fitted to her hair needed to add a bit of wow factor to her look so the stylist opted for extensions that blend together different colours.

If you use Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator you will see that you can choose 100% Human Hair Extensions which offer several shades, like Light Honey Blonde and Lightest Blonde or Caramel Blonde, Dark Blonde and Lightest Blonde. Hair looks more natural and creates a more stylish and beautiful finish.

Watch the film here for tips on how to style and wear your own Dream Girl Hair Extensions.

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