Support Dream Girl, support Great Ormond Street Hospital

11 May

Dream Girl is supplied by a family run business.

We’re one of the leading beauty wholesalers in the UK and two generations working under the same roof.

The people who shop with us, who use and sell our beauty products, who follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well as reading our blog every week feel like family to us too.

Which is why this week we are taking just a short break from telling you about new products and beauty tips to tell you about a charity and a project very close to our hearts.

Great Ormond Street Hospital is probably the world’s most famous children’s hospital. If you have ever had to use its services you will know how incredible the work they do is. If you haven’t then we hope you never feel. Tirelessly, patiently, 24 hours a day, seven days a week the team at Great Ormond Street look after their young patients finding new treatments and cures.

In just one week, Jass Singh, one of the directors at Dream Girl, is running the Luxembourg Marathon.

They are doing it to raise money for the miraculous work Great Ormond Street does not just on a day by day basis but minute by minute.

The Luxembourg Marathon takes in some of the most beautiful sites in the medieval city, but with a 42,195 km course there won’t be a huge opportunity to take in the sites. The Grand Ducal Palace, the old town and historic townhouses as well as the parks lining the route the backdrop to the run will be stunning, even if the runners might be too tired to fully enjoy it!

Have a look at the full course map. The event is organised by ING-Europe

So what are we asking from you?

Well, we want you to help us raise as much money for Great Ormond Street as we can.

If you were planning to treat yourself to some Dooa or Dream Girl products this week then how about halving the amount you were going to spend and giving the rest to Great Ormond Street?

Or, will you put the link to our Just Giving page on your Facebook and Twitter?

Great Ormond Street is a family, just like Dooa is, and we want to be able to support them as much as we can.

Support Dooa, Support Great Ormond Street Hospital

See the full route of the Luxembourg Marathon

Find out more about Great Ormond Street

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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