Take the heat out of your hair

25 May

It’s not just the rising temperatures that can damage your hair.

Apply any kind of heat whether styling or drying and you run the risk of split ends, dry and coarse hair. If you’ve invested in Hair Extensions to add to your own natural beauty you could damage the 100% human hair in the same way you can lose the lustre of your own locks.

This is Dream Girl’s guide to protecting your hair from the heat?

Turn it down

Heat is bad for your hair. Full stop. The hotter the application, the more it will damage your hair, from root to tip. Curling tongs, hair dryers, hair straighteners; they all sap the moisture out of hair making it dry and brittle.

Where possible style hair without using heat. So allow hair to dry naturally, towel dry or scrunch if you want waves. For soft waves adopt a traditional method of twisting and coiling hair around your finger in sections. Secure with a pin and add a little spray. It might take longer but it’s better for your hair.

For those who want straight hair then a spray that removes frizz is a must if you’re to wean yourself off straighteners. If your hair is damaged it will look frizzier anyway, so actually straighteners could make your problem worse.

If you have to use a hair dryer then choose one with a range of heat settings. A cooler setting might take longer but it is worth it for your hair.

Never use a hair dryer or straightener on Hair Extensions. The hair has already been treated and you could damage the extensions irreparably if you put them through the same kind of torture you do on your natural hair.

Protect your hair

Prevention is better than cure, right? Use heat protection sprays while hair is damp or use specific products that will protect your hair from drying out.

Dream Girl has a range of After Care Products designed especially for Hair Extensions which include a Daily Conditioner and a Shine Spray with added Vitamin B and a sun proection technique. Think of it as sun block for your hair.

Repair your hair

Inevitably even if we are careful as possible, damage might occur from time to time; a day in the park with friends, sunbathing on the beach. Although we should treat hair in the same way we do our skin we’re not perfect.

If your hair is feeling dry and the ill-effect of harmful UV rays then treat yourself to an intensive conditioning session. Products with oils and moisturisers are best for replenishing hair that has been damaged.

If that doesn’t do the job then book yourself in at the salon. An intensive professional treatment will be designed specifically for your hair type and will help to restore the proteins you’ve lost.

When hair is dry and damaged it looks coarse and brittle. Hair needs to be protected from heat in the same way skin does. Protection is better than cure so invest in the right products to keep your hair moisturised. Book yourself in for regular treatments to keep hair as shiny as possible. If your hair is healthy it shows.

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