Summer makes demands on our make-up

8 Jun

We’ve had a heatwave and we’re praying it’s not the end of the summer.

It might be raining right now but our weather is so unpredictable we might have seen the sky-high temperatures come to an end but we can still prepare for the next dose of sun.

One of the most frustrating things during the summer months is what it does to our face. Not sunburn. Although you should always pack a good SPF and use daily. No, it’s at that time, usually around two or three o clock when  we check ourselves in the mirror and realise our makeup is heading down towards our chin.

You want to make sure the beautiful look you create in the morning is still there by the time you go home.

Here’s Dream Girl’s guide to create a natural, stunning summer look that lasts all day.

Start with your skin. The base is the most important step in ensuring your makeup doesn’t slide. Use a non-greasy moisturiser or primer to keep foundation in place.

Apple concealer gently to cover any blemishes. DG Concealer Pencil is lightweight and versatile so it’s easy to carry with you and won’t congeal, leading to ugly marks. Choose a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone, you don’t want concealer to be obvious.

Next step foundation. Some of us can get away with just a tinted moisturiser. For those of us who need a little bit more coverage opt for a foundation that’s non-oily, that’s creamy and smooth so it offers an impeccable finish but won’t be too heavy.

Dream Girl has a range of Pump Foundation in three shades that offers a lighter option for maximum coverage. Apply with a foundation brush for best results or your fingertips.

Keep foundation in place by adding pressed powder. This also helps reduce shininess, a big risk when the mercury starts rising. Brush powder to help sculpt your face, beginning with a E type shape starting at your forehead, sweeping in to just below your cheekbone and then out to your jawline. This emphasises bone structure. Keep powder with you throughout the day to apply to your T Zone is it’s warm.

Blush should add a hint of colour to your cheeks. This summer a gentle pink hue adds only the suggestion of colour. DG Duo Blusher offers two different shades which compliment eachother. Opt for bronze if you prefer a tanned, sunkissed look. Pinks for a natural, fresh radiance.

In the summer you want to keep makeup to a minimum. Focus on creating a flawless look for daytime and then add little bits of colour, like a flick of eye shadow for evening, or a gentle coloured lipstick in a natural tone.

Summer makes big demands on our makeup, make sure yours doesn’t let you down.

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