Dream Girl debuts a new summer hairstyle

15 Jun

This summer there’s a new hair trend that is as girly, feminine and pretty as they come.

We all like a style that is practical and easy to recreate. This is one that looks intricate, but in fact is easier than you would think. It can also be simply styled using Clip’N Go Hair Extensions or a ponytail extension.

The style draws on two summer trends; one is the headband, the other is plaits.

The headband hasn’t been seen for a few summers now. Although it made its name in the fifties the style, like a boomerang, keeps coming back. It’s very girly and can sometimes run the risk of looking a bit too twee, particularly if you coordinate the hairband with your outfit.

Dream Girl’s re-working of the trend sees it incorporate another of the season’s hot style; the plait.
Whether a fish plait or a traditional braid, you can bring an edgier look to the headband fashion, weaving in your own style.

So how does it work? You’ll style your own hair, whether you have extensions or not, as normal. You want it loose and it can either be straight, wavy or curly. This is a look that suits every face and every hair type. You’ll be adding a plait to your own hair to act as a headband.

You will need:

A hair extension, either pony tail or Clip’N Go
A brush
Spray to fix in place

Once your hair is styled normally turn your attention to the hair extension itself. It depends how thick an extension you choose, depending on how thick your own hair is. If you have fine hair then perhaps just one Clip’N Go Extension, either the single clip, or the double clip.

If your hair is thicker, particularly if you have hair extensions already you want a thicker plait. Perhaps opt for a pony tail extension, but one with as small a clip as possible, you want to be able to hide the join.

The extension should match your hair colour as close as possible if you’re going for a natural look. However, you could opt for a brighter shade of pink, blue or even white blond if you want a style that stands out.

Plait the extension right from the roots to tip. Either do a traditional three strand plait, or opt for a fish plait. This is done by separating hair into four strands. Take the strand at the far left and jump it over the middle two strands. Then take the strand at the far right and jump over the two strands to the left. Continue until the end. It is more intricate but has been a winner on the runways this year so is bang on trend.

To secure the hair extension you want to attach to your own hair at the nape of the neck. It needs to be as hidden as possible to if you have longer hair it will cover the clip.

Wind the extension above you ears, across the top of the head, exactly where you’d wear a headband and then secure back again on the other side of the head below the hairline.

Fit into place using grips.

Spray any loose ends.

And you’re done. A bang on trend style that’s ideal for a summery day time look, or for keeping your fringe off your face on the dance floor.

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