What hairstyle suits your face?

29 Jun

Women all over the world rely on Hair Extensions to add volume and style to their hair.

They might want a little added colour, to help them as they’re growing their hair or just boost their natural locks.

Yet every woman is different. Not every hairstyle suits everyone.

Understanding your face shape will help you choose a style that will suit you, and enhance your beauty.

Here’s Dream Girl’s guide for what style suits what face.

Round Face

If you have a round face you want a hairstyle that accentuates bone structure and shape. Short curly hair will make your face seem rounder. However it means you can get away with long hair. Jessica Biel is a classic example of this. Parted in the middle her long hair frames her face but helps it appear longer. Recreate with long layers, using Hair Extensions to create length and add depth by choosing highlights or a few different shades. Gentle waves will add texture.

Square Face

A square face usually means you’re striking. It means you want to opt for feminine and textured looks. Think of Gwyneth Paltrow with her mid-length hair. You can use Hair Extensions not to add volume, or necessarily very long hair, but slightly shorter, perhaps 12”. Grow out a fringe and use extensions to add long layers, which means more movement. Softer, romantic styles and waves will frame your face gently.

Long Face

For those with longer faces you need a style that won’t drag your features down. So a middle parting with no texture simply isn’t going to flatter you and make the most of your style. Instead you get to experiment with waves and curls. Use Rachel Bilson as inspiration. She uses waves to widen her face and add more texture. Dream Girl has a range of Hair Extensions designed especially for wavy or curly hair.

Oval Face

An oval face is the most versatile to work with. Chances are you’ve got great bone structure and you can pick any style to emphasise whatever feature, be it your cheekbones or your lips. If you look at Charlize Theron, who has a classic oval face shape, she keeps her hair quite classic and simple. A side parting with longer layers adding texture to the ends. Her hair frames her face, emphasising sparkly eyes and smile. If your hair is very fine you might want to use Hair Extensions to add volume and thicken your style, creating a more eye-catching look.

Heart-Shaped Face

Reece Witherspoon has always been the style guru for those with heart shaped faces. She shows you can be versatile, trying different lengths but has always relied on a side swept fringe to draw attention towards her eyes. The shorter bits of her fringe emphasise her cheekbones and eyes, making her face look more in proportion. If you don’t want to wear a fringe all the time read our blog post here about how to experiment with different styles.

Your hair is always going to be your crowning glory, even if you need to boost your style with Hair Extensions, adding volume, length or texture. Dream Girl has a range of products to suit every different look.

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