How to blend hair extensions with your natural hair

16 Jul

We all need a little lift from time to time.

Whether it’s the weather, work, if you fancy letting your hair down and blowing away the cobwebs sometimes we need something to give cheer.

If you’re looking for something to add a spring to your step in just minutes maybe you should think about Clip’N Go Hair Extensions. Adding length and volume without needing to go to the salon it can refresh your style and create a new look, even if it’s just for popping to the shops.

It doesn’t matter how long your hair is. You only need around four inches to attach the Hair Extensions. Mid-length or long, Clip’N Go offer the ultimate in flexibility; high quality, 100% human hair designed to create a natural look you can enhance your natural beauty.
The first thing to do is to choose the shade and the length. You want to opt for a shade as close to your own as possible. You can pick Hair Extensions with lighter highlights to create texture. Go to Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to browse shades.

Dream Girl has a step by step guide using a contrasting colour to easily show how to fit hair extensions, which works best side by side with these tips.

If you lay out your Clip’N Go Hair Extensions you’ll see you have different batches, some with different numbers of clips. This means you can ensure maximum coverage across your head, from nape to crown.

You want to begin at the nape of the neck. The Hair Extensions clip onto your own hair at the root. You want to select the widest extension with the highest number of clips and clip it right at the bottom of your hair.

Once that is secure run both index fingers on either side of your head, just behind your ears. The next row of Hair Extensions should be around a half inch above the nape of the neck. Trace your fingers creating a parting through your hair until they meet. Clip hair onto the top of your head and fix the second row of Clip’N Go Hair Extensions in the same way as the first.

Repeat until your reach the crown.

For the sides of the hair you want to use the Hair Extensions with one clip and twpo clips.
Begin on the left side of the head and clip hair up just above the ear. Attach the first set of hair extensions, ensuring you don’t overlap with the exiting rows at the back of the head. Add the second row around an inch above. The single clips will fit one towards the front, the second towards the crown.

Repeat on the right hand side.

Your natural hair should be hidden by the Hair Extensions, providing a smooth, new look, with luscious locks adding length and volume. Many think you can only make your hair longer and straighter with Hair extensions. Not so, Dream Girl has a range of extensions designed especially for those with wavy or curly hair.

Whatever your look, Clip’N Go Hair Extensions are designed to help you transform your look in minutes, creating instant glamour.


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  1. Cinthia Hacebe August 13, 2012 at 5:23 am #

    wow, nice article…keep sharing…

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