A style fit for a queen…or a princess

20 Jul

Every salon up and down the country says they’re being asked for one style and one style only.

The Kate Middleton.

It’s simple, glamorous, it works from day to night and it’s a sexy look.

And thanks to Dream Girl, it’s easy to achieve.

The key to Kate’s hair is luscious and healthy locks. If you think your own hair might need a helping hand then perhaps you should think about Hair extensions. Either choose a quick fix like Clip’N Go Hair Extensions or opt for a longer lasting style. You can choose 100% human hair extensions that come with shine and volume guaranteed. Check out Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to pick the exact right shade to help extensions blend seamlessly with your own hair.

For this style day in and day out hair must be as healthy as it can be. Dream Girl sells specially formulated shampoo and conditioner designed for Hair Extensions keeping them looking lush for longer.

The style needs long layers with curled ends. You might need to add a little length and volume. You’ll also need to talk to your stylist if you need a trim.

To start shampoo hair and comb gently to detangle. Blow dry hair until it’s about three quarters dry, so still a little damp.

Part your hair into sections. Focus on hair at the nape of the neck first and work up to the crown. Use a round brush with natural bristles so you don’t damage the Hair Extensions. Begin by winding hair around the brush, dry and then unfurl the hair, creating a curl at the ends.

To add an extra curl once you’ve dried every section use rollers to tease the tips. Don’t use heat as this damages hair. Leave for ten minutes and then remove. You’ll have voluminous, bouncy, healthy hair.

To finish use Dream Girl’s Shine Spray.

And there you have it, a look fit for a princess.

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  1. Berma Sheuka August 3, 2012 at 5:58 pm #

    This is a fantastic website!

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