How to train your hair if you want it to perform

3 Aug

It’s a time for celebration and the whole of the UK feels as though it is in party mode. There’s definitely a festive spirit in the air.

There are athletes performing at the top of their game in one of the greatest cities in the world.

There is something that everyone can learn from the superstars of track, field and pool.

Put the work in and you’ll feel the benefit.

Yes, you’re thinking, but how does this apply to my hair? Think of everything you put your hair through; going out in weather that will make it frizzy, or tangled. Pulling and yanking it to tie it back or to comb it through when you’re in a rush. Using products that don’t suit it and strip it of shine and its healthy feel. No wonder we can sometimes feel our hair is languishing at the bottom of a league table while others streak ahead of us.

For your hair to perform at its best, to feel like you deserve a medal in the beauty stakes, then take inspiration and get training. No one can shine if they don’t put the work in.

Preparation is key and you have to start with your natural hair. The quality of Hair Extensions is vital. Silky, smooth with root and cuticle intact it ensures a healthy and natural looking finish. Yet to get the very best from your Hair Extensions you also need to look after your own hair. Natural hair needs to be hydrated to stay healthy, in the same way an athlete does to stay fit. It needs regular work and, yes, an element of training to ensure it is well maintained. When you wash it reduce the amount of time you use a blow dry and heat to style. This will damage hair and cause split ends. Towel dry as much as you can. Use regular hair masks to keep hair shiny and healthy.

What you put in your body will be just as important for your hair. Fruit, vegetables, plenty of water and exercise. Live a healthy lifestyle and it will show in your hair and skin.

For Hair extensions they also need regular maintenance to make sure they work at their best. Never use heat, never use straightening irons, never tug or pull when combing. Instead treat them gently and carefully. This is the best way to ensure they will last longer but also stay looking soft and silky smooth.

Use Dream Girl products designed especially for Hair Extensions to wash and look after them. Other products may have harmful chemicals that will damage your Hair Extensions.

No one will perform at their very best if they haven’t put in the work. Training, dedication and commitment; that’s the most important ingredients. For your hair to perform day in and day out you need to put in the hard work. Do it right and you’ll feel like you deserve a medal.

One Response to “How to train your hair if you want it to perform”

  1. Ulisys Di Marco August 31, 2012 at 2:51 pm #

    some of your articles are so well written that looks like poetry. congratulations.

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