Why Dream Girl is the first choice for salons

10 Aug

In praise of stylist - Loving your hair extensionsIt’s a very strong relationship a girl has with her stylist. We put real faith in them. They have control over how we feel about ourselves. While we sit in the chair, chatting away, they are transforming us. We love that feeling when we step back onto the street and feel revived.

It can be something as simple as a trim, or a complete new look using either Hair Extensions or a new colour. We need to trust them; we need to see them as experts.

That’s why there is a second relationship in the hair and beauty industry that’s probably even more important than the one we have with our stylist. It’s the one our stylist has with their supplier.

Salons take a great deal of time and energy deciding what they should make available to customers. If you want new Hair Extensions they won’t show you just one; they’ll show you a range. Why? They want you to have a choice; they want you to be able to decide what’s best for you. Hair and beauty will never be one size fits all, everyone is different. No one understands that better than the salon.

This is one of the reasons Dream Girl is so proud to be the first choice for so many salons and stylists. They’re a demanding bunch and they won’t let any product through their door unless they think it’s the very best they can offer. If they like our Hair extensions, then they must be pretty good.

Here are the reasons why we think salons have chosen Dream Girl over everyone else.

Choice and Quality

Quality and choice and so important. Salons want to offer a range of products that will suit their customers. They don’t want one shade of blonde, they was 20. Dream Girl has over 80 different shades and is the only hair extension provider using our Colour Comparator, which lets you easily explore the colours on offer.

Dream Girl’s name is built on quality. Whether EuroWeft or Remi Silky we only select the very finest 100% virgin handpicked hair. Root and cuticles are intact. This makes a real difference to the finished product, It means it has a more natural finish and glossy style. Hair is tangle free, shiner and looks healthier. If hair looks better, the client is happier. That’s what both we and our salons understand, so that’s what we give them.


Not everyone has the same amount of resources at their fingertips. As a hair and beauty supplier Dream Girl knows that we need to be flexible. Many salons are independent businesses. Many do a good regular trade but they’re not multi-millionaires by any stretch of the imagination. Some wholesalers can price themselves out the market by assuming everyone is the same. You have a quality product therefore it needs a quality price tag? Well, no, not really. Much better to work flexibly with your customers and find a solution hat suits everyone.

Trustworthy relationship

As we say, Dream Girl has been doing this for a long time. We work closely with salons and stylists helping to meet their needs and working flexibly to make sure we’re helping their businesses grow as well as our own. We’re part of a supply chain getting products from ethical sources in Southeast Asia and China where they are deep cleansed, processed and packaged to us in the UK and then out to our clients.

We work hard to make sure the relationship is successful and beneficial.

So we should praise stylists. Without them Dream Girl wouldn’t be here, and your hair wouldn’t look as fabulous as it does right now.

If you’re a salon or a stylist and want to get in touch with Dream Girl you can do here.

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