A short cut to confidence

17 Aug

Miley Cyrus has been in the news this week.

The actress and singer revealed a much shorter do on Twitter. She stunned her followers with the dramatic change which saw her cut her long brown locks into a platinum blond pixie style with a razor buzz cut on one side. Cancer charities claim the singer did it to raise money, an act of real kindness and altruism.

There is nothing like a big change on your head to make even you look twice at yourself in the mirror. We’ve all done it; wanted something new, wanted a revamp, bored of the old look. So we go for something eye-catching. Whether Miley’s done this or not many of us know what the next step is; regret.

The truth is short styles don’t suit all of us. We go in wanting to look like Audrey Hepburn. We come out feeling more like GI Joe. It can be our cheekbones, the shape of our face, for some of us it’s our ears. We just don’t look good with short hair. For some, though, we just miss having long hair.

The truth is short hair might offer a more edgy style but it’s much less flexible. With long hair you can try an edgy intricate up-do. You can wear you hair up or down. Opt for sexy, soft-waved glamour, or coiffed style. Poker straight or curly; you can chop and change your style as often as you do your shoes.

But if you’ve opted for a short cut and are currently weeping into your shorn locks, fear not. You can recreate a long style with a little help, even if you hair is just a few inches long. Here’s Dream Girl’s guide to getting a short cut to confidence.

If your hair is two inches long

If you’ve gone for a really short style you can still get Hair Extensions if your hair is a couple of inches long. A stylist just needs a short bit of hair to weave or gule in the extensions. If hair is too short not only will they not be able to grip but the ends will poke through and it won’t look natural.

Dream Girl Hair Extensions are made from 100% human hair. Styles are designed with the root and cuticle still intact. This means that great care is taken to ensure each strand rests in the same direction, creating a more natural look and feel. It also means locks are less likely to tangle.

You can use Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to select the shade that’s closest to your natural hair. Then pop to the Dream Girl shop to choose the length you want.

If your hair is mid-length

If your hair is mid-length you might have gone for a shorter style and you’re in that awkward growing out stage. You’ve by-passed the most frustrating stage where you feel your hair looks like a helmut (yes, we have all been there) but you still feel limited into the styles and looks you can experiment with.

This is the stage where you want Dream Girl Clip ‘N Go Hair Extensions. A solution that means you can opt for long hair for a night out or special event it means you can have all the benefits of long hair and at the end of the day simply unclip them.
All you need to do is to pick the colour and length you want. Each pack comes with a range of extensions with different numbers of clips. You fit by beginning at the nape of the neck, securing to you own hair and work you way up to the crown, fixing in lines.

If your hair is shoulder length

For this style, all you need is hair that will tie back. Wearing an up-do is difficult with shoulder length hair. You can tie it back but there’s no long, luscious pony tail. A bun is equally difficult/impossible.

If you’re missing a more feminine up-do then opt for a Dream Girl Pony Style. All you need is to match the extensions to your natural hair colour. Simply clip over your natural hair when it is tied back. An instant pony-tail that falls long down your back. You can wear it down or twist it up and fix with clips but an SJP style bun.

You can stay in touch with Dream Girl on Facebook and Twitter

3 Responses to “A short cut to confidence”

  1. Elsa Schenker August 24, 2012 at 1:48 pm #

    Hello, your blog is AMAZING!

  2. Cecil August 25, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

    this blog is so good i would come here every day… x

  3. Loly September 4, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

    i can always trust your information tolearn something more.

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