Get ready for your red carpet moment

7 Sep

Dream Girl has a recurring daydream. You might have it to. We picture ourselves winning an award. It might be an Oscar, a Tony or an Emmy. It might even be Sports personality of the Year, we’re not really too bothered by that.

What we get really excited about is what we would wear. Something long beautiful and possibly in pink.

Then we start thinking about hairstyles. What would we do with our hair?

There are times when we have to tell ourselves we’re never really going to win an Oscar. We might not even get to walk down a red carpet. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong in dressing like we might be asked to step on stage and pick up a gong at any given moment.

A red carpet moment might be your wedding day, it might be a night out with the girls or a big day at work. If you’ve got a special moment you want to look perfect for here are our suggestions of hairstyles – and how hair extensions can help.

A high volume up-do

It’s the ultimate in glamour and an up-do with a bit of lift not only gives you a few extra inches in height it makes a real statement. It’s all about adding volume at the roots. If your hair is quite fine you might need to invest in Clip’N Go Hair Extensions. As well as increasing length this will help hair look thicker. You can opt for any up-do you want; a bun, braid or chignon. The trick, however, is to lift hair at the roots. Take the section of hair in the middle of your head (the bit that would be a Mohawk if you had one) and backcomb. Pin in place and spray to secure.

Inspiration: Heather Morris

Romantic Waves

Nothing makes us feel more feminine than long locks with a gentle wave. Hair needs to be shiny, healthy and so glossy you just want to flick it from morning ‘til night. The trick is to invest in Hair Extensions that closely match your own colour. You want your own hair to look fuller, as well as longer. A gentle wave can be created with by opting for Dream Girl extensions designed for wavy hair, or by using simple curlers. Leave them in for ten minutes and you’ll get a lift and a curl.

Inspiration: Selena Gomez

Messy bun

A red carpet moment isn’t always about looking glossy and finished. The messy up-do is popular because it gives that nonchalant air of “what, this old thing?” A side bun gives the look a little added style. If your hair is too short then invest in a Dream Girl ponytail. Simply pin your own hair back. Attach the extension and coil around to create a bun. Pin in place. Take a few strands to make the look a little more relaxed and chilled.

Inspiration: Victoria Beckham

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