Fashion Weeks show us how to wear our hair in 2013

17 Sep

Every year, the fashion world gives us a glimpse of what we’ll be wearing next year. But it isn’t just about clothes. Designers and fashionistas also give us an idea of how we’ll be wearing our hair.

This year it’s been no different. We’ve already had a peek into the future at New York Fashion Week. Now all eyes turn to London Fashion Week as designers and couture houses show their collections. Not everyone wants to adopt the, often outrageous, styles we see on the catwalk. However there are ways you can nod to a cutting edge trend and elements that you can bring in to your own beauty and fashion routine. Style is about taking inspiration, rather than copying wholesale. Adopting hairstyles is the easiest way to update your look each season.

Dream Girl has been flicking through the pictures from the shows and here are what we think are the key trends to look out for in 2013.

Simple, structured, stylish

A lot of the models on the runway in New York sported really simple hairstyles. A middle or a side parting, long styles and just brushed down so hair is smooth. They key for this look is for hair to be shiny and healthy. If you have fine, straight hair then you’re in luck as it will work perfectly. You might just need a little extra length. Dream Girl Hair Extensions are made from 100% human hair and create a natural look and finish. Pick a shade that closely matches your own.

The 20s

The Great Gatsby is heading to the cinemas in 2013 so you’d expect a 20s feel to fashion. Many of the styles seen on the New York runways had a nod to the 20s, rather than overtly recreating one. One calls for long hair, so you will need to use Hair Extensions to add volume and length. Hair from the forehead to the base of the crown is combed back and secured, either with hairspray or gel. It’s pinned at the base of the crown and the rest of the hair is curled and textured. An eye-catching look.

Neon Streaks

A few models sported neon streaks in New York. Dyeing your hair might not be practical but there is an easier way. Dream Girl’s Clip’N Go Hair Extensions can be added in minutes. Pick a colour in Dream Girl’s Fancies range which includes bright and eye-catching shades like pink, blue and red. It means you can experiment with a cutting edge look without committing.

Messy Braids

London might only be just getting underway but already we’re getting an idea of key trends and styles. Many designers have adopted what has been an emerging trend; the messy braid. If hair is short you’ll need Hair Extensions to add volume and length. You need to be patient as it’s an intricate style to recreate. However one way of nodding to the trend is to style hair straight and then secure a braid across the top of your head, like a hair band.

Have a great London Fashion Week and remember you can stay in touch with Dream Girl through the week on Facebook and Twitter.

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