Dream Girl’s Chic Collection: Be bold

21 Sep

Chic Collection by Dream GirlKaty Perry does it. Lady Gaga does it. Do you?

A wig is fast-becoming the must-have beauty accessory. Turn your short hair long, make your long hair short, change colour, style, volume, anything you fancy is at your fingertips.

Dream Girl’s Chic Collection offers a perfect example of how you can mask your natural hair with a stylish and glossy alternative.

It isn’t about hiding your natural hair. For some, they might rely on wigs if they hair is falling out or thinning. For them a wig is empowering. And it should be seen as the same for the rest of us. Who doesn’t want to change their hairstyle as often as they do their shoes? It also offers a break from the styling treadmill. Don’t get us wrong, at DreamGirl we’re never happier unless we’re playing, teasing and crimping our hair but sometimes you want a change. A wig offers exactly that. And it doesn’t compromise on a glossy, healthy looking finish either.

The most popular wig on our online shop right now is Kisna. It is a dark-haired bob with a fringe and layered curls. There are loads of different styles, lengths and shades to match and enhance your natural look. Every wig in the Chic Collection is made from 100% Human Hair. Strands are laid carefully to ensure the root and tip remains intact, meaning the hair falls naturally.

So how do you fit a wig? Simply tie back natural hair and pin down to ensure it is as flat as possible. You want to match the nape of the wig to the nape of your neck. Hold this section first and tip your head forward slightly. Slide the wig from the back to the front ensuring it fits comfortably in the same way you might a swimming cap. Check in the mirror to ensure the wig sits properly and is comfortable. A wig can be trimmed by a stylist to change the style to suit you. You can also style the hair to keep it looking sleek and neat.

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