Top Ten Tips for Hair Extensions

5 Oct

Long luscious love

You might want longer hair, you might want thicker hair. Whatever has made you start thinking about hair extensions you fancy a change.

But what colour are you looking for? How about style? Do you want clip in or glue?

Finding the right hair extensions for you is like finding the perfect pair of shoes. They just fit and they go with everything.

So here is DreamGirl’s Top Ten Guide for choosing hair extensions

  1. The first thing to think about is budget. How much money have you got to spend? You can pick hair extensions that are at the luxury end or go for something a little cheaper. Remi Silky is the most luxurious, premium quality product. It is 100% virgin picked human hair with root point and cuticle carefully laid to ensure each strand is stronger, silkier and to prevent tangling. Each shade comes in four different lengths; 14”, 16”, 18” and 20”. If you don’t want real hair you can opt for synthetic. They also come in a range of colours and lengths. Pick the right style to suit you and your budget.
  2. The next step is to choose the kind of hair extensions you want. You might just want to experiment with a new look on a night out or for a special event. The fastest way to change your style is to pick Clip’N Go hair extensions. Clipping extensions directly onto your natural hair means you can get a longer style in minutes. Clip them in, take them out, it’s as easy as that. If you want something more permanent you can visit your salon and ask for extensions that are either glued or sewn into your hair. They last for several months.
  3. If you don’t want a full head change put want something a little striking then why not opt for a pony-tail extension? Made from synthetic hair these simply clip onto your natural hair when it’s tied up. It means you can have a sleek and long pony, or twist it up and put it into a bun.
  4. Dream Girl hair extensions come in over 80 shades so it’s easy to find a colour that matches your own. You want hair extensions to blend seamlessly with your own hair. Explore the browns, blondes and reds if you want a natural and glossy look. You might want something brighter, however or a combination of two shades. Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator lets you mix and match different colours before you choose them.
  5. The joy of hair extensions is that it lets you experiment with a change before you take out the scissors. Yes, hair grows back but wouldn’t it be nicer to test it out before you commit? Say you’ve always wanted a fringe. You can buy a fringe hair extension that clips to your hair and lets you see what you’d look like with “bangs”.
  6. When you’re buying hair extensions you have to ask where they come from. Dream Girl is committed to only providing hair extensions that have been ethically sourced. All of our hair comes from South East Asia and is sent to China for deep cleansing, processing and final production. We make sure each of our suppliers meets our ethical policy standards and support them to promote responsible business practice. All our products are quality controlled and we ensure this standard is met right throughout the supply chain.
  7. Some people like being able to fit their hair extensions at home, other prefer to go to the salon. We’d recommend that, if you’re opting for anything other than Clip’N Go hair extensions you use a professional to help you fit them properly.
  8. Hair extensions are only for girls with straight hair, yes? Wrong! You can get textured looks with hair extensions choosing gentle Body Waves, Italian Body Waves, French Deep Curls or French Jerry Curls. Each comes in a range of colours and lengths so you can pick the style that’s right for you.
  9. Just because you’ve got hair extensions it doesn’t mean you have to wait your hair loose and long every day. Admittedly you may want to but you can also experiment with different styles. Try a braid or an intricate up-do to mix it up a bit.
  10. However you wear your hair extensions make sure you look after them. This will ensure that not only do they stay looking silky and smooth but they last longer. Dream Girl has a range of after care products like shampoo, conditioner and a Shine Spray to make your hair extensions look luscious for longer.

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  1. virgin human hair extensions October 8, 2012 at 2:00 pm #

    Valuable tips for hair extension every girl and woman must follow the above guidelines before doing hair extensions.

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