Hair extensions: A route to confidence

2 Nov


Hair Extensions aren’t just a beauty product.

Dream Girl understands that for many people who buy them, hair extensions are an important part of gaining confidence and feeling able to face the world without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious.

Hair loss affects thousands of people every year. It might be caused by a medical condition – like cancer treatment or alopecia – or it might be caused by stress.

Whatever the reason it is a sensitive issue and one that can leave sufferers feeling isolated and like they have nowhere else to turn. It’s an added stress they simply don’t need.

Many salons work and support women who are suffering from hair loss and help them to find individual solutions that will cover their hair loss, or thicken their hair, without damaging their scalp.

Choosing hair extensions is ideal for those whose hair might be thinning or who have bald patches. The hair is either glued or sewn onto the natural hair. It doesn’t damage hair follicles, so won’t make the issue worse.

The first step is to visit a salon or stylist who can offer advice and support. For many of us, our stylists are like a confidante. It’s an important relationship where you have to feel like you can be honest and say anything. Even though how we look isn’t the most important thing about us, feeling confident is vital if we’re to carry on with our normal lives.

You then have to decide what kind of hair extensions you’re going to choose. It might be Euro Weft or Remi Silky. You might opt for synthetic hair extensions. Extensions made from 100% human hair will look more natural, will be shiner and fall in a way that makes it look like it’s your own hair. This is because the root cuticles are left intact. Each strand is laid carefully when the extensions are made ensuring each goes in the same direction. This is why the hair falls naturally but also why hair stays tangle-free for longer.

You will want to choose a shade that’s as close to your own colour as possible. Dream Girl has over 80 shades to pick from. It is important to talk to your stylist as when you lose you hair, it might not grow back with the same colour or texture.

Dream Girl has a strict ethical policy when it comes to the sourcing of human hair extensions. We work with our providers along the supply chain to ensure hair comes from legitimate sources.

You hair might be wavy or curly, no matter as we also have hair extensions to cover that.

Once you have decided the hair extensions you want the next stage is to get them fitted. We would recommend going to a professional stylist or salon as they will be able to work with you and ensure you get the best coverage. It also means you’ll be able to get the extensions cut and styled into a look that suits you and looks even more natural.

If hair extensions don’t feel right for you, or you need more coverage, then perhaps you want to buy a wig. Dream Girl’s Chic Collection ensures complete coverage with each wig fitting comfortably over the scalp. The collection features a range of styles and you can choose either wigs made using 100% human hair, or synthetic, depending on which style you want. Wigs also come in a variety of lengths and shades. You can visit your stylist to try them on or explore the Dream Girl online shop to find out what is on offer.

A beauty product isn’t just about making your look good on the outside. A lot of the time it’s also about making us feel positive and confident on the inside.

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