A new way to wear a ponytail

23 Nov

This week on Dream Girl’s Twitter feed we shared an article featuring the latest ponytail trend.

Both Cheryl Cole and Kristen Stewart were pictured last weekend with bouffant ponytail hairstyles.

We got enough of a response on Twitter and requests for tips that we decided this week’s blog post should be dedicated to helping you recreate the style.

A ponytail is a style classic. It’s easy for a quick fix and can also be tweaked enough so that it stays up to date with each season’s trends. Also, it doesn’t have to be something that only those of us with long hair can enjoy. Use a ponytail hair extension from Dream Girl, which clips over your natural hair and you get instant length adding a little more wow to your look. You can match these ponytails to your own shade, meaning it looks like a natural extension of your own locks.

As Cheryl and Kristen show, the ponytails can be styled in slightly different ways, making them more individual.

The first step is to work with damp hair. Use a volumising product at the roots for more lift. If you hair is quite fine you might want to use a hairpiece which adds more hair to the crown, for example, along with a ponytail hair extensions.

Hair needs to be blow-dried but to minimise damage use a cool setting. If you use a large barreled brush it is easier to keep in volume. Dry hair in sections. Coil hair around the brush, holding the roots at a right angle from the scalp to maximise volume. Once each section is dried spray and pin to the head to keep in the volume.

Remove the pins and use a little bit more spray to keep hair in place.

Next you need to backcomb the crown. Do this gently as it’s important to remember that if you treat your hair roughly you might stretch and damage it, causing split ends. If you don’t want to backcomb it, this is when you should fit your hairpiece. This clip easily over your own hair and are available in a range of colours and shades to blend in seamlessly.

Use layers at the front of the hair and pin securely to disguise the backcombed or hairpiece section.

The ponytail can either be high or low. Gather together the hair and secure into a ponytail. If using an extension simply clip over your natural hair to create a longer style.

For your fringe you can either clip it back into a bouffant, like Kristen’s style. Or you can allow fringe strands to frame the face for a softer look.

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