Tis the season to be glam

7 Dec

The Christmas party season is upon us. For some it fills you with excitement and sums up the festive fun of the season. For others it fills you with dread.

We can’t help you pick your dress but we can give you some ideas to make your hair look as perfect as possible.

Here is Dream Girl’s guide to the best party looks this festive season that are bang on trend.

The ballet bun

hair 1Up-dos have been having a moment in 2012 and this party season will be no exception. Perched high on the crown with a few wispy strands it is a look that goes perfectly from day to night.

If you have short or mid-length hair you might think this look is out of your reach. Think again.

All you need is a Dream Girl pony extension. Clip or tie your own hair back and far as you can. You might have to secure strands with spray to make sure they stay in place. Too many loose strands and it can look messy, this ballet bun needs to look chic and styled. Choose a pony extension that closely matches your natural hair colour. Clip on top of your own hair and twist into a bun, securing with pins. Add a little spray to secure and voila! You’re on trend.

Soft waves

blake livelyBlake Lively has had a pretty good 2012. She married Ryan Reynolds. That’s a good year in anyone’s book. Her look is all about looking styled and perfect. These gentle waves are festive and fun and oh so feminine.

If your natural hair needs a little help then look no further. Dream Girl’s Waves and Curls hair extensions will help you create a long and luscious look with gentle waves.

First style your natural hair to create a base. You can create waves without using heat. If you divide hair into sections around an inch wide then curl hair around your finger and pin in place. Continue until all your hair is pinned and then use a little spray to secure. It’s an old school way of getting waves that won’t damage your hair with heat.

Choose hair extensions with a wave and in a shade that matches your own hair colour. Take out your pins and fit hair extensions to add length and volume.

To fully mimic Blake Lively’s look match with a light pink lip gloss and a flick of mascara.

Long, luscious hair

cherylCheryl Cole is another celeb who’s had a fantastic 2012.

Her hair is very much her crowning glory and this deep chocolate brown is a striking colour that looks perfect with smoky eyes.

Use 100% Remi Silky Hair Extensions to recreate this look. You want to choose hair that’s as close as possible to your natural hair colour. The difference with Remi is the quality. Made using 100% human hair, these extensions are made carefully with the root tip and cuticle still intact. Each strand is laid to ensure they each are in the same direction. This helps to prevent tangling and helps extensions to last longer.

Using extensions will help to add volume anyway but to fully recreate Cheryl’s look add a little backcomb to the crown. Match with smoky eyes using eyeliner and eyeshadow for a look that tips its hat to the sixties but it bang up to date.

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