Dream Girl’s festive beauty tips

14 Dec

Is it just us or does there seem to be less time at Christmas?

There’s a party starting in an hour, you’ve got to grab last minute presents (and wrap them), there are mince pies in the oven which still need dusting with icing sugar and the taxi will be here before you know it.

When you feel so stretched it can be tough to make yourself look as perfect as you want to.

All you need are Dream Girl’s festive beauty tips. These are designed to get you through the next month turning yourself from overstressed shopper to party elf in next to no time.

Style 1 The messy side bun

Audrina Partidge showcases the messy side bun

Audrina Partidge showcases the messy side bun

Time to Style = 10 mins

Trendy score = 9/10

What you’ll need:

A brush

Dry Shampoo – if you have a fringe

A hair bobble

Dream Girl Pony Tail Hair Extension



This style has been a hit on the red carpets and it is easier than you would think to recreate. Slightly more romantic and a little more casual than the glamorous style above but still great matched with smoky eyes and a LBD. Brush your own hair, using dry shampoo if you need to freshen up the roots. Choose which side you want the bun. It should be the opposite side of your parting. Arrange hair with a side swept parting. Gather your locks into a messy bun on the opposite side just behind your ear and secure with a bobble. Clip the pony tail extensions over your own locks. Gather hair together and twist into a loose bun. Clip into place with grips. Arrange loose strands of hair on the other side of your head and twirls ends around your fingers to create shape. Secure with hairspray.

Style 2: The half-up-do

Carrie Underwood's half up-do

Carrie Underwood’s half up-do

Time to style: 15 minutes

Glamour style: 8/10

What you’ll need

Dream Girl Clip N’Go Hair Extensions

A comb

A few hairgrips

Hair spray

To pick the right hair extensions you want to choose a shade that as close to your own natural colour as possible. This style is all about adding a little extra lift and length to your won natural locks so use Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator to pick a style that’s right for you. Once that’s done you need to fit the extensions. Each row has a different number of clips; five, to one to match the different parts of the head they need to fit. Start at the nape of the neck and work up to the crown. Add the smaller clips at the side of the head. Cover with your own hair to make sure the join is seamless.

To create the style backcomb hair at the crown and use a little spray to secure. Take hair from the side of the head, just by the ears, and secure with grips just below the crown. Use little bits of fringe to frame the face.

Top tips for your easy to recreate styles:

Always have extra grips in your purse. You don’t want your style falling out on the dance floor.

Invest in a handbag sized hairspray.

Pick a hair extension as close as possible to your own using Dream Girl’s Colour Comparator.

Quick Dream Girl make-up tips

A flick of liquid eyeliner will turn your look from glum to glam

If you’re rushing just use a little concealer and blusher on the apple of the cheeks to refresh your skin

Drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated through the festive season.

Keep up to date with Dream Girl on Twitter and Facebook through the week. Don’t forget to visit our new YouTube channel for style tips as well.

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