Dream Girl’s top 5 hair celebs of 2012

21 Dec

2012 has been a great year for hair. We’ve been up, we’ve been down, we’ve had volume, shine and deep blondes and browns.

Here are the five celebrities we think have embodied this year’s fun-filled hairstyles.

1. Kate Middleton
kate middletonWhen you talk about having a signature style then the Duchess of Cambridge has it in spades. A glossy, long and wavy look that is reportedly the most requested look to stylists. This is a style that shows you care how your hair looks and that it’s important to you to look polished wherever you go. If she were to pop out to buy a pint of milk, we think Kate Middleton would still have this style.

It’s all achieved in the blow dry. If you need a little extra length and volume then don’t skimp on style. Invest in Remi Silky Hair Extensions that use 100% human hair. Ask your stylist to blow-dry your hair once the extensions are fitted. Glossy waves are what you’re after. We guarantee you’ll leave the salon feeling a foot taller.

2. Taylor Swift

taylor swiftShe’s been snapped towards the end of the year with One Direction’s Harry Styles and if it’s her glossy locks that caught the heartthrob’s eye we’re not surprised.

This is a wavy style that works with thicker hair. Taylor has lots of hair, lots of it. With hair extensions it isn’t always added volume you’re going for, sometimes it is just length, especially if you have naturally thick hair.

We say, like Taylor, just go with it. Wavy extensions will add texture and will make it easier to style and add interest. This fringe might be a little severe but it’s an easy way to change your style and to cut into that volume. A slightly finer fringe with a few wispy strands offering just a hint might suit you better.

3. Selena Gomez
selena gomez

Her “are they, aren’t they” with Justin Bieber aside, this has been a great year for Selena Gomez. Her hair always looks perfect. This soft mid-length style is so shiny it almost hurts our eyes.

Recreate with a side parting and hair extensions fitted to add a little volume. There’s no fringe this time but this gentle waves add a nod to the forties style that was so popular in the summer. It works perfectly if you’re heading out to a party or if you just want to make yourself feel a little special.

A great look that’s worked on red carpets all over the world for the whole year.

4. Rihanna
rihannaSome celebs are known for having a single style. Others are better known for changing their style every time you see them. Rihanna is the queen of changing your style.

The look we’ve picked in our 212 list is this raven black style in a dramatic side-parting. It’s glam, edgy and eye-catching.

If you want to recreate Rihanna’s style in 2013 we’d suggest buying a couple of wigs from our Chic Collection. Made using 100% real human hair you can pick and choose the hairstyles you’d like to experiment with without having to cut into your own natural hair.

5. Kim Kardashian
kim-kardashian-fringe-new-cShe might not be everyone’s cup of tea but Kim Kardashian is certainly the poster girl for a simple, glossy, long haired look. And we just love it.

This style looks great on just about everyone. For those of us with superfine and straight hair it shows that we can go glam.

Hair extensions are the ideal way to recreate this look, the longer the better. The fringe is the perfect addition making this look a little edgier. It’s been such a popular style in 2012 we can’t see it going anywhere soon.

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