The key hair trends for 2013

28 Dec

Feel like you fancy a change in 2013? Want to refresh your look and try something different?

The catwalks are always a great place to start as they give an idea of what hairstyles we’ll be wearing in six months.

Not every style will suit every face. The best tip is to try the new look out and chop and change it so that it works for you. Not everyone suits their hair swept from their face, some of us need a few strands of fringe, for example. Style is about using the catwalk for inspiration and then making it your own.

We’ve had a look at a few different looks on the new York catwalks in 2012 and have offered a few tips as to how they will work for you.

The knot

The knot

The knot

Low chignon, basically a knot at the nape of the neck. Very chic with a modern twist on a classic style. Hair needs to be blow dried very straight. Secure on a ponytail and smooth any loose ends down. Wrap hair in a bow or perhaps in a loose knot. You’ll need to look after the tips of hair and make sure you don’t tie it too tight or you’ll stretch and damage strands.

We can see this becoming a popular daytime look instead of the bun when you need to create a stylish look in under five minutes.

Slick Look

Slick Look

Slick wet look

OK so this look from last spring didn’t really catch on. Largely because it can look a little like you have greasy hair – and who wants that? It’s back and revamped for 2013 though. It is a simple style where you brush the hair of the face and wear it long and straight in the back and sides.

Dewy skin will be the best accessory for this look.

side parting elle

Deep side parting

Deep side parting

Middle partings have been popular for a few years now so it’s only fair the side parting should get a look-in. The deep side-parting is always a good way to add volume at the roots and make your hair look thicker than it is. It also, strangely, makes hair look more stylish and sophisticated. Those with fringes might need to try a side swept look or pin ends down with carefully placed grips.

Keep hair straight or wavy to suit this look. For make-up, keep it simple. A light flush on the cheeks with a lightly coloured red lip with emphasise the classic sophisticated style.

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