And the award for best hair goes to …

11 Jan

First it was the Golden Globes, then the Baftas and now this week the Oscars. The nominations are out which means only one thing; awards season is coming up.

At Dream Girl we love a red carpet. OK there are always some howlers but for the most part everyone looks sleek, stylish and glamorous. Most of all though it’s a great way to get some hair ideas of your own.

A red carpet style isn’t just for a big night out. You can mix and match with a casual day look or your regular office wear for a quirky style. Just mix it up and mess it around to keep it looking fresh and funky, rather than a little too styled.

The first award ceremony off the block was the People’s Choice Awards this week in LA.

The big style trend on show was braided up-dos. Lea Michele, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence all sported plaited up-dos.


It’s a tricky look to recreate if you have short hair. The easiest way to try the look is to style with Clip’N Go Hair Extensions. They’ll add length and volume in minutes and mean you can sample the style that looks to be one of the hottest for 2013. Jennifer Lawrence opted for our favourite style. It’s a little bit softer and more feminine than the others which see hair swept from the face. Jennifer’s short fringe makes it look a little more relaxed as well. It’s also the easiest style to recreate. Across the crown she’s opted for twists rather than plaits, gathering hair into a plaited bun at the back.

There were also plenty of half up-dos on show at the red carpet. If you want to add a little length but like hair pulled away from the face then this is a great look to go for, and it’s so versatile. If you have hair extensions you simply draw a line with your finger just above your ears and trace it up to your crown. The hair above the line is tied up, the rest is left to rest on your shoulders and back. To wear up you can try absolutely anything; try a braid, opt for a bun, wear hair back or use a few bits of fringe to mess it up a bit. For the hair that’s loose you can either give it a little wave or make sure it’s uber straight.

Emma-Watson-in-Peter-Pilotto-at-People's-Choice-Awards-2013The only person we felt a bad for on the red carpet was Emma Watson. She looked amazing, as ever, but she looks like she’s going through what a lot of us have in the past; the awkward growing stage. Last year she cut her hair into a pixie style but is clearly opting to grow it out.

It can be tough to decide what to do with your hair when it’s at that stage. A half up-do is OK for an off day, we guess, but there’s so much more you can do with it for a night out. If you’re at an awkward growing stage then perhaps you should look at hair extensions, easy to style in minutes and adding length and volume your hair only needs to be a couple of inches long before a stylist can add extensions. You can even pick a shade of 100% human hair that matches your own natural colour, so no one needs to find out.

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